How to Make Money Without Having a Job – 3 Legitimate Ways

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Let me tell you my story… When I was 18 I moved out of my parent’s house and got a job working at a fast food restaurant, and I hated every second of it. I hated it so much I quit within a few days.

But I needed to pay bills so I got another crappy manual labor job, hated it and quit. This went on for like 10 jobs. I’m not kidding, I went through like 10 jobs quitting within the first week.

Finally I landed a security guard job where I’ve worked at for 10 years, I still hated it, but at least it’s not manual labor and it’s bearable. I’ve always hated having a job. I hate the schedule, I hate having to take crap from people, I hate having no control of my life. I needed a way to work for myself, a way to earn money without having to work a job.

3 Legitimate Work @ Home Opportunities

But how to make money without having a job? Over the last 10 years I’ve found 3 legitimate ways of doing so, and I talk about them on this blog, they are: Blogging / Affiliate Marketing, Ebay Drop Shipping, and Online Poker.

But let me tell you about what didn’t work, so you don’t have to go through the same mistakes I did.

I looked everywhere online and found a plethora of ways to earn real money online. Surveys, online transcription, swag bucks, I’ve done all these things. They suck. Basically they pay next to nothing and you just can’t live off of it. These things (surveys, transcription, swag bucks) are what comes up the most whenever you search online for “make money online,” and I bet you’ve come across them before too.

Why Online Surveys, Swagbucks, Transcription…etc Are 100% CRAP

There are lots of things on the internet you can do to make money, but there aren’t a lot of things you can do to make real money. There’s a big difference. You may be able to make $0.50 an hour doing surveys, or make $2 an hour transcribing audio, but you can’t live off of that. There are loads of other things that you can do to earn pennies here and there, but they’re mostly a waste of time if you’re looking for a way to make enough money to replace your current job so you don’t have to work.

So how do you make money without having a job?

As I have mentioned earlier I have found 3 legitimate ways over the years of searching and searching. These 3 ways are Blogging / Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping on Ebay, and Online Poker. These things are legitimate because there are actually people who are making full time income doing it, and they are skills that anyone can learn and apply.

I’m sure these aren’t the only things out there you can make money from to replace your job, but these are the things I’ve personally found to be considered legitimate, especially Blogging / Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping on Ebay.

Online poker is a bit harder, but it is still doable… it’s just that poker has a huge learning curve and many people don’t have the mindset needed to deal with the swings. I’ve been playing poker for the last 10 years and I’m able to make about $10/hr playing the low stake games, I just don’t have the talent to beat the higher limit games. You need to be able to detach yourself emotionally from the short term results, and I have difficulty doing that. My earning potential at online poker is therefore capped at $10/hr. Therefore I don’t feel there is a future for me with online poker, but it’s still good to know I have learned the skills over the years to be beat the low stakes and able to make that $10/hr.

My Top 2 Recommendations

If you’re looking for a way to earn a living without having a job, I don’t recommend you play online poker. I recommend you start a blogging / affiliate marketing business or try drop shipping on Ebay. These things are much easier than online poker and you can potentially earn a full time living doing either one.. and best of all, those two things will give you passive income. 

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