Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam? Earn Money Selling Books!

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Today a friend of mine told me about a MLM company called 4 Corners Alliance Group, they are in the business of selling various types of books on financial, marketing, and business. These books show you how to make money, how to invest, how to get out of debt, that sort of thing.

But what I’m really interested in showing you is their MLM business opportunity. They offer regular people like you and me the opportunity to sign up to become an independent business owners (IBOs) and make money with them.

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam or a genuine way to earn some good money? Are they a pyramid scheme? How do you get started? How much does this business opportunity cost?

Find out the answers to all these questions below in this 4 Corners Alliance Group review!

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4 Corners Alliance Group Review

Name: 4 Corners Alliance Group
Type: MLM (multi-level marketing)
Membership Price: $28 + upsells

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What Is 4 Corners Alliance Group?

4 Corners Alliance Group is USA-based company founded by David Harrison and his business partners way back in 2013. They are in the business of selling books on finance, marketing, and business.

They are an MLM company which means they sell their products only through their IBOs (independent business owners.) You probably won’t find their books on places like Amazon or Chapters.

4 Corners Alliance Group Products

Basically 4 Corners Alliance Group sells a large variety of books that are in the topics of money, investing, business, motivation, making your money work for you, and all that sort of entrepreneurial stuff.

They have a very big e-book library of 6 different product sets:

  • Product Set #1 – ($20) – 1 book on precious metals investments, plus 2 bonus books on financial literacy and how to start your own MLM business
  • Product Set #2 – ($30) – 2 books on binary options and Bitcoins
  • Product Set #3 – ($60) – 3 books on credit card debt, exchange traded funds, and economics
  • Product Set #4 – ($100) – 6 books on multiple streams of income, hedge funds, swing trading, how to get rid of debt, and 5 lessons on binary options
  • Product Set #5 – ($175) – 8 books on investing in residential and commercial real estate, Forex trading, American depository receipts, and momentum trading
  • Product Set #6 – ($300) – 28 books on different kinds of investments, time value on money, ETF trading, options trading, and other investment tips
business marketing investing books
Some of the books in their ebook packages

To get a hold of these books is not easy, you won’t find it on store shelves or even on 4 Corners Alliance Group’s own website.

Like I said before 4 Corners Alliance Group is a MLM company which means the only way you can buy their products is from their IBOs. So if you want to purchase these books you’ll have to find someone who’s an IBO and buy it off of them.

Or if you’re interested in making money with them you can become an IBO yourself.

Become an Independent Business Owner (IBO)

If you want to make money with 4 Corners Alliance Group then you’ll have to sign up to become a partnered seller, you’re not working for 4 Corners Alliance Group, you’re considered an Independent Business Owner (IBO).

They don’t let just anybody sign up, you have to have a sponsor. You probably heard about 4 Corners Alliance Group through a friend who’s an IBO, right? Well you’re gonna have to sign up under them. If you don’t have a sponsor then unfortunately you cannot join.

The process of joining involves having to pay some fees such as:

  • $8 enrollment fee
  • $20 for the product set #1 which is the minimum you must start with
  • $19 for the monthly newsletter (optional)

This adds up to a total of $47 as your MLM business start up cost which isn’t so bad. But you also have to consider their upsells which are the 5 other product sets #2 to #6, if you buy them all then the total reaches over $600 which starts to sound like a hefty investment!

This is why I don’t recommend MLMs because usually you have to risk a lot of money and you don’t even know if it’s even going to make you any money. I recommend you to check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation which is a lot cheaper to get started on, and it’s MUCH easier to become profitable. 

Compensation Plan

If you do decide to join as an IBO you’ll have several ways of making money with them which are discussed in 4 Corners Alliance Group’s full compensation plan which is a bit complicated, so I’ll summarize it below the best I can.

There are a few main ways of earning money:

  • Direct Sales – Selling product sets #1-6 directly to customers, you earn 40% commissions from the product price. So if you sell the product set #1 for $20 then you’ll earn $8 commissions
  • Recruit New IBOs – You earn 100% matched commissions from the sales made from your recruit’s downline
  • Newsletter Commissions – You can also sell the monthly newsletter to retail customers for $24.95 and earn a $5.95 commission each time

Their full compensation plan is very complicated and is very hard for the average person to understand. I’ve reviewed a lot of MLM companies on this blog before and even I had a headache trying to understand it all. You may understand it better if explained in a video format.

Check out this video which goes through their full compensation plan:

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Pyramid Scheme?

No, they’re not a pyramid, ponzi scheme, or any other schemes. They’re known as a MLM (multi-level marketing) company which is similar to a pyramid scheme but not quite the same.

The key difference is that MLM companies have an actual product for you to sell, whereas pyramid schemes don’t and the only way to earn is by constantly recruiting  new members. Pyramid schemes are illegal because they’re an unsustainable business long term and eventually the pyramid will collapse upon itself.

With 4 Corners Alliance Group they give you financial ebook packages to sell to your customers, this product is what puts them in the MLM category and therefore making them a legit business model.

But just because MLMs are legit doesn’t mean they’re a good way to make money, they’re actually one of the toughest ways to make money for the average person.

Below I’ll highlight some of the things I didn’t like about 4 Corners Alliance Group and MLMs in general.

Why I Don’t Recommend Them

Most People Earn Chump Change

MLMs often like to advertise as being a great opportunity to earn income and how you get to build your own business, be your own boss, yada yada yada. The ugly truth is that most people don’t profit with MLMs, or they earn a pitiful amount of money and it’s all a waste of time.

If you look at 4 Corners Alliance Group’s income disclaimer you’ll see a part which basically says that the average income for IBOs is $500 to $2000 annually, so that translate to about $40 to $170 a month!

Of course, some people earn more while others earn less. If you don’t have any special marketing or networking skills, I’m guessing you’ll likely end up in the lower end of that range.

It’d Be Hard To Sell Expensive Books

The cheapest product set still cost $20, and it goes all the way up to $300. These are pretty expensive book sets which is going to discourage people from buying, especially when they can get books on similar topics nowadays on places like Amazon or find this same information on YouTube for free.

You’re also gonna have to be some really good salesman to be able to convince people to buy so many books. People these days prefer to digest information through visuals and audio formats, like in a video course.

Another thing is that some of these books deal with really complicated subjects like trading and investing, the average person is not going to understand it that well, so to sell them you’re gonna have to search out really specific types of people who might be interested. This is going to be VERY hard unless you know how to network with tons of people. 

Where’s The Training, Support, and Community?

I believe that most people fail at MLMs is because they’re not equipped with any proper training on how to actually market the products and succeed with their business. The average person who gets into MLMs are just untrained regular people who wouldn’t have a clue on how to make massive numbers of sales or recruits to earn those big paychecks.

MLM companies don’t provide you with any training courses or tutorials on how to market the product, so left on their own your average IBO is inevitably going to fail due to the lack of knowledge on how to actually build a profitable MLM business.

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Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam?

It appears that 4 Corners Alliance Group is a legit MLM business opportunity, but not one that I’d personally partake in or recommend to you. While they do provide you with some unique books to sell, overall I just don’t believe that people are going to be that enthusiastic about buying a whole bunch of books to read.

People these days are looking for more than books, they’re looking for videos, written tutorials, interaction with a social group of people, a community, and a whole lot of things you won’t get with just a stack of boring ol’ books. 

MLMs in general are a really tough way to make money anyway, according to a report published on the FTC website which basically says less than 1% of MLM businesses actually profit. It’s unlikely you’ll be part of that 1% unless you have a lot of talent or skills.

It takes a lot of marketing and networking skills to be able to consistently sell and recruit, most people do not have the skill set to make MLMs profitable for them.

The only good thing I can say about 4 Corners Alliance Group’s business opportunity is that it only takes $28 to get started. But in my opinion you’re better off spending that money on a much better way to make money which I’ll go over below.

A Better Way To Make Money Online…

If you’re seeking a way to make a serious part time or full time online income, I highly recommend that you learn to build a website and promote other people’s products and services as an affiliate marketer.

Unlike MLMs with affiliate marketing you are only RECOMMENDING products and services to your website readers, there is no selling, no recruiting, no dealing with customers, and no complicated compensation plan headaches. You’ll be able to promote any product you like, not just products from one company.

Affiliate marketing is also much easier to become profitable than MLM businesses, and there’s no limit to how much you can make. If you’re interested then check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation where you’ll learn more about affiliate marketing and how it works, why it works so well, and a step-by-step guide on how to create your first website today for free.

I’ll also show you a training platform that provides the best training courses, tutorials and guides, business tools, community, and support to help you build your online business.

This strategy absolutely works and is a 100% legit way to make a consistently monthly income online, but don’t expect it to be easy, it takes effort and time and you have to put in the work!



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You won’t get rich on “get-paid-to” sites, but they’re a legit way to supplement your income while you’re building and growing your online affiliate marketing business.

That’s all I got for this 4 Corners Alliance Group review. Do you have your own thoughts on them? If so share with me and my readers down below.

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