Is Auto Affiliate Machine a Scam? Eye-Opening Review Tells All!

free viral traffic and daily profits

Today I’m reviewing a product called Auto Affiliate Machine, it’s supposedly a push-button software you can use to generate free viral traffic and easy commissions using affiliate marketing. They say it’s newbie friendly and no hard work or content creation is required.

So far it sounds like another product with a lot of drummed up hype. As an affiliate marketer myself I know for a fact that there’s no such thing as a cake walk in this business, to build a full time income online takes a lot of time and effort.

So is Auto Affiliate Machine another scam or a legitimate shortcut to success? Find out in this Auto Affiliate Machine review below!

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Auto Affiliate Machine Review

Name: Auto Affiliate Machine
Type: Affiliate marketing
Product Price: $17

make money online with affiliate marketing

Basically Auto Affiliate Machine is a cloud-based software you can use to quickly create affiliate reviews in PDF format. All you have to do is provide some basic information for the product you’re reviewing, insert your affiliate links, and the software does the rest.

So how exactly does this help you make boat loads of money on autopilot like they claim? Let’s take a closer look at what this software actually does.

How Auto Affiliate Machine REALLY Works

Quick Overview

The Auto Affiliate Machine software provides you with a template for product reviews. In this template you can insert the description of the product, the image of the product, ratings, affiliate links, why people should buy, and other information.

Here is a quick example of a review PDF created by Auto Affiliate Machine:

review pdf

After you’re done filling in all the info you just click “create PDF” and your affiliate review in PDF format will be created. From there it can be integrated with your social media accounts and shared with your followers with a click of a button.

That’s basically it as far as how this software works.

So you’re probably wondering where’s the part that you start raking in the cash? Well, supposedly you earn affiliate commissions from when people from social media click on your PDF reviews, clicking your affiliate links, and buys the product your recommend.

In reality if you don’t have a social media account with lots of followers, this ain’t gonna work. You can still create PDF reviews with the software, but the problem is you need LOTS of traffic to earn money.

Very few people on social media will click on your PDF reviews, and even less will click on your affiliate links, and even less will end up buying! So raking in 1000’s of visitors and profits daily is nowhere near as easy as they make it seem. 

Their Flashy Sales Page

There is a lot of hype on the Auto Affiliate Machine sales page. Everything about their sales pitch screams “quick easy money” and it really appeals to the type of crowd that don’t want to put in any work and just want to push a button to make money.

On their flashy sales page they’ll tell you all kinds of hopeful things like:

  • It’s a push-button software that generates free viral traffic and profits
  • Easy to use and newbie friendly
  • No hard work required, just push a button and enjoy your money
  • Get traffic that converts to profits everyday

But if you’re intelligent then you’ll know that making money online is never this easy!

Also don’t let them rush you into buying. They have a timer counting down to when the price will supposedly increase, but I let the timer countdown to zero and the price is still the same!

This is called a scarcity sales tactic and it’s designed to rush you into making a buying decision. If their product is so great then why do they need to use tactics like this?

price increasing countdown
Price actually doesn’t increase after the timer reaches zero

Overall I’m not a fan of their sales page because it’s full of hype and because any legit business requires a lot of hard work to build up and financial success is not as easy as pushing a button.

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Can You Really Get Viral Traffic & Daily Profits?

The Auto Affiliate Machine software supplies you with a template so you can create affiliate product reviews in seconds, it’ll give you a nice looking PDF review for you to promote to your followers on social media.

Some of your followers may visit your affiliate offers, make a purchase, and you earn affiliate commissions.

I suppose if you had a big social media account and are an authority in your niche, every time you share a post it will be viewed by 1000s of people and daily profits may come.

But this software relies primarily on social media for that free traffic. In other words, if your social media accounts have little or no followers, then you’ll get no viral traffic and no profits.

The Positives

  • Easily create product reviews in PDF format
  • Promote your affiliate offers to your social media followers with a click of a button
  • The software is cloud-based, so no download or installation required
  • Works with any niche market

The Negatives

  • The sales page is full of hype and gives unrealistic expectations
  • If your social media accounts have low number of followers then it’s unlikely you’ll earn any profits
  • They use scarcity sales tactic to rush you into buying

Is Auto Affiliate Machine a Scam?

I don’t think Auto Affiliate Machine is a scam because you can use this product to create nice looking PDF product reviews and promote them on social media. But there’s a much better way to promote your affiliate offers in my opinion.

I currently earn money on this blog using affiliate marketing, I write product reviews just like the one you’re reading now and my content is ranked on search engines like Google which gives me a constant stream of free organic traffic. Having a blog and publishing your reviews on it is a much better strategy.

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That’s all I have to say on this Auto Affiliate Machine review, I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions if you have any, post them all down below.

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