How Many Words For a Blog Post Is Optimal For SEO?

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One of the most frequently asked questions under the blogging topic is how long should your blog posts be? Personally my average is around 500-1000 words, and I won’t go below 300 words.

Generally speaking, the more content you have the more ways that Google can find ways to rank you, and the more likely it is you’ll rank well in the Google search against your competition.

The More Content The Merrier?

The question is how many words for a blog post is optimal for SEO (search engine optimization)? Many SEO professionals and experts would agree that Google favors long blog posts that are 2500+ words long. If you research the data, most blogs that rank on page 1 have 2500+ words, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do well with shorter posts too.

My Experience – Longer Isn’t better

I’ve been blogging for only about a year, so I don’t claim to be some huge expert, but I can share with you what I’ve learned along my journey. When I first started blogging, I always aimed for 1000+ words minimum, and many times I wrote over 2000+ words.

What I have discovered though is that these 2000+ word posts weren’t ranking as well as I thought they would. In fact, several of these long posts aren’t even ranked in the top 100, meanwhile I have posts that are 700 words long ranking on page 1 already!

My Experiment With Writing Shorter Posts

I have done some experimenting with deliberately writing only shorter posts (300-700 words) to see how well they would rank compared to longer (1000+) posts. I wrote these posts on my other blog which talks about the vegan diet. Here are the results:

search engine optimization length of articles
The number to the right of the thumbs up/down icon is my google search position

So as you can see above, many of my shorter posts are outranking the longer posts. In fact, my highest ranking posts only have about 500 words. Sure, other factors come into play such as level of competition, but generally I choose keywords with very low competition anyway.

The Results & Conclusion

So what is the conclusion from this? Like I’ve said I’ve been blogging for only about a year, I’m not some big SEO expert. Many experts still agree that longer posts rank better, and I don’t disagree with what they’re saying, it’s just that my personal results have proved contrary to that.

So it’s really up to you how long you want your blog posts to be, but the best way is to just start writing and stop when you’ve covered everything you wanted to talk about. Don’t put in fillers and useless crap just to make it longer. The objective is always to create high quality useful content for your readers, if you do that then the ranking will naturally come.

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