Is Home Income Millionaire a Scam? (Will You Make $1,000s?)

overhyped sales video

Home Income Millionaire is another program that promises you’ll make the big bucks ($5,000 per day) by joining their secret team, apparently you can make all this money without doing any real work because their team does it all for you.

This program is very similar to a lot of scams or pyramid schemes that I’ve seen before on the internet. Before you throw your money away on another useless done-for-you system, read my review to see what you can expect.

Is Home Income Millionaire a scam? Will you make $5,000 per day?

Let’s find out!

Quick Summary

Sorry to break it to you, but Home Income Millionaire is just a waste of time and money. In my opinion they very much resemble a scam with a plethora of suspicious red flags.

It’s highly unlikely they’ll help you make $5,000 a day, or anything at all.

This is just another program that gives you the false idea you can easily make more than a doctor’s salary, in fact you’re constantly told in the sales video that their team does all the work for you.

In reality no such system exists and the only ones making money are the creators of Home Income Millionaire.

After you pay them the $97 you’ll likely need to spend even more money on various things like upsells and paid ads, and even after that you’ll finally realize that making the kind of money they advertise is probably not gonna happen.

Those who realized they’ve been duped will want a refund. Unfortunately their so-called 30 day money back guarantee is a joke because they don’t honor it. (Read on and you’ll see why)

By the way, they also use fake testimonials and other deceitful tactics just to get your money as soon as possible.

Read on and I’ll expose everything I’ve discovered about them to you!

What Is Home Income Millionaire?

When you visit the Home Income Millionaire website you’ll see a very simple page with a headline that says “Discover How To Get Paid $1,000s After Watching This Short Video” with a sales video below it.

From my experience the best way to know if a program is full of crap is by checking how much money they say you can make and the time it takes to make it. Lots of money in a short amount of time pretty much always means scam.

After reading Home Income Millionaire’s headline my scam senses were tingling, but I decided to see what their sales video says.

Basically Marc Jennings (the product creator) says that this program will make you a millionaire, and you can finally relax and enjoy life while earning checks of up to $5,000.

They want you to imagine how great life would be without any financial worries, and they’re selling you this idea that their program can make your financial dreams come true.

relax and collect big fat checks of up to $5000

In reality any type of business that is capable of making you big fat checks of $5,000 will take a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and time to build. But of course the average person doesn’t want to hear that, they want to hear that there’s a magic system out there you can buy for $97 that makes you rich without effort.

So what does Home Income Millionaire do? They tell you what people WANT to hear.

They tell you that it’s a done-for-you system, that their team and company does all the work for you, and it will only take a few minutes of your time per day.

Don’t want to put in any hard work or effort? No problem!

their team handles all the work for you

You see, legit programs never advertise it like this. Because legit ways to earn big fat checks always take a lot of hard work and effort. You will need to learn new things, develop new skills, and pay your dues.

There’s no such thing as a system you can buy that does all the work for you and make you rich, if you think that there is then you need to wake up! Because products like Home Income Millionaire PREYS on people with that mindset.

If such a system exists then why isn’t everybody doing it already?

You may think that it’s because only a very few people are lucky enough to find such a system, but that isn’t the case. I’ve seen so many similar products like this before such as:

What they all have in common is that they give you this false idea that you can earn a lot of money really quickly without effort. They always try to make you think that there’s some “secret system” that will make you rich.

Sorry guys, but no such system exists. The owner of Home Income Millionaire is just trying to get your money.

Legit ways to build a full time income online does exist, however it’s not a secret system and it’s not that complicated. The thing is though that it TAKES HARD WORK!

If you don’t mind working for your financial success then see my Top Work At Home Recommendation which is the same strategy I currently use to earn a consistent 4-figure monthly income online.

How Does Home Income Millionaire Work?

So far they’ve done a good job in the sales video getting you all excited about it all. They’ve given you this idea that you’ll become a millionaire this year, drive new luxury cars, and never have to worry about money ever again.

But they’re very vague on exactly WHAT you’ll be doing to make this money.

Well, they do leave some clues. They talk about how whenever you make money, Marc Jennings (the product creator) will also make money. Apparently their team handles all the products and sales, customer support, and close all the sales.

All you do is sit around waiting to collect big fat checks of $1,000 to $5,000. 

their team handles the product sales customer service and close sales

They also talk about how you’ll have a personal “millionaire mentor” who will help you through the process.

From everything mentioned in the sales video, Home Income Millionaire definitely appears to be a High Ticket System.

Basically how it works is you find other people with money to join in on the same system, when they join through you then you earn a commission. Sounds a lot like a pyramid scheme, doesn’t it?

send people with money to the company

The so-called products and services in a High Ticket System are basically the system itself, there aren’t any real products.

Your so-called “mentor” is just someone else who’s already in the system, their job is to try to get you to spend even more money on the expensive upsells which are very common in High Ticket Systems.

For example, to earn $5,000 commissions you’ll have to shell out $1,000s of dollars to join a certain rank, only then will you be eligible to earn those high commissions. The $97 upfront cost of Home Income Millionaire is just the tip of the iceberg!

Furthermore, how will you find these people with money to join in on this system?

your job is to find people with money to join

Home Income Millionaire will probably give you a few tools like a landing page and some email templates, but to find new people to join this system you’ll likely need to spend money on paid advertising.

It’s incredibly hard to profit from a High Ticket System because most people aren’t going to fall for this kind of stuff, people aren’t stupid and they will see through what it is quite easily.

Don’t be that one gullible person to fall for it!

Also with paid advertising it’s very easy to lose a bunch of money if you don’t make enough sales to recover your advertising costs, which will in high probability be the case.

How Much Does It Cost?

Apparently it “used” to cost $497, but today it’s only $97.

Yeah right, my gut tells me that it was never $497 and has always been $97. This appears to be just another marketing tactic they use to make you believe you’re getting some incredible deal.

Another thing I noticed is that on the top of the page it said “Hurry! The Final 8 Spots Remain.” 

final 8 spots remain

This is called Scarcity Sales Tactic and is another one of those underhanded marketing tactics they use to rush people into buying. They want to create this sense of urgency so you’ll hand over your money for fear of missing out.

In reality when you go back to the same sales page a week or a month later it’ll still say “8 Spots Remain,” the truth is that there are unlimited spots. They just want your damn money, why would they put a limit on how many spots there are??

When I went to the checkout page a pop-up appeared which gave me another $50 off, so now it’s only $47 instead of $97.

pop up giving $50 off discount

By lowering the price over and over again they’re creating this illusion that you’re getting a deal of a lifetime when it isn’t the case.

Also they know that this is just the front end of the costs. As I’ve mentioned before there will probably be plenty of expensive upsells once you get in. 

To qualify earning those $1000’s of commission checks you’ll probably need to spend $1,000’s more on top of that $47! Not to mention the paid advertising you’ll need to spend to find new customers.

If you don’t make any of that back then you’re $1,000’s in the hole without anything to show for it!

By the way, my Top Work At Home Recommendation teaches you a LEGIT way to earn full time income online and it only costs $49 a month. They even let you try them out for FREE!

You Probably Won’t Get Your Refund

Notice how in the pop-up screenshot from the previous section they say that your purchase is “100% Risk Free” because they offer a Make-Money-Or-It’s-Free guarantee?

Sounds to me if you don’t make money with Home Income Millionaire they’ll give you a refund. Or will they?

I went over to their Terms & Conditions page which stated that they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Apparently you just shoot them an email at ( and request it.

However, I had a gut feeling that they’re just lying through their teeth. So I tested their email to inquire about a refund, just curious to see what kind of response (if any) I would get. 

Not surprisingly, the email deliver failed despite repeated attempts:

refund request email delivery failed on multiple attempts

For whatever reason their email doesn’t work and if you’ve paid them the $97, $47, or whatever and wanted to take them up on their 30-day money back guarantee, then you’re out of luck!

How can they honor their refund policy if their support’s email doesn’t even work? Another giant red flag!

Fake Testimonials

Alright, so if Home Income Millionaire doesn’t work then what about these testimonials from different people praising this system and claiming that it has helped them buy new homes, earn big checks, and all that good stuff?

At this point would you really be surprised if I told you that these testimonials are fake?

I did some digging around and turns out these people have profiles on a site called Fiverr, it’s basically a site where you can go on to hire actors to act as your spokesperson.

Long story short these are paid actors!

Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you. Here’s a guy doing a “testimonial” on Home Income Millionaire’s website:

guy in the fake testimonial

Alright, now look at the screenshot below which is his Fiverr gig:

guy from fiverr offering to act as spokesperson

Here’s another example, this guy did a “testimonial” on Home Income Millionaire’s website:

guy pretending to give testimonial

You can see his Fiverr gig below:

actor for hire on fiverr

These people were just paid to say whatever Home Income Millionaire wanted them to say, they haven’t tried out the system at all and certain didn’t make the money they claim to have made.

Are you convinced at this point that Home Income Millionaire is full of crap?

My advice is to stay far far away from these guys!

Is Home Income Millionaire a Scam?

Well let’s recap everything I’ve showed you in this Home Income Millionaire review. There are unrealistic income claims, dishonest sales tactics, fake testimonials, and their support email doesn’t even work so you won’t be able to get your refund.

No matter how bad a product is I usually try to at least find one positive thing to say about it, but this time I just cannot.

Home Income Millionaire definitely resembles a scam and in my opinion would be a waste of time and money for anyone looking to make money online.

I’m hoping that by now you’ve realized that there are no done-for-you systems out there that will make you rich. My advice is to stop looking for that secret system or wonder pill, and start learning real skills that can actually help you make real money online.

But earning real money online isn’t complicated, let me show you how I’m making 4-figures a month from this blog you’re on right now, and how you can too by taking the same exact steps I took.

How I Make My Money Online

I make money on this blog as an Affiliate Marketer. It’s a very simple business model that absolutely works. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy, it just means that it’s not complicated and anyone can learn to do it. 

So basically what I do is I write reviews on programs just like Home Income Millionaire, all I do is I find out everything there is to know about them and write my honest opinion about them. Then I recommend a better program that I know actually works.

You can blog about anything you want! Making money online just so happens to be my passion. But some people blog about juicing, camping gear, traveling, spirituality, fitness, running shoes, etc.

Just write about whatever it is that you’re passionate about.

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Thanks for reading my Home Income Millionaire review, they are definitely not a good program and you should stay away from them and anything that promises big bucks for no work.

If you have any questions or comments about Home Income Millionaire or anything else I’ve discussed then leave a comment below.

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