Insta-Minator Review – Easy $333 Per Day Or Another Scam?

make easy $333 a day method

Insta-Minator is a system that teaches you on how to make money online by driving traffic to your website, they claim that their method can help you make $333 per day and it’s easy and newbie friendly.

Obviously this sounds like a lot of over-hyped bull crap, so is just another marketing scam?

In this Insta-Minator review I’ll go over how their method works and give my unbiased opinion on them. I’ll go over the good, the bad, and the ugly so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting yourself into.

Let’s get rolling!


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Insta-Minator Review

Name: Insta-Minator
Type: Affiliate marketing
Membership Price: $12.95
Recommended? No

system that helps you make full time income online

What Is Insta-Minator?

Insta-Minator is a product currently being sold on Warrior Plus for $12.95. Their training shows you step-by-step on how to make 3 figures a day within 24 hours using very easy and simple traffic methods.

It’s advertised as being able to get you “Insta-Results” and is “Insta-Easy” where you don’t need any previous experience or any technical skills. So far this sounds like something that’s too good to be true! But we’ll see…

So what is this method exactly?

Basically it involves driving traffic (visitors) to a WordPress website and using a push notification plugin. When people visit your website they’ll be asked to accept push notifications, after that you’ll be able to promote various affiliate offers to them. When they click your links and makes a purchase, you earn commissions.

But this is oversimplifying it. On their sales page they make it sound SO easy, as if all you have to do is buy their system and within 24 hours you’ll be raking in $333+ per day… obviously it’s not that easy!

Their Flashy Sales Page

A common pattern you’ll notice about many of these make money systems sold on Warrior Plus is that they all come with a lot of hype which you’ll see when you land on their flashy sales page.

Insta-Minator is no different than all the other systems I’ve already reviewed before such as The Banger Method, Fuego Breakout, and Earn Easy Commissions, they all give you this idea that you’ll earn crap loads of money really quickly and without much effort. 

earn $333 or more per day

On Insta-Minator’s sales page they say things to raise your hopes such as:

  • Crank out $333 profits starting from day one
  • No skills or experience needed
  • It’s easy and fun, only takes minutes per day of work
  • Scale as big as you want

Common sense will tell you that this is all too good to be true. But just because a product is full of hype and unrealistic income expectations it DOESN’T mean they’re a scam.

How Does Insta-Minator REALLY Work?

The method they teach basically uses a business model called Affiliate Marketing which is actually a 100% legit method of making money online, although one CAN make $333 per day using this method it will not be anywhere as easy as Insta-Minator claims.

With affiliate marketing you can promote any product you wish in any niche market, you can build a business around your passions and hobbies like health, finance, music, outdoors, and much more. For example if you’re a fitness nut you can promote products like weight loss drinks, protein shakes, workout videos, etc.

Insta-Minator teaches you a strategy which involves creating a WordPress website and installing a push notification plugin tool such as Pushcrew.

When visitors land on your website they will be asked if they want to allow push notifications, if they allow then you’ll be able to send them notifications and promote your affiliate products. If they click on your link and end up purchasing a product you’re promoting then you’ll earn a commission.

However, the biggest challenge is driving traffic (visitors) to your website. Traffic is the backbone of any business whether online of offline, without traffic no business can survive.

Insta-Minator’s Training On Driving Traffic

Insta-Minator teaches you both free and paid strategies on how to drive traffic. They give you step-by-step video training that goes over each traffic method and how you can implement it to your business.

One part that’s confusing for me is on their sales page they’ll tell you that you won’t  have to rely on search engines like Google for your free traffic sources, and also paid traffic is not mandatory.

free and paid traffic sources

The problem is that this doesn’t really make much sense. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for almost 3 years now and I can tell you that if you’re going for free traffic there’s only a few ways to do so:

  • Write content on a website which attract visitors from Google who are looking for specific keywords. This is the best method, unfortunately it’s notoriously slow
  • Share content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but this won’t get you much traffic unless you have a very large following
  • Post content on forums, but this won’t get you much traffic unless you post a lot which can come across as spammy and if you post too much you’ll likely get your account banned

So exactly what will Insta-Minator be teaching you? They say you can get all the traffic you need 100% free but then also go on to say you can drive buyer traffic without relying on Google which leaves us with very little else.

Are they going to teach you how to spam forums? I mean, what else can you possibly do??

Another problem is that for $12.95 you won’t be getting very comprehensive training. I mean they won’t even teach you on how to build that WordPress website and set it all up, for that you’ll have to look elsewhere, fortunately there are a lot of free tutorials online like YouTube.

Is Making $333 Per Day Realistic?

Insta-Minator’s strategy does work and it’s totally possible to make $333+ per day with it, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll achieve these results in a single day.

The main challenge you’ll face is driving traffic to your website and affiliate offers.

With free traffic the biggest issue is that it’s very slow. I currently have about 30,000 visitors to my blogs every month which is all free traffic from Google, but it took me almost 2 years to get to this point! I’m still not making anywhere near $333 a day, but I do make enough income to not have to work a regular job.

With paid traffic you’ll see results very quickly, but you risk losing a lot of money if you don’t earn enough commissions to recover your advertising costs. Losing money is very likely for newbies who have no experience in using paid advertisement methods.

I recommend you do what I do and drive FREE traffic by Starting a Blogging Business. This is the same strategy I currently use to drive over 30,000 unique visitors to my blogs every single month, I never pay for any of my traffic.

Is Insta-Minator a Scam?

I wouldn’t call Insta-Minator a scam because they do offer you some valuable training and tools to help you make money. However their sales page is full of hype and unrealistic income expectations, in my opinion it’s highly unlikely that anyone would be making $333 in 24 hours as they claim.

To make $333 in 24 hours you will definitely have to rely on paid traffic methods as free methods never get you results this quickly. The problem is that paid traffic is not cheap, you can easily be $100s or $1,000s in the hole very quickly if you aren’t doing it right.

Unless you’re a highly experienced internet marketer with lots of paid advertising experience, I would just stick with the free methods such as attracting traffic from Google.

Here’s a MUCH Better Alternative

I highly recommend that you learn to start a blog and write posts on it which will give you free targeted traffic when people find your content through looking up specific keywords on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

This is the exact same strategy I’m using right now to drive 30,000+ visitors to my blogs every month. This article you’re reading right now is a perfect example of this, I bet you found my website through the search engines, right?

Using this free traffic strategy I’m able to earn $1,000+ every month, all my traffic comes from Google, I NEVER pay for any traffic.

If you want to follow in my footsteps then check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation where I’ll show you step-by-step on how to set up your own blog today and monetize it. I’ll also show you the same training platform I used to learn everything I know today.

The only downside to free traffic from Google is that it does takes a while to get results, it takes time for Google to trust your blog and rank your content. But fortunately once you get results it’s very easy to maintain it, right now I earn money even while sleeping which is a great feeling!

That’s it for this Insta-Minator review, I hope you have found everything helpful. As usual I’d love to hear your experiences and comments in the section below.

6 thoughts on “Insta-Minator Review – Easy $333 Per Day Or Another Scam?

  1. Riaz Shah says:

    Anything with insta-results or insta-easy in my opinion is definitely questionable, glad to see I was right Kent! 

    I have to admit though, that free traffic bait is clever of them because for beginners, traffic is hard to come by and we all ask ourselves on how do we go about getting them so easy that some random company would want to give us traffic freely. Great work in exposing this scam, do you happen to know who the product owner is?

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Insta-minator was created by two dudes name Jason Fulton and Mosh Bar. They also sell a few other products called Blistering and Re-KaChing which are also products that teach you how to make money online, they all follow the same formula of giving you the idea you can make lots of money very quickly with little effort, lol…

  2. Adyns68 says:

    Hi Kent,

    I was drawn to Insta-Minator due to their sales hype, but I agree with you that this product has too many cons. The sales page says all the good things to attract buyers but they leave the essential point which is to make passive income.

    I don’t know about you but, that’s my ultimate goal in online marketing. And you can’t reach the level of making passive income if you don’t care about search engines like they said. 

    It is only by creating SEO friendly post that you can hope to make passive income one day. Otherwise you will be paying traffic all the time to earn money.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Yeah I think they’re just trying to make it sound as easy and simple as possible, they seem to be targeting people who are looking for fast income without a lot of time and work, and as you know SEO requires both and lots of it.

      But like I said without SEO it just leaves paid traffic methods which is very risky, and other free traffic methods like social media just isn’t very effective unless you already have a really big established audience. 

  3. Ty says:

    That’s why people should be weary of marketing tactics such as these. Because while you do have the potential to make $333 a day, that does not mean that you will starting from day one, or even the first month.

    Although the pricing isn’t terrible, It might shy people away after purchasing if they are not seeing any results as quickly as insta-minator says people will see.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      It’s all marketing crap. There’s no systems out there that can help you make $333 starting tomorrow. But if they were to put in their headline “might make $333 in 2 years through hard work and effort” then it wouldn’t draw in as many people now would it?

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