Is Future Talkers Another Scam Survey Site? Must-Read Review!

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For a minute or two after landing on the website Future Talkers you may not realize what they are, they’re basically just another paid survey site but they use different lingo like “consumer panels” which means survey site and “research projects” meaning their surveys.

In addition to surveys their research projects also include some focus groups and product testing opportunities. Overall they’re not a bad survey site and I especially love how they’re opened to multiple countries and they pay via Paypal.

If you’re looking for extra income opportunity then survey sites is not ideal because surveys is the one and only way to earn. I prefer these get-paid-to sites, they offer paid surveys but among different earning methods such as watching ads, playing games, doing puzzles, reading emails, and much more.

But if you’re still interested in Future Talkers then in this review I’ll give you the low down on how they work, how they pay you, some pros and cons, and some better ways to make money online.



Tired Of Scams Or Not Earning Enough?


Intro – Future Talkers Review

Name: Future Talkers
Type: Paid survey site
Membership Price: Free
My Rating: 2.1 out of 5

market research surveys paid for giving opinions

In this review I gave Future Talkers a rating of 2.1 out of 5, and this is a slightly below average score. They’re legit but they don’t let you earn that much, and they have some weird maximum cash out amount of $12.50 that I haven’t seen before on any other survey site.

I do like that they offer Paypal as a way to get paid, the minimum payout amount is currently only $9.38 and if you think that the amount seems weird and random you’re not alone. 

They’re not a terrible survey site, but if you just want to make a little money there are better options. I recommend you check out these top get-paid-to sites for more and better ways to earn.

How Does Future Talkers Work?

Taking Surveys

Future Talker is what I’d call a 100% survey site. Although there are also focus groups and product testing opportunities available, surveys is the main way to earn. Future Talkers uses different lingo than most other survey sites out there, they call surveys “research projects,”  but it’s the same thing.

After you join you have to fill out some personal questionnaires in your profile, this will help Future Talkers know more about you and to give you more targeted surveys. You will then receive survey or other project invitations via email, before you take the survey you’ll see exactly how much it pays and how long it is. 

The sad truth about surveys though, is that you still need to qualify in order to finish it and get paid. How often you qualify depends on your demographic, but most people report that they rarely qualify.

The typical experience for many online survey takers is answering a bunch of screening surveys for 5 minutes or so only to get told they didn’t qualify and to try again next time. This happens over and over, but occasionally you’ll qualify and get to earn about $0.25 to $3 per survey.

Applying To Become a Super Talkers

Once you have joined Future Talkers you can apply to become a Super Talker which is a higher level membership where they send you at least one project invitation a day, usually survey invites but there may also be focus group or product testing opportunities.

Referring Others

Future Talkers have a referral program but it’s not as good as most other sites I’ve reviewed. They give you a referral link to promote on your social media or email. When someone joins under your link and complete their first research project (surveys, focus group, product testing) you earn $1.38.

How Does Future Talkers Pay You?

You have to earn a minimum amount of about $9.38 before Future Talkers pay you. This amount is approximate and in your local currency, meaning Canadians will have a $9.38 in CAD while people in the USA will have a $9.38 in USD.

Once you’ve reached the minimum you can cash out via Paypal which is only listed way to get paid. If Paypal is not available to you then Future Talkers say there are alternate ways to get paid, my guess is probably a check.

As said before there’s also a maximum amount of about $12.50 you can cash out, not sure why they have this but pretty much all other survey sites I’ve reviewed so far don’t have this.

If you’d like to join a site without a $12.50 maximum cash out amount then check out these other survey sites.

What I Like

  • Membership is open to many countries
  • Pays via Paypal and has a low minimum payout amount

What I Dislike

  • Has a limited number of ways to earn
  • Has a weird minimum payout amount of $9.38
  • Limits the maximum you can receive pay out at once, most sites don’t have this
  • Only a low income opportunity

Final Verdict: Is Future Talkers a Scam?

Future Talkers is not a scam, but I don’t think they’re worth your time and I wouldn’t recommend them to people looking for an extra income online. They just don’t offer enough ways to earn, and their payout maximum amount of only $12.50 says plenty about how much you can expect to earn on this site.

Survey sites like Future Talkers where surveys is the main way to earn won’t make you that much. I prefer get-paid-to sites like Swagbucks (read review) where you can also earn watching videos, doing offers, searching the web, shopping, and more. Also Check out my list of top get-paid-to sites to see other top sites I’ve reviewed and recommend.

But survey sites, get-paid-to sites, and other similar things are all low paying. The only difference is with get-paid-to sites give you more ways to earn, but you still can’t make a living doing them.

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Do you think Future Talkers is worth your time? Let me know what you think below in the comments!

My Final Rating of Future Talkers:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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