How To Gain More Followers On Twitter – Try This Tonight

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There are 2 main ways to grow your twitter account, you can either use some kind of automated software or you can grow it manually (organically.)

I’m not going to talk too much about the automated software method because doing it incorrectly can easily get your account suspended. But basically it’s a software that follows/unfollow people for you, like posts for you, and does a lot of things like that. These actions will lead to people following you back. But massive amounts of follow/unfollowing can lead to Twitter banning your account since it looks like you’re a robot and Twitter doesn’t allow that.

So how to gain more followers on Twitter manually?

Step #1

Find the big accounts in your niche. For example I have a Twitter account where I talk about the vegan diet, PETA would be a big account in that niche. You want to find big accounts that have at least 10k followers.

Step #2

Find followers of that big account and then follow them, also do a lot of “likes” on their tweets, and also retweet their posts. Basically the idea is that when you engage you will get engagement back from them, not every time, but a small portion of them will follow/like you back.

Step #3

Wait a couple of days and see who follows/like you back. Those who didn’t, unfollow them. You want to keep your following/follower ratio at about the same number. When you’re doing this, you will find that only about 1 in 20 people will follow/like back. This is okay, because you will unfollow those who don’t follow you back within a couple of days. Eventually you will have a nice even ratio of those you’re following, and those who are following you.

Quick Tip:
Twitter allows you to follow up to 5k people, but don’t follow 5k people all at once because Twitter will see that as spammy activity and you’ll end up being banned. I suggest you spread out your engagement activity throughout the day. Following 100 people a day is okay, maybe even up to 300. Try following 20 people in the morning, then another 20 a few hours later, then another 20…etc This way it won’t look as spammy and you’ll be able to follow more people without problems.

Using CrowdFire To Make This Process Easier

I personally use CrowdFire to grow my Twitter account, it is an application that makes this whole process easier by gathering all the information you need and actions you need to take in one place. 

For example, it shows you all the people you’re following who are not following you back, so then you can just unfollow all of them on the same page on CrowdFire instead of having to scroll and scroll to find them on the Twitter page itself.

It really saves you a lot of time and energy and it is a great tool, it’s also free! You can check out CrowdFire HERE.

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