How to Get Negative Feedback Removed on Ebay

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Getting negative feedback sucks because it affects your reputation. If you were the buyer would you rather buy from a seller with 99% feedback, or 80%?

Unfortunately getting negative feedback is part of the business of selling on Ebay, but thankfully there are some things you can do to remove or minimize your negative feedback.

So how to get negative feedback removed on Ebay? In this article I’ll talk about that plus a few other things.

  1. How to get your negative feedback revised
  2. Is feedback important?
  3. How to avoid negative feedback

1. Revising Existing Negative Feedback to Positive Or Neutral

First thing you do is go to this link right HERE.

This link will take you to the “Ebay Forum” page where you can then click on “Request Feedback Revision.” You’ll see a list of all the negative/neutral feedbacks you’ve gotten in the last 30 days. Click on one and you’ll be given a comment box where you can type a message to the buyer.

So for example if you got the negative feedback because of an issue with the item and you’ve refunded them, you could type in something like: “Dear buyer, I’m sorry about the problem with this item. To resolve this situation, I have issued you a full refund. If you could revise this feedback to neutral, I would very much appreciate it.”

You should try to revise the feedback a day or two after you’ve refunded them. This is because if they gave negative feedback, they’ll probably still angry about it. If you wait a day or two after refunding them (or resolving whatever the issue is) you give them a chance to calm down and therefore will be more receptive to your request to revise feedback.

Note: There’s no point in trying to get your neutral feedback revised, because neutral feedback doesn’t affect your reputation. If you have 10 positive feedbacks and 10 neutral feedbacks, buyers will see your feedback rating as 100% positive. But you should try to revise the negative ones. 

2. How Important Is Feedback?

I think feedback does affect your sales, but it’s not as important as people make it out to be. When I first started drop shipping on Ebay. I had 0 feedback, and I still made sales. If you got the product, then people will buy it from you. I think it’s when you have a very low feedback score of lets say 70%, and you’re selling an item that is very competitive, that’s when it affects your sales the most. I’d suggest you try to maintain your feedback score at 95% or higher.

3. How To Avoid Negative Feedback

The #1 thing you can do to avoid negative feedback is to communicate with your buyer properly.

For example if you have to cancel an order, something goes out of stock, shipment has been delayed..etc You need to communicate with your buyer within about 24hrs. If you make your buyer wait 2-3 days after they already paid you only to hear you’re out of stock, they’re probably gonna get angry.

If your communication is fast, you might not only avoid getting a negative feedback, you could actually get a positive feedback! It has happened to me before, I had to cancel an order because I accidentally listed a flag for sale but in the description I stated the wrong sizing. I messaged the buyer within 10 minutes of him buying it, cancelled the order, and refunded him immediately. He was disappointed he didn’t get the flag, but he was impressed by my efficient customer service skills that he gave me a positive feedback.

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