Is Kannaway a Scam? Hemp Business Opportunity Exposed!

hemp oil mlm business opportunity

In this review I’m going to go over everything you need to know about Kannaway and give you my honest opinion about their business opportunity and whether you can really make money with them or not.

You may think that Kannaway can help you earn part time or even full time income to help you replace that 9-5 job. Well, the truth is that what they offer is a MLM business opportunity and most people don’t get very far with this sort of thing!

So is Kannaway a scam? Are they a pyramid scheme?

Let’s find out!

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Kannaway Review

Name: Kannaway
Type: MLM (multi-level marketing)
Membership Price: $54.98 annually

make money promoting hemp products

What Is Kannaway?

Kannaway is a MLM (multi-level marketing) company that sells a variety of hemp-based products (mostly oils and energy chews) but they also offer the average person to earn income by promoting and selling their products.

Kannaway was started up back in 2014 by Christopher Hussey and Jeff Rogers because they wanted to build a business that’s based on products that are new and unique. 

This is a great niche to get into if you’re a fan of cannabis (aka marijuana). The hemp plant is a variety of cannabis that doesn’t get you high, instead it is used for things like making rope, clothing, fuel, supplements, medicine, and more.

Kannaway Products

Kannaway sells a very large line of different products, but the one ingredient that they all have in common is the use of hemp and it’s component CBD, basically it has many health beneficial properties but is not psychoactive in any way.

Here are some of the products they currently sell:

  • Hemp oil caps
  • CBD capsules
  • Pure CBD hemp oil
  • Kannaway chocolate energy chews
  • Kannaway salves
  • Pet chews
  • Clothing
  • and much more…

Since these products does not contain the psychoactive ingredient THC, they are completely legal in all 50 states of the USA.

If you want to buy them you can visit Kannaway’s website, buy it through an independent product distributor (aka Kannaway ambassadors), or even by going onto Amazon where some of the products are being sold by ambassadors. 

Kannaway products are actually quite expensive. Most products cost around $100-$200 which is a lot heftier pricing than similar products that you’ll find on Amazon.

If you’re looking to make money with Kannaway you’re going to have to sell these products and convince your customers why they should buy these hemp products off of you instead of elsewhere for much cheaper.

Become a Kannaway Brand Ambassador

If you’re looking to earn money with Kannaway you can sign up as a Brand Ambassador, aka Independent Distributor. You’ll be able to  earn commissions by promoting and selling Kannaway products as well as recruit others to do the same.

As an independent distributor you are not employed by Kannaway, but rather you are independent business owner working for yourself.

To get started you’ll have the pay the $54.98 annual Brand Ambassador fee which includes the following:

  • Kannaway marketing websites
  • Manual and quick start guides
  • Secure back office
  • Access to MLM training and tools
  • Administrative support

In addition to the Brand Ambassador fee you’ll also have to maintain a minimum Personal Business Volume (PBV) each month which means a minimum amount of spending on products either through customer sales or personal orders. This will allow you to be eligible for earning full commissions and bonuses.

Kannaway Compensation Plan

Once you’ve become a Kannaway Brand Ambassador you will have several ways of making income which I’ll go over below. The full compensation plan is quite complicated so I’ll try to simply it as much as I can to make it easier to understand.

So here are the two main ways to earn money as a Brand Ambassador:

  1. Direct Selling – Earn about 30% commission every time you sell Kannaway products to retail customers. Basically as an Ambassador you’ll have access to wholesale product pricing, when you sell it to customers at retail price the difference is your profit.
  2. Recruiting – You can recruit other people to become Ambassadors and earn a percentage from their sales. Note that you do not earn anything until your recruits actually sells products. 

On top of all this there are various ranks and levels you can achieve based on your personal and downline’s monthly sales volume. There are many different bonuses up for grabs and the higher your rank the more you can earn. I’m not going to get into the details of that but if you want to learn more you can see Kannaway’s full compensation plan here.

If you want to learn more about their compensation plan you can also watch the video below…

Video Explaining Kannaway’s Compensation Plan:

Is Kannaway a Pyramid Scheme?

I wouldn’t call Kannaway a pyramid scheme because you can’t earn by simply recruiting new ambassadors, in order to earn you and your downline has to sell products. 

Many people confuse pyramid schemes with MLMs because they’re really similar. With pyramid schemes there are no real products to sell, the only way you can earn money is by recruiting more suckers into the system. Kannaway has a big line of hemp products for you to promote and sell, so they’re not a pyramid scheme but instead in the MLM category.

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The Pros

  • The startup costs are actually pretty low compared to most other MLMs out there. The only fee requirement to become Brand Ambassador is the $54.98 annual.
  • You’ll be selling a very unique and relatively new product that most people still don’t know much about yet. The hemp market has not been saturated yet and so competition won’t be too high.

The Cons

  • Unlike many other MLMs, Kannaway doesn’t pay you to recruit new Ambassadors. You only get paid if your recruits are proactive and are making sales. So even if you’ve recruited someone who spent the $54.98 annual fee, you still get nothing if they aren’t making sales.
  • Kannaway products are on the expensive side compared to other similar products on the market. If someone can find the same type of product online at Amazon for much cheaper, why would they buy it off you?
  • Very low income potential. Let’s say you’re earning 30% commissions, even if you manage to sell an expensive product package that costs $150 you’re still only make $45. You’re going to need to sell a LOT of products to earn anything substantial per month.

Is Kannaway a Scam Or Legit?

Since Kannaway is using a legit MLM business model, I don’t think they’re a scam. Just keep in mind that the products are really expensive, you’ll have to sell a lot of products to earn anything substantial, and so the income potential for the average person is pretty low.

I wasn’t able to find Kannaway’s income disclosure so I don’t know exactly how much Kannaway ambassadors make, but according to a report published on the FTC website less than 1% of MLM participants are profitable!

In my opinion this MLM stuff is just a waste of money, there are much easier and cheaper ways to make money online which I’ll show you below.

My Top Work At Home Recommendation

If you’re looking to make serious income ($1000+ per month) I highly recommend you start an online affiliate marketing business.

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I believe that with the right training and knowledge anybody can become a successful online affiliate marketer.

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So what are your thoughts on Kannaway? What do you think about it? Feel free to share your comments and questions with us.

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