Is FreeEats a Scam Or Legit? Get Paid To Receive Texts?

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Spending time on the phone and texting is a really popular way to pass the time these days, but did you know that FreeEats is a company that actually pays you real money to your Paypal account just for receiving text messages to your phone?

How is that possible? Is FreeEats a scam or legit? Why would anyone pay you to receive texts? How much can you earn?

If you’d like to learn the good, bad, and ugly about FreeEats then stick around this review till the very end!

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FreeEats Review

Name: FreeEats
Type: Paid text messages
Membership Price: Doesn’t cost anything

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What Is FreeEats?

FreeEats is a website that pays you to receive text messages on your mobile phone. These text messages also contain other opportunities to earn as well.

FreeEats is a relatively new advertising company that’s only been around since late 2016, their parent company is FECOM, Inc. and they are based in Centreville VA. USA. Currently they hold an A- rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau.)

How To Join FreeEats?

Anyone can join but you’ll need a US-based mobile phone number when you sign up, so this is probably only good for people in the USA. The good news is that sign up is not only free, but they’ll give you a $1 bonus right away.

FreeEats will pay you via PayPal using your phone number. So the only requirement is that you need make sure you connect your PayPal account to the phone number you’re using to sign up to FreeEats.

Earn Every Text Message You Receive

FreeEats will send up to 2 text messages per day to your mobile phone, each time you receive a text you’ll earn $0.25. The money will be sent to your PayPal right away, there is no waiting.

You might be asking… “What the heck are these texts and why would FreeEats pay you to receive them?” Good question…

These texts are basically advertising from various companies that FreeEats have partnered with. The $0.25 you earn for receive texts aren’t the only way to earn, the texts themselves also provide more earning opportunities.

When you receive a text you may be asked to do various things:

  • Opening up a video and watch it
  • Visit a website for a certain amount of time
  • Calling different phone numbers
  • and more…

You’ll see how much the activity pays in the text you received. If you don’t wish to do it then simply ignore it until you receive an opportunity you’re interested in.

Earnings from these tasks are also deposited to your PayPal account right away after you’ve completed them.

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How Much Can You Really Earn?

So how much can you make every month? If you receive 2 texts per day you’ll be making $0.50 daily. So in 30 days you’ll make $15, not exactly going to replace your day job but at least it’ll pay for your lunch.

If you interact with the texts and complete additional tasks then you may be able to earn a bit more.

All in all this is only a small extra income opportunity and I wouldn’t expect to make anymore than $25 or so per month with this. You may be able to earn more by Joining Multiple Extra Income Sites

The Positives

  • Free to sign up
  • Earn $0.25 per text plus additional opportunities
  • Basically get paid while you do nothing
  • Pays immediately thru PayPal
  • Good BBB rating

The Negatives

  • You need a USA mobile number
  • Receive maximum of 2 texts per day
  • Don’t expect to earn more than $15 to $25 per month

Is FreeEats a Scam or Legit?

FreeEats appears to be a legit extra income opportunity. They haven’t been around very long but according to their website they’ve already made over 2.3 million payments to their members.

The thing I like most is how everything you earn gets sent to your PayPal account right away, there is no minimum payment threshold or anything. This is great way for USA members to earn some lunch money.

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That’s it for this FreeEats review, as always if you’d like to ask a questions or have your own opinions to say then leave them down below.

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