Is Fast Cash App a Scam? Read This Review First! Warning

earn up to $22,750 in your first week

About a week ago I discovered something called Fast Cash App which is a website that sells a system that can supposedly help you earn up to $22,750 in your first week working just 25 minutes a day. I wanted to look more into these big claims to see if they’re a legit opportunity or just scamming people.

I’m glad you’re here doing your diligent research, that’s one of the best ways to avoid scams on the internet.

So is Fast Cash App a scam? In this review I’ll cover all you’ll need to know about them including the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the end you can make your own judgement. Let’s get rolling!

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What Is Fast Cash App?

Fast Cash App is a get-rich-quick type of product currently being sold on Clickbank which is a website where product creators go to sell digital info products, unfortunately there are many make-money-online products on there that are very low quality and over-hyped.

Fast Cash App claims that you could earn up to $22,750 in your first week working just 25 minutes a day! If this doesn’t sound your “too good to be true” alarm bells then I don’t know what will.

earn up to $22,750 in your first week

On Fast Cash App’s front page you’ll see a sales video, but the problem is they don’t actually explain anything about how you’ll make that money. They just give you a bunch of hype and tell you good things you want to hear, like how much money you can make by only putting in a little bit of time.

I have reviewed many different types of online businesses and trust me, there are no shortcuts to success. Every single legit opportunity to make a full time income online requires you to put in serious time and effort, there are no secret systems out there that will make money fall down from trees so to speak.

How Does Fast Cash App Work?

Fast Cash App is an internet marketing training and sales funnel. They give you some valuable information on how to make money online, but the problem is they’re super vague about it and just gives out a lot of unrealistic income claims to get your hopes up so you would fork over your hard earned money.

Products like Fast Cash App tends to attract people with the get-rich-quick mindset, people who want to make a lot of money online really quickly without putting in any real effort. Sorry guys, this is just not realistic. There are no done-for-you systems out there that will make money fall from the sky by clicking a few buttons 25 minutes a day!

Getting Started

If you want to get started with Fast Cash App you’ll have to enter your email which will take you to a page where you’ll be asked to pay the $37. You’ll have a 60 day window where if you’re not satisfied you can ask for a refund.

start your 60 day risk free trial

But the $37 isn’t the end of the story.

There are 3 additional expensive upsells that could supposedly help you earn faster:

  1. Fast Cash 2.0: $197
  2. Fast Cash Pro: $177
  3. Fast Cash Social: $97

Many years ago I fell for a similar type of product where I paid the initial front end fee thinking that I’ll be supplied with everything I need, only later to find out there are upsells and that my initial fee wasn’t enough. How frustrating!

Is Fast Cash App a Scam?

I can’t call Fast Cash App a scam because they never say that you WILL make $22,750 your first week, they just say that you COULD. This protects them legally because then they’re not really lying.

Here’s the thing… while it’s possible to make money following their strategies, it’s not going to be as easy as they claim it to be. I’m sure some successful online entrepreneur can make $22,750 or more per week, but they certainly didn’t get to that level over a week working 25 minutes a day!

The bottom line is any legit online business takes a lot of time and effort to build up, and you shouldn’t expect overnight success.

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That’s all I got for this Fast Cash App review, as usual please leave your comments and questions down below.

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