Is Essante Organics a Scam? Are They a Pyramid Scheme?

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If you’ve landed on this Essante Organics review then I’m guessing one of your buddies or family members just introduced you to them, maybe they’ve given you an Essante Organics product sample, one of their supplements or personal care products perhaps.

Or maybe they’ve mentioned to you about how you can start your own business with them and make money promoting those products and recruiting others to do the same. 

I’m happy that you’re doing your due diligence by researching this company first to see if they’re legit. Many real opportunities do exist, but you do have to also sort through the plethora of scams that are out there.

Is Essante Organics a scam? Are they just another pyramid scheme? Here’s the truth…

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Essante Organics Review

Name: Essante Organics
Type: MLM (multi-level marketing)
Membership Price: Initial investment of $29.95 + $199 & $499 upsells

mlm program selling organic products

Intro To Essante Organics – What Is It?

Essante Organics is a MLM company that sells health and wellness products that range from protein shakes to supplements to essential oils to shower gels and more. This company first started up back in 2004 by Michael Wenniger, initially known as “Essante Worldwide” they eventually changed their name to Essante Organics in 2009. 

As you’ve probably guess from looking at their name, Essante Organics products focuses on using organic and nontoxic ingredients. Their mission is to eliminate toxic ingredients from everyone’s lives, and to create a positive impact on the planet.

What Products Does Essante Organics Sell?

Essante Organics sells a huge line of everyday products which can be put into a few main categories such as Home Care, Body & Spa, Essential Oils, pH Nutrition, and Baby Care.

Here are a few examples of the products they sell:

  • Home Care – Hand soap, dish soap, cleaning sanitizers, liquid laundry, bug spray, etc.
  • Body & Spa – Deodorant stick, lip balm, eye liner, facial cleanser, body bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc,
  • Essential Oils – Many different flavors and blends like lavender, clove bud, grapefruit, holy basil, etc.
  • pH Nutrition – Protein powder, vitamin supplement capsules, green powder, omega oils, etc.
  • Baby Care – Baby shampoo, baby lotion, calming mist, bundles, etc.

Although there are a lot of products for you to promote, the market for these everyday items are really saturated and there is a lot of competition going on right now. It may be difficult to convince customers to buy things like shampoos and conditioners off of you instead of going to their local Walmart or drugstore.

Essante Organics is a MLM company, which means advertising for their products are made mainly using “word of mouth” spread by independent distributors, or aka “Brand Partners”.

Anyone can sign up to become a Brand Partner and earn an income by promoting and selling Essante Products.

Become a Essante Organics Brand Partner

Essante Organics offers you an opportunity to start your own business with them. Signing up as a Brand Partner will allow you to earn money by promoting and selling Essante Organics products, as well as earn by referring others to do the same.

Brand Partners not an employee of Essante Organics, but an independent business owner.

The sign up process is easy, just go to their website and click the “Join and Save” button at the top. The next page will give you 3 different joining options:

  1. Retail Account – (FREE) – This option is for customers looking to buy retail products only
  2. Wholesale Account – ($29.95) – This option allows you to become Brand Partner and promote Essante Organics products and earn up to 30% commissions from retail sales
  3. Go-Green Packs – ($199 to $499) – This option allows you to buy products under huge savings

The Go-Green Packs will help you save costs when you buy products in bulk, but it’s not necessary in order to start earning. If you want to earn commissions the minimum you need is the Wholesale Account which only costs $29.95.

By paying that $29.95 you will be given a website with all the products from Essante Organics. You’ll have access to wholesale pricing that’s up to 30% off retail price.

But keep in mind that if you want higher commissions you’ll have to buy the Go-Green Packs, but this means you’ll be investing up to $499 right off the bat which is a huge investment for many people.

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Essante Organics Compensation Plan

If you decide to become a Brand Parter with Essante Organics you’ll have a few different ways to earn money with them which I’ll briefly go over in the section below. Their full compensation plan is a little hard to understand so I’ll try to put it down in simple laymen’s terms the best I can:

Here are the 6 different ways Essante Organics Brand Partners can earn money:

  1. Direct Sales – Earn 30% commission for selling products directly to retail customers. You’ll also earn 5% commissions for the sales of your downline.
  2. Enroller Bonus – Earn $50 for selling the $199 Go-Green Packs, earn $100 for selling the $499 Go-Green Packs
  3. Express Start Gold Bonus – Earn a $500 bonus if in your first 30 days you’re able to recruit 4 new Brand Partners as well as help each of them recruit 2 Brand Partners of their own. Pretty tough to do unless you’re able to network like crazy and find lots of people who are interested in joining this type of MLM business!
  4. Endless Team Bonus – Earn passive income from building a team of recruits under you
  5. 100% Matching Bonus – Earn up to a 100% matched bonus of $25,000 once you’ve recruited 5 Brand Partners who earned at least $5000 from the Endless Team Bonus
  6. Expansion Rate Bonus – Generate $50,000 per month in sales volume for 2 of your downline teams to enter a contest where you’ll have to chance of sharing the company’s annual profits

If you’d like to see more details check out Essante Organics’ full compensation plan.

Sometimes reading these MLM compensation plans can be confusing because there’s so many different levels, ranks, and bonuses to be achieved. If you cannot understand it maybe the video below will make it easier for you.

Video Explaining Essante Organics’ Compensation Plan:

Is Essante Organics a Pyramid Scheme?

Now for the answer you’ve all been waiting for….No! Essante Organics is NOT a pyramid scheme, they are a MLM company.

A lot of people get MLM and pyramid schemes all mixed up because the way they work is very similar, but they’re distinctively different from each other.

MLM companies let you build a business with them by selling their products, and you can also earn by recruiting others to do the same. Selling of the products is usually made to be the core of the business and is the main way to generate income. This is legal and 100% a legitimate business model.

But with pyramid schemes there are no products to sell, the only way to earn is by recruiting. This type of business model fails in the long run and many people lose money, that’s why it’s considered illegal by the FTC.

Will You Make Money With Essante Organics?

Essante Organics has a very lucrative compensation plan with many levels, ranks, and bonuses you can achieve, so clearly there is potential for making a lot of money.

But to reach those big earnings and bonuses it requires massive amounts of recruiting and sales, meaning you’ll need to be able to reach tons of different people. That means lots of face-to-face conversations, sales pitching, networking, and marketing.

Typically the way distributors sell products and recruit new members is by hosting home or office parties, they gather their friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. and do a presentation on Essante Organics products. At the end of the party the host can sell products or recruit new members.

If you don’t like doing face-to-face there is another option which is selling products with the website that you’re given. But the problem is that these websites are duplicates, which means it won’t be able to rank well on Google and the only ways to drive traffic to that website is through paid traffic methods which will cost you a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Being able to network and find people to promote your business to is the number one most important thing here. Many people can only find a few friends and family members to pitch their sales to, but eventually their personal contacts run out and they don’t know how else to find new blood. That’s why according to some studies 99% of MLM businesses fail!

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Is Essante Organics a Scam?

Essante Organics appears to be scam-free, they are a MLM company that offers a legit business opportunity, but it’s not something that I would personally partake in or recommend to you.

The type of products you’ll be selling with Essante Organics is quite popular right now. More and more people nowadays are going for organics and toxic-free products, which means this market will probably be growing and offering more opportunities.

Unfortunately you’ll have lots of competition, with the market so saturated you’ll have to know how to convince people on why Essante Organics is worth buying. Also unless you know how to recruit a big sales team under you then you’ll likely only be making a small income at best.

In my opinion there is a much better alternative to MLMs, let me share with you below what I personally do to make a reliable full time income online without ever having to sell or recruit.

Is There a Better Alternative? YES!

If you’re someone who’s interested in promoting organic and toxic-free products, why not build your own website and promote these products as an affiliate marketer?

Basically affiliate marketing is where you earn commissions by recommending other people’s products and services.

Affiliate marketing is much better than MLMs for a few major reasons:

  • You don’t have to sell or recruit, you only heed to RECOMMEND products
  • The ability to promote any product you like, you’re not restricted to only promoting products from the MLM company that you join
  • FREE to start, but if you’re serious then I recommend investing in some training courses

This is the same business model I currently use to make my money online. I just build a website and write review articles like this one, I use SEO (search engine optimization) methods to rank my pages on Google which gives me free organic traffic. People land on my articles and if they click on my promotional links and buys something, I earn a commission for referring them.

I heavily recommend this business to you because it’s so much more advantageous over MLMs in every way! It’s low cost to start, offers you so much more freedom, and your earning potential is unlimited.

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My top recommendation is legit, and it does work! But don’t think you’ll get to making $1000+ monthly overnight, this is a real business that takes a lot of learning new things and putting in the work. You can make a full time income eventually, but expect to put in at least 6-12 months before reaching these results.

If you’re looking to earn some quick and easy money fortunately there are These “Get-Paid-To” Sites which are sites that pay you real money to do ordinary online tasks like reading email, watching videos, playing games, and more.

These “get-paid-to” sites won’t earn you a full time income, but they’re a fun way to make some pocket change each month while your online business is growing.

That’s my 2 cents on this Essante Organics review. I hope you found this article helpful, if you’ve got anything you’d like to share then leave your comments down below.

2 thoughts on “Is Essante Organics a Scam? Are They a Pyramid Scheme?

  1. Tolu says:

    Ya, you are right, a friend mentioned the name and I needed to do my own independent findings. Essante organics seems to have nice products that are used every day. The cost for registration except for the Go-green pack is okay. The compensation plans look confusing to me, resembling that of a pyramid scheme. I have been involved in both pyramid and MLM programs, and I cannot identify any difference between the two. I would bookmark the page for my wife to see if she likes it.  

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      In my opinion MLMs are basically “almost pyramid schemes” and should be treated as such. Having products protect them from being labeled as a scam, but when you look at how their distributors are making money it is very similar to a pyramid scheme indeed…

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