Is American Online Jobs a Scam? (You Won’t Get Hired!)

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Welcome to my unbiased American Online Jobs review!

Today I discovered this website while looking for new make money online opportunities, they looked very shady and set off some red flags so I decided to research them to see if I should be warning people about them or not.

So is American Online Jobs a scam or a legit job opportunity? If you don’t want to read the whole post I’ll tell you right now that you won’t get hired! This website does not provide you with any “jobs,” to see what I mean keep on reading.


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American Online Jobs Review

Name: American Online Jobs
Type: Surveys, GPT panels, affiliate marketing
Recommended? No

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What Is American Online Jobs?

Their website’s name “American Online Jobs” is kind of misleading in my opinion, because most people would probably think that it has something to do with offering Americans jobs that they can do online from home, right? Wrong.

This website has nothing to do with any job whatsoever. They’re basically a website that’s set up to get you to promote their website without earning any commissions. I’ll explain more on what this means.

First, American Online Jobs will encourage you to sign up to various online survey sites and “get-paid-to” (GPT) sites, the reason for this is because they’re affiliated with those sites and when you sign up via their link and complete surveys and offers then they earn a commission from it.

Survey sites and GPT sites are actually legit ways to make extra income online, the problem is they are REALLY low paying. You can’t expect to earn more than $25 to $50 per month, this is not an opportunity to replace your job.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with promoting these survey sites and GPT sites to earn a commission because some people really are just looking for a small extra income, so there’s nothing wrong with pointing them in the direction of these legit sites. In fact I do it too on this blog.

I often recommend that my readers check out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites which are legit sites that pay you to take surveys, do offers, play games, read emails, and much more.

But the problem with American Online Jobs is that they’re giving people this idea that they’re signing up for a real job when they’re just pointing them to these low paying survey sites where you can earn chump change at best. This is a bit misleading in my opinion and so it doesn’t sit well with me. 

How Does American Online Jobs REALLY Work?

When you first land on their website you’ll be greeted with a bunch of screening questions such as whether you’re 18+, if you own your own computer, are you capable of following detailed instructions, and a few more things.

Not sure what the purpose of these screening questions are, probably to make it appear as if though you’re applying for a real job or something!

pre screening questions

The American Online Jobs website itself has a very simple design. There’s no information about the site owner, no FAQ, no terms and conditions, my first impression is that it looks very shady.

After I answered the screening questions and hit the “Apply” button it just took me to a page with a broken link. So I skipped it and just went to “Step #2” where they gave me a list of 8 survey sites they encouraged me to join and then complete surveys.

I recognized some of the survey sites on their list such as Toluna and Inbox Dollars which I’ve already reviewed before and concluded that they’re legit.

But survey sites are not a good way to earn any significant income. Typically a survey takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete and pays around $0.25 to $2.00. The main problem is you’ll get screened out after a few minutes almost every time and be told you don’t qualify.

99.9% of survey sites work the same way, you won’t qualify the majority of the time and you will waste a lot of time on the screening questions. The only exception I know of is Paid Viewpoint which is a survey site that only gives you surveys you’re guaranteed to qualify for, the only problem is that most of their surveys only pays like $0.05 each.

After Step #2 you can click on the “Training / Member’s Area” which will take you to a page where you can register for training. They say that American Online Jobs specializes in helping entry level candidates train and work from home where you’ll be able to earn $300 to $700 a week.

register for training

However, they don’t mention what is it exactly you’ll be doing to earn this money. After filling out a form with your name and email you’ll be taken to the member’s area where you’ll find their training.

Their So-Called “Training”

You’ll be given a series of 9 short video lessons on basic concepts of Affiliate Marketing, sometimes also known as Referral Marketing. This training just gives you some vague information on how to promote your referral links.

Here is a screenshot inside the member’s training area:

9 training video lessons

After viewing these video lessons myself I can tell you that this training is not in-dept at all, it’s just very basic information and the person narrating the videos sounded really bored for some reason.

Basically how affiliate marketing works is that you’ll promote a product using a referral/affiliate link, when someone clicks that link and buys something then you earn a commission.

In the video training you’ll learn how to promote your links via a couple of different ways:

  • Facebook and Bing ads (paid advertisement)
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Craigslist
  • Pinterest

In the end they’ll also give you a referral link for you to promote American Online Jobs itself. The problem is I could not find any information on how much commissions you’ll earn per referral, so my guess is you won’t even get paid anything for promoting it!

Also why would American Online Jobs pay you anything to promote them when they’re a free site? Where would the commissions come from?

I would advise you not to promote American Online Jobs because doing so would appear to be wasted efforts for nothing.

Your Monthly Earning Potential

It’s pretty clear by now that American Online Jobs is not going to give you any jobs. All they’re doing is getting you to sign up to low paying survey sites and GPT sites through their links so they can earn commissions from your efforts.

If you join those survey/GPT sites the most you can make is about $25 to $50 a month, some people make a bit more but that’s rare. Personally I use these sites to earn $200 to $300 a month but not by doing surveys, I earn money via their referral program which means I get paid a commission when others join these sites through my referral link.

In a sense I’m doing the exact same thing American Online Jobs is doing, but the difference here is I’m being 100% honest with you by telling you that these sites are only good for a SMALL extra income only. I’m not giving you the idea that this is a job or anything like that!

American Online Jobs also gives you some half-ass training on promoting referral links so you can promote American Online Jobs itself for probably no pay or compensation.

Overall this website is one giant waste of time and definitely not worth joining.

If you’re interested in earning extra income check out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites which are sites I’ve already reviewed and marked as legitimate and do recommend.

If you’re looking for a bigger income then see my Top Work At Home Recommendation which is a training platform that offers in-dept training on how to start a blog and earn full time income from it.

Is American Online Jobs a Scam?

I wouldn’t call them a scam since they’re not charging you any money to gain access to the member’s training, however they are a giant waste of time and I’d recommend that you stay away from them.

Their website’s title “American Online Jobs” is misleading because they do not offer any real jobs, they’re only funneling you to join their survey sites and GPT sites where at best you can earn maybe $25 to $50 a month.

The worst thing about them is that they create these dubious training videos which their ultimate goal is for you to promote American Online Jobs itself using your referral link, all this for probably no pay whatsoever since I couldn’t find any compensation structure.

This website’s owner does not appear to be honest and trustworthy at all and if I were you I would avoid wasting my time and energy on them. If you’re interested in making a part time or full time income online I’ll show you below how I currently make my money.

How I Make a Full Time Income Online

I used to do online surveys but then found out that I was only earning chump change at best, they cannot replace your job because you’ll be earning something like $2 an hour at best which is well below the minimum wage.

In December of 2016 I came across an online training platform that teaches people on how to start a blog from scratch, get traffic to it, and make money by promoting other people’s products and services as an affiliate marketer.

This training platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and they offer a free starter membership which allowed me to test out their platform and access some free training material which helped me understand how affiliate marketing works.

After I tested out the platform I realized that this was the real deal. This is not just a couple of lame videos you’ll find with American Online Jobs, Wealthy Affiliate offers a very in-depth training program with step-by-step instructions that guides you all the way from building your first blog to earning money with it.

They also offer unlimited support, classrooms to ask questions, 24/7 live chat, free business tools like website hosting, technical support for your blogs, ongoing training, and so much more.

This is how Comfy Work At Home Life was created, and I feel grateful for this opportunity!

So how do I make money on this blog?

Basically I write review articles just like this one which attracts visitors from search engines like Google and Bing, I earn commissions by recommending products via affiliate links and advertisement banners.

If a visitor clicks on my affiliate links or banners and end up making a purchase, then I’ll earn a commission which is at no extra cost to the visitor making that purchase.

Building a blog takes time and effort, but in my opinion it’s the best way to make money online!

A blog is live 24/7 which means you get to earn money passively even while you’re doing other things like traveling, sleeping, cooking, spending time with family, etc.

With a blogging business you can also work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, this is all possible if you have the right training and mindset.

If you’d like to follow in my footsteps then check out my link below where I’ll give you more details on how affiliate marketing works and how you can start your blog today for FREE:



If you’re not ready to start a blogging business yet then consider checking out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites which are sites that I’ve already reviewed and marked as legit. They won’t make you rich, but you will get paid!

That’s it for my American Online Jobs review, as always if you have any comments or questions please leave them down below, I always reply to my readers promptly.

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