Is GetPaid.Social a Scam? Don’t Join Till You Read This Review!

get paid for performing fast and simple online tasks

Last week I discovered a new reward site called GetPaid.Social and it looked like you can earn money doing tasks on social media. I spend lots of time on Facebook and I love making money, so I thought why not check it out?

At first I thought GetPaid.Social might be a scam, because easy money typically is. In my research I concluded that they’re legit, but there’s more to it and that’s what I’m going to go over in this GetPaid.Social review.

Below I’ll be going over how you earn, how they pay, some things I don’t like about them, and whether they’re a scam or not.


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Intro – GetPaid.Social Review

Type: Reward site
Membership Price: Free + Optional Paid Membership
My Rating: 2.2 out of 5

get paid to do tasks on social media

So I rated GetPaid.Social a 2.2 out of 5 and the verdict is that they’re legit and not a scam, but I think there are much better sites out there for earning an extra income online.

On GetPaid.Social people who own social media accounts can pay money to get likes/shares on their accounts, while people like you and me get to do those tasks and earn money.

The biggest negative about this site is how they limit you to doing 10 tasks per day, and each task only pay about $0.01. There doesn’t seem to be any other way to earn besides doing these 10 tasks per day, unless you refer others to join or upgrade to a paid membership. 

I prefer other sites like Swagbucks (read review) and Inbox Pays (read review) where they offer lots more ways to earn like taking surveys, watching videos, reading emails, searching the web, and more.

But all reward sites are only good for making a small extra income, if you’re interested in a full time online income then check out my #1 recommended way of making money online instead.

How Do You Earn Money At GetPaid.Social?

get paid for performing simple fast online tasks

Doing Tasks

Under the “Reward Center” tab in your user dashboard you will find the Task Marketplace, these are where all the available tasks are listed.

Most tasks pay between $0.01 to $0.03 and it requires you to engage in another person’s social media account. For example you may need to like a Facebook fan page, like a tweet on Twitter, share a Google + post, or watch a YouTube video.

There are usually a bunch of tasks available, but you are only limited to doing 10 tasks per day as a free member. 

Referring Others

The only other real way to earn is by referring other people to join. You can use the unique referral link or banner that they give you to promote on your blog, social media, or give to your friends and family. If one of them joins under your link then you earn 40% of what they earn.

For people who upgrade to their premium membership you can also earn 40% of your referrals earnings, but in addition to that you’ll also get a 40% commission when your referrals upgrades, and a 10% commission if your referrals’ referrals upgrades!

Premium Membership Upgrade

There is supposed to be a premium membership that costs $9.97 a month, $97 a year, or a $297 one time payment for lifetime membership. The premium membership comes with more earning potential and more support. But unfortunately at this time their upgrade link doesn’t even work when I tried.

But nevertheless, I do not recommend paying for a membership on these kind of sites, it’s just never worth it. You’ll have to first make back what you paid for the upgrade, and if you don’t then you’re losing money and it’s not worth the gamble.

You can still make money as a free member, but you’re limited to 10 tasks a day that pays about $0.01 each so I honestly recommend you check out Swagbucks (read review) instead or my other favorite reward sites where there’s lots more ways to earn. 

How Does GetPaid.Social Pay You?

At this time the only way to get paid is via Paypal, and you can request a payout once you’ve reach a minimum of $10 in earnings.

If you think $10 won’t take long to earn think again… you’re limited to 10 tasks per day that pays $0.01 to $0.03 each. So let’s say you earn $0.20 a day. Do the math, it will take you 50 days to earn your first $10!

If you don’t feel like waiting nearly 2 months to earn a measly $10 then I suggest you go check out better reward sites out there such as Swagbucks (read review) where there’s many more ways to earn, plus you can start redeeming points for cash as low as $3.

The Negatives…

Limited Tasks Daily

As I have mentioned already, as a free member you are only limited to 10 tasks a day. The only other way to earn is by referring others to join, and that’s pretty hard to do unless you have a popular blog or social media account.

So the earning potential with GetPaid.Social is pretty damn low, you’ll be lucky if you made $10 in a month.

Beware Advertisers

GetPaid.Social lets social media account holders pay money to advertise, and this is a VERY bad idea if you are the advertiser.

People who go on GetPaid.Social do so to earn money, they don’t actually care about your social media accounts, they just want to like/share quickly and collect their $0.01 or whatever. As soon as they’re done they will leave, they probably won’t even remember the name of your page 5 seconds later. Paying for this kind of traffic is a waste of money and should be avoided.

Conclusion – Is GetPaid.Social a Scam?

From my research GetPaid.Social is not a scam, they’re a legit way to earn a small amount of money doing tasks on social media.

I really dislike their limitation of 10 tasks per day, I would rate them much higher if they raise this limit to at least 200 or so. I also don’t recommend advertisers to pay money to advertise on GetPaid.Social, the traffic and engagement you get would come from random and untargeted people that won’t really care about your page/brand.

If you’re looking to make a small extra income there are sites out there that offer much better earning potential. My favorite reward site is Swagbucks (read review) where you can earn by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping, and much more. They also offer a free $5 sign up bonus. Also check out my other favorite reward sites.

But personally I don’t even bother using reward sites anymore because they’re all low paying, you won’t be able to make a living doing them. If you want to learn how to earn a full time online passive income by building your own blogging business, check out my #1 recommendation to learn how to do so.



What are your thoughts about GetPaid.Social? Leave me your comments and questions down below.

My Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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2 thoughts on “Is GetPaid.Social a Scam? Don’t Join Till You Read This Review!

  1. That’s a very informative post. I have tried many make money online programs in the past and suffered from scams. This is why I do my research every time before joining anything. This one seems too low paying and void of any real money making opportunities. Maybe I’ll try the Swagbucks that you mentioned. Thanks

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Sam, I’m glad your past experiences with scams have led you to be more cautious, that’s why I make these posts to inform people.

      Now as far as making money with reward sites, they’re all low paying. It’s just that some sites like Swagbucks have more ways to earn. With GetPaid.Social you only have 1 way to earn and that’s doing social media tasks, and they for whatever reason decided to limit you to 10 tasks a day.

      If you’re interested in earning a small income on reward sites, my advice to you would be to sign up for as many of them as you can, that way you maximize your opportunities to earn. Each site won’t let you earn that much, but if you’re doing let’s say 10 sites, then you may be able to actually make a few hundred bucks a month. I recommend you join the most reputable ones so you don’t end up wasting time on sites that don’t pay.

      Here’s a list of my favorite reward sites that I’ve already reviewed, they’re all legit and do pay, so I highly recommend you check them out.

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