Is Desktop Commission System a Scam? (Full Of Red Flags!)

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Welcome to my Desktop Commission System review.

This product is a little weird because what I’ve discovered is that they’re not even a system at all, simply they just refer you to another product that goes by another name. I’ll explain this more in a bit.

On their sales page they mention many benefits to you for joining such as being able to work from home and be your own boss, something that’s a pipe dream for most people. So is Desktop Commission System a scam?

Let’s find out!

Quick Summary…

If you’re short on time here’s the gist of it…

Desktop Commission System doesn’t actually exist!

When you go on their website and click the big red “Get Started” button it just takes you to another website that sells a product called Point 2 Click Profits for $47.

Point 2 Click Profits is a get-rich-quick system that will have you believe you’ll make $500 with a push of a button, though they never explain HOW you will make that money until you buy their system.

The important takeaway is that it doesn’t work, it’s full of misleading crap, I found tons of red flags, and it’s a waste of money.

Long story short, Desktop Commission System just funnels you to Point 2 Click Profits which is in my opinion a near-scam.

If you’re looking for something legit you might be more interested in my Top Work At Home Recommendation instead.

What Is Desktop Commission System?

There are a plethora of products on the web today that all promise to help you make lots of money. Although legit methods to make money online do exist, most are full of hype and unrealistic income expectations. The ones that make the biggest claims are usually the ones that never deliver.

Desktop Commission System (aka Point 2 Click Profits) is one of those that makes those big claims and doesn’t deliver results.

When you first land on Desktop Commission System’s website ( you will find what looks like a review of the product. However, they never tell you exactly how this system works, they only tout the benefits such as:

  • Being able to work from home
  • Being your own boss
  • Easy to start
  • Work online whenever you want

In their “review” they go on to say how this is a new program that just came out and how you probably won’t find many reviews on it. Guys, this isn’t anything unique and I’ve seen many similar programs like this before which I’ve reviewed already such as Insta-Minator, Fuego Breakout, and Inbox Income

The common theme with all these programs is that they all make you think you can push a few buttons and make lots of money without a lot of effort. The reality however is that they say all these things you want to hear so you will pull out your wallet.

There are Legit Ways To Make Real Money Online but they are never easy and quick.

How Does It Work?

I wanted to check out Desktop Commission System for myself to see what they had to offer so I after I read their “review” I clicked the big red button that said “Get Started.”

big red get started button

One would think that clicking that “Get Started” button will take you to a checkout page, a sign up page, something like that.

But no, it just takes you to a completely different website that sells a completely different product called Point 2 Click Profits.

At first I was very confused, why did it take me to this website?

This Point 2 Click Profits system sales page was loaded with insane amounts of hype such as “make $500 per day starting today!”

Any legit online business takes time and effort to make it work. The easiest way to tell if a program is full of BS or not is to look at their income claims and how long it takes to make that.

In Point 2 Click Profits’ case they’re saying that even a beginner can make $500 a day starting from day 1.

Apparently you’ll have a “virtual black box” with a button that will make you $500 each time you push it, yeah freaking right!

Earning $500 a day is not easy, and no beginners is going to make that much right off the bat. There certainly are online marketers that do make that much per day, but these people are experts in their niche and have spent years building their business. 

Point 2 Click Profits does a pretty good job of grabbing your attention, but unfortunately they are too good to be true.

How Exactly Does Point 2 Click Profits Work?

Well that’s the thing about get-rich-quick systems like these, they never tell you exactly HOW you’ll be making all this money.

All they do is grab your attention with exaggerated income claims, how with a few clicks of a button money will fall down from trees so to speak. You never have to do any real work because they system does it all for you.

the system does everything

It’s only AFTER you’ve bought their program will the ugly truths and disappointments be revealed to you.

I wasn’t gullible enough to hand over my money to them so I didn’t buy it.

However, from my research and looking at their sales video which talks about Amazon and how you don’t need to handle any shipping, customer service, or payments, my guess is they’ll teach you to become an Amazon affiliate.

The idea is that you’ll be promoting products on Amazon with affiliate links and when people click your links and make a purchase then you will earn a commission. This is called Affiliate Marketing and is actually a 100% legit way to make money online.

My problem with Point 2 Click Profits is the way they present everything to you. They tell you that everything is automated and done for you by the system which is far from the case.

To make money as an Amazon affiliate you’ll need to start a blog, create lots of high quality and unique content, attract visitors to your blog, and all of this requires LOTS of time and effort.

Many affiliate marketers who are making even just $100 a day took at least 1-2 years to get to where they’re at. If you want to make $500 a day it’ll probably take you many more years.

Nobody just starts making $500 a day right off the bat by clicking some button!

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How Much Does It Cost?

When I went to the Point 2 Click Profits checkout page it told me that it was $597 but is now for a low price of only $47

My hunch is that it was probably never $597 and had always been $47, it’s just one of those marketing sales tactics they use to make you think you’re getting some sweet deal.

Another thing I noticed is the 6 minute timer counting down on the sales page with “Hurry, Act Now” in big bold letters.

Apparently I only had minutes until the page expires, and only 2 spots are left.

timer counting down

This is just a Scarcity Sales Tactic which is designed to rush you into buying, making you think that if you don’t you’ll miss out on a great opportunity.

The funny thing is if you refresh the page the 6 minute timer will start all over again. Also if you come back a few days or few weeks later there will still be spots available, because they are happy to take your money and wouldn’t ever shut you out. 

Scarcity sales tactic is a sneaky and annoying strategy to rush people into buying before they can think too much.

You gotta ask yourself, if a product is so great then why would it only cost $47, and why would they use these dirty scarcity sales tactics and rush you into buying?

Is Desktop Commission System a Scam?

After all this review about Point 2 Click Profits you may have already forgotten that this post is originally about Desktop Commission System! Lol

I think that Desktop Commission System was created because Point 2 Click Profits have too many negative reviews online and they don’t want people to find these reviews, so by slapping a new name on an old product fewer people will find these negative reviews. Sneaky sneaky!

Whether Desktop Commission System is a scam or not is up for you to decide, but in my opinion they resemble one for sure.

There are many things wrong with this website, the main thing is that they seem to be very dishonest and misleading about everything. I wouldn’t feel comfortable handing over $47 to them.

You will not be making $500 a day your first day. At best they may provide you with some really simple training on setting up an Amazon affiliate marketing business, but at $47 you probably won’t get anything that you can’t already find online for free.

You should realize however that affiliate marketing is a legit way to make money online, it’s actually the same strategy I currently use on my blog to make a steady 4-figure monthly income. Below I’ll talk more about that and show you how you can too. 

How I Make My Money Online

There are legit make money programs out there that actually work, they give you the proper training to build a real online business so you can earn part time or full time income.

In December of 2016 I found an online training platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

They are a website that provides step-by-step training videos, courses, classrooms, tools, and other things you need to build a blog that makes money using the affiliate marketing strategy. You get the complete blueprint to success using the RIGHT strategy.

When I started I had no prerequisite knowledge about blogging, I had no technical knowledge, I didn’t know anything.

But I just followed Wealthy Affiliate’s training and here I am with this blog you’re on now which is generating a consistent monthly commissions for me.

If you want to follow in my footsteps then click the button below which will take you to my full Wealthy Affiliate review:



Thanks for reading my review on Desktop Commission System, they are very misleading and dishonest and I highly recommend you avoid them and see my recommendation instead which is very honest and open. My recommendation even let you try them out for free!

If you have any questions or feedback let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Is Desktop Commission System a Scam? (Full Of Red Flags!)

  1. Pentrental says:

    I found Desktop Commission System by chance and seems like there are many pitfalls associated with it. That they don’t exist is pretty alarming at the get-go. A virtual black box that will make you $500 every time you touch it, ha. Cloaking their product definitely is a red flag and I will be sure to steer clear of this product. I fell for a few scams before and this is like deja vu.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Wise decision to get as far away from this product as you can! Yeah I’m not surprised you’re having deja vu because many scams bear the same characteristics, usually it’s the promise of lots of money really quickly and without effort. Once you’ve seen it a few times it’s like “wait… haven’t I seen this before?” 

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