Is CB Wealth a Scam? Read This Review First! Warning

internet marketing make $25,921 under 30 days

A few weeks ago I discovered something called CB Wealth which is a website that sells an automated system that supposedly has helped 157 members make up to $17,520 per week, I needed to research them to see if they’re legit or just scamming people.

It appears that CB Wealth is advertising a system that can help you earn a life changing amount of income online really quickly. Is CB Wealth a scam? In this review I’ll reveal all about them that you’d want to know – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I’ll give my honest unbiased opinion so you can make your own informed conclusion. Let’s get started!

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What Is CB Wealth? is a website that introduces an automated system that has made the owner $25, 921.75 in under 30 days, and he wants to teach it to you. It’s currently sold on Clickbank which is a digital marketplace where product creators go to sell all kinds of info products.

In CB Wealth’s sales video the narrator tells you a story about how he used to work a crappy minimum wage, then he found a way to make some crazy ass amount of money online and now wants to share with you his system on how you can do it too.

Some of his claims include helping a guy named James from Idaho make $5,930 his first week, Robin from Australia who made $10,710 her first week, and how 157 members of this system are making up to $17,520 per week. 

make $17,520 your first week

There are a lot of big claims for sure, however you can’t just take their word for it. I mean there’s not even any names, photos, or video testimonials of these students they supposedly helped make all this money. So why should you trust them? For all we know they could’ve just made it all up!

By looking at CB Wealth’s front page you’ll never know how this system actually works and what you’ll be doing exactly to make money. They don’t give you any of this information until you pay them.

How Does CB Wealth Work?

After watching their sales video you can enter your name and email in the sign up form and click “Start My 60 Day Risk-Free Trial” which will take you to the checkout page where you’ll need to pay them $37.

start risk free trial 60 day

This $37 is just the front end product, there are 3 hidden upsells once you get in:

  1. CB Wealth 2.0 – $197
  2. CB Wealth Pro – $177
  3. CB Wealth Social – $97

Supposedly these upsells help you make money faster, but there’s no information about what training they provide until you actually pay them. My guess is that you’ll be provided with some kind of done-for-you website to sell products, but the challenge is to drive traffic to it.

To drive traffic to any online business you can either create a blog and write content on it or by using paid advertisement like Bing ads, Facebook ads, etc. But with paid methods you risk losing money if you can’t cover your advertising costs with enough profits.

There are no secret tricks or shortcuts to creating a profitable online business, it still requires hard work and there are no done-for-you systems out there that will take care of all the heavy lifting.

Is CB Wealth a Scam?

I’m not going to call CB Wealth a scam, but they are a waste of time and money in my opinion. The training you’ll get from them will provide some value but they aren’t unique and won’t guarantee that you’ll make money, you’ll be very unlikely to make $17,520 in your first week.

CB Wealth comes with a lot of hype and creates a lot of unrealistic income expectations. I’m also not a fan of their many expensive upsells, why do you even need to pay more if the first product is supposed to help you make $17,520 a week or whatever?

Final word is I do not recommend CB Wealth, there are better ways to make money online which I’ll share with you below.

I suggest you see my Top Work At Home Recommendation instead which is a top-rated training platform that shows people step-by-step on how to build a full time blogging business working from home. It’s the same strategy I currently use to make $1000+ per month with this blog you’re on now.

My top recommendation won’t make you rich overnight, but it’s a 100% legit opportunity to build a long term online business that can bring in consistent part time or full time passive income over time. Only join if you’re ready to work hard though!

Another way to make money online is with my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites which are sites that let you earn a small monthly income by doing fun and easy tasks like answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, opening emails, and more. These sites are just a supplemental income opportunity though, don’t expect to get rich doing them.

That’s all I got for this CB Wealth review, as usual if you’ve got your own opinions you’d like to share about them leave me a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Is CB Wealth a Scam? Read This Review First! Warning

  1. Jay says:

    Their pitch is definitely enticing which is what made me to consider purchasing the program in the first place. I asked myself if making money online was really this easy and if it was why is everyone not already doing it. The first money to pay is pretty cheap but the upsells are just ways they intend to use to siphon more money from people.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      yep the upsells are how these programs make their money. They put out a cheap entry price, a flashy sales page, and some random person would think “oh I pay $37 and I’ll learn how to make 5 figures a week!” After paying the initial $37 you’ve got skin in the game, so you really want to convince yourself that those upsells are really gonna help you. But unfortunately people usually don’t accept that they’ve been duped until they’re too deep in already.

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