Is Drop Shipping Allowed on Ebay? The Official Answer

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There is a lot of misconceptions and worrying from people who are wanting to drop ship on Ebay, but worry about getting in trouble and having their accounts banned, maybe they think drop shipping is a grey area in the eyes of Ebay. So is drop shipping allowed on Ebay?

Don’t worry, drop shipping is 100% allowed on Ebay.

The thing you should know is that when you are drop shipping on Ebay, you are not doing anything immoral or illegal. You are not scamming people, you are not misrepresenting anything, you are simply a 3rd player in the game of buying and selling. So there is nothing wrong with drop shipping in the eyes on Ebay. 

A small percentage of buyers get angry if they find out you’re drop shipping, especially if they find out you source your products from a online retailer that they themselves could have gone to. They may threaten to leave you negative feedback and report you to Ebay, but rest assured, you will win. Ebay does allow drop shipping for 100% certainty.

They even said so themselves on the official Ebay website:  What Ebay Say About Drop Shipping

Ebay doesn’t use the term “drop shipping,” instead they call it “product sourcing,” but it basically means the same thing. You have a supplier which ships the item you sold out to your customer, you are the middle man who profits from the difference. As long as you send out the package in a timely manner, do your job as a seller properly, Ebay is all good with it.

Here is more proof that Ebay is friendly on drop shipping:

There Are LOTS of Drop Shippers on Ebay

Don’t quote me on it, but I’ve heard somewhere that somewhere around 75% of sellers on Ebay are drop shippers. I have no idea if it’s true or not. But it’s pretty easy to find out if someone on Ebay is a drop shipper or not. Just find any item from a buyer and copy/paste a portion of their product description into google, then if in the results you find the same item on some online retailer like Walmart or Amazon for a cheaper price, then 99% they are drop shipping. 

Ever shopped on Ebay and see people using stock photos? These are photos taken by a professional. Guess what? Chances are they took that photo off an online retailer like Walmart! They’re drop shipping.

So I hope that I have eased your fears and that you now realize that drop shipping is a very common business practice, and that you don’t have to feel like you’re tip toeing in some grey area when you drop ship on Ebay. If you have any questions, let me know down below in the comments!

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    • Kent says:

      no problem. you should check out the facebook group called “honest dropshippers” if you’re interested in learning more about it.

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