Is GPTPlanet a Scam? My Review – Don’t Join Till You Read This!

get paid to visit websites and click ads

At GPTPlanet you can earn a teeny tiny bit of money by viewing ads, you can also earn by doing a few other things which I’ll go over later on.

I wanted to do this review because there are a lot of scams out there in the make money online field, and I want to make sure people join the sites that are legit.

So is GPTPlanet a scam? In this GPTPlanet review I’m going to go over that plus how it works, if and how they pay, and also why I don’t feel they’re worth your time.

This site is only for extra income, so don’t expect to live off of it or get rich. If you’re okay with that then I highly recommend you check out other similar sites like Swagbucks (read review) & Inbox Pays (read review) where you can also earn clicking ads, but they offer a $5 sign up bonus as well.


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Intro – GPT Planet Review

Name: GPT Planet
Type: Paid to click (PTC)
Membership Price: Free To Join
My Rating: 2.5 out of 5

earn money completing simple tasks online

I rated GPTPlanet 2.5 out of 5 because I believe they are legit and do pay, but in my view they are a giant waste of time because they’re so low paying. You’ll only earn a fraction of a penny for each ad you view, so you can’t expect to earn more than a few nickles and dimes. Their only upside is you get paid as soon as you reach just $1 in earnings.

As far as “paid-to” sites go they’re not my favorite. At other similar sites like Swagbucks and Inbox Pays you get to earn clicking ads too but then there’s other different ways to earn as well like watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and more. Some of those things are a lot more fun to do than sitting there all day clicking ads.

But all rewards sites are low paying nevertheless, and you won’t make much doing it. If you’re looking for a more serious way to make money online, a full time income perhaps, then check out my #1 recommended way of making money online instead.

How To Earn Money At GPT Planet?

Clicking & Viewing Ads

You will be given a list of ads to view everyday. Click on an ad and a new tab will pop up, a timer of about 10 seconds will start counting down, once the timer ends you have to enter a CAPTCHA and then you get credited with your earnings.

Viewing their ads for about 10 seconds will earn you about $0.0025 each time, that’s NOT 2.5 cents, that’s a quarter of a cent! You will feel like a champion once you reach $1, but seriously this is a waste of time.

Signing Up For Offers

Offers typically involve signing up for a website and all you’ll need to do is enter your name, email, and other info into a box, and then maybe confirm your email. Other offers may have you answer some questions, download an app, or register for a free trial.

Some offers are free to do, but some require a credit card or for you to spend a certain about of money. Free offers pay around $0.25 to $2 while offers that cost money to do pay around $2 to $10.


You can play the GPTgrid which is sort of like a game, there’s a big picture with lots of grids (400 to be exact) and you click one of them for a chance to win $1.

As soon as you click the grid an ad will pop up and you’ll need to view it for 5 seconds, after that you’ll find out if you won or not. If you don’t win you can try again, as a free member you’ll get 10 tries each day. 

More Ways To Earn…

Referring Others

Referring others to join GPTPlanet is probably the most relaxing way to earn, you get to enjoy 10% of your referrals’ earnings for life. So as long as your referrals are earning, you don’t even have to do anything to earn yourself.

They give you a link with your unique referral code, you use this link to promote others to join GPTPlanet.

How Does GPT Planet Pay You?

get paid to click advertisement banners

One of the best things about GPT Planet is that they don’t make you wait long to get paid, you can request a withdrawal as soon as your earnings reach a minimum of just $1. Unlike some other sites that typically make you wait till you earned at least $25 to $50.

You can receive your earnings via one of five different ways: Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, Bitcoin, and Perfect Money. After you request a payout you will receive it within 5 to 7 days.

Unfortunately Paypal doesn’t seem to be an option right now, if that’s a problem for you then consider checking out other similar sites like Swagbucks (read review) and Inbox Pays (read review) instead, they both pay via Paypal and currently offering a $5 sign up bonus. 

Instead of receiving cash you can also use your earnings to advertise on GPT Planet. You know those ads you watch to earn money? Yeah, those can be your ads. So if you’re a website owner you can do this, but it’s a REAL bad idea and I’ll explain why below…

The Negatives…

You Won’t Make Much

Guys, clicking and viewing ads for 25% of a penny is not a good way to make money online. It is very time consuming and it won’t be worth your time. Even if you do it everyday you can only expect to make maybe $25 to $50 a month.

If a small bit of cash is what you want, then consider checking out my favorite extra income sites HERE. These are sites I personally have reviewed and recommend. They are all legit and known to pay their users, and many of them offer free money for signing up. 

No Paypal Withdraw Option

I don’t know why they don’t have Paypal listed as a withdrawal option, nearly every other paid-to site I have reviewed so far have it. Paypal is one of the most trusted online e-wallet and not having it makes it very inconvenient.

Advertising On GPTPlanet Is a Bad Idea

If you’re a website or company owner you can pay GPTPlanet to advertise on their site, but this is a really bad idea.

The traffic you’ll be getting will be from people who don’t care about your website/company/products at all, they just want to make their $0.0025 or whatever and get it over with. This type of traffic will be ineffective if you’re trying to get visitors to engage with your website’s content and promotions.

If you want to learn how to drive high quality targeted FREE traffic to your website that converts visitors into customers, then I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate HERE. They are a training platform that teaches people how to build a profitable website from scratch, and one of the lessons they teach is how to get good traffic.

Final Verdict: Is GPTPlanet a Scam?

GPTPlanet is not a scam, they are a legit way to earn a VERY small amount of money clicking ads.

I do love how their minimum payout threshold is only $1, and clicking ads is about the easiest thing you can do to make money. Unfortunately their pay is so freakin low that it’s just a joke, why spend all your precious time clicking away for $0.0025?

If you’re interested in making this kind of small income, there are other similar sites that offer other ways to earn and some of them pay quite a bit more. The top 2 sites I usually recommend are Swagbucks (read review) and Inbox Pays (read review,) they are both legit and have excellent reputation. Currently they are offering $5 for new sign ups.

But all paid-to sites are low paying no matter how good their reputation is. If you’re looking to make the kind of money that can allow you to quit your day job, then check out my #1 recommended way of making money online instead, you will learn how to create a full time passive income with a blog/website writing about a topic you love.



What do you think of GPT Planet? Do you think clicking ads for less than a penny is worth your time? Let me know what you think below in the comment section. I reply to every comment!

GPTPlanet – My Final Rating

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings

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