InCompass Review – Make Passive Income At InCompass.Me.Uk?

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Smartphones have come a long way and it’s pretty amazing what they can do, including helping us make money online. Today I’m reviewing a site called InCompass which appears to be another extra income opportunity, but are they legit or just a scam?

Found at, they pay people to download their app which tracks their smartphone usage. The data gathered is then used for the purposes of market research. So basically you get paid to use your smartphone.

How much can you earn? How do you get paid? Find out below in this InCompass review!

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InCompass Review

Name: InCompass
Type: Online surveys
Membership Price: Free to join

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What Is InCompass?

InCompass is a website owned by iPsos which is one of the top market research companies on the internet. They’re looking to collect information on how people spend their time on the internet, what music they listen to, what TV they watch, etc.

Participation is free and is opened to UK residents. You just have to download their InCompass app onto your phone and you’re ready to get started. It appears there’s no sign up page at but only a login page, you can try downloading their app from the Google Play Store.

If you’re not from the UK or you don’t want to download their app then I recommend you to check out Swagbucks instead where you can earn a small income for watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and more.

How Does InCompass Work?

Basically after you’ve downloaded the InCompass app you can just use your smartphone the way you normally would, you can use it as little or as much as you want.

The app will sit in the background and monitoring your smartphone usage behavior, this information is gathered and sent to InCompass. They say that the app will not gather private info like bank numbers and that kind of stuff, and they also say your data will only be used for market research purposes and not be sold to 3rd party companies.

It’s important to note that it’s inevitable that the InCompass app can drain your phone’s battery faster. It also uses about 22MB of data to download, so it’s wise to turn on your WIFI and not use your mobile plan data.

How Much Money Can You Make?

You’ll get paid £10 per month that you have their InCompass app installed on your smartphone.

Every three months you’ll also get an opportunity to participate in a diary that last 7 days. You’ll have to spend about 10 minutes per day filling out the diary, once you complete the 7 days you’ll earn £5.

So overall you’re looking at average monthly earnings of just over £11.50 with the app and diary altogether.

Payments will be made via Amazon or Marks & Spencer gift vouchers. Unfortunately there’s no Paypal or other cash payment options.

If their payment methods don’t suit you then check out Swagbucks instead which is rewards site that pays you your earnings via Paypal for watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and much more.

The Pros

  • Free to get started
  • Earn income without doing much work (passive income)

The Cons

  • You won’t make more than chump change
  • Their app may drain your phone’s battery
  • Their app may use up mobile data if you’re not connected to wifi
  • No Paypal or check payments

Is InCompass a Legit Opportunity?

From my personal research into this site I believe that they’re a legit opportunity to make a very small income. I haven’t been able to find any complaints from users about issues with payments.

The main complaint is that by downloading their app it could slow down your phone and use up a bunch of data if you’re not careful, so in the end is earning that measly £10 or £15 per month even worth all that trouble to you?

Another problem is there’s no Paypal or other cash payment options, only gift vouchers.

You could always join other sites like Swagbucks where you can earn extra money by playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, and more. They also have an app, but it’s optional to download and use. Also best of all, they pay cash via Paypal!

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That’s all for this InCompass review, everything about them seems legit but there are better ways to earn in my opinion. I hope you have found this review helpful, let me know in the comments what you think about them.

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