How Can You Make Money From Blogging? My #1 Recommendation

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When I tell people that I’m a blogger and I write posts every week on my blog, they think I just do it for fun. Well, there’s different reasons why people blog, but a lot of people including myself blog to make money.

So you’re probably wondering… how can you make money from blogging? Well essentially bloggers are content creators. We own a piece of real estate on the internet called a website (aka a blog), and we create content via writing blog posts. These posts will attract readers (visitors to your site), and once you get a lot of people reading your content, you can make money in many different ways.

The 4 Basic Steps of Making Money From Blogging

  • Find a niche, it can be any topic you find interesting (weight loss, healthy eating, knitting..etc)
  • Create content around that niche
  • Drive traffic to your blog via SEO (search engine optimization), social media, paid advertisements etc
  • Monetize your traffic via sponsored ads, affiliate links, or selling your own product

New websites take a while to get trust and good rankings from google, and so it can take at least 6 months to a year to see any real progress. This is not a get-rich-quick strategy at all, and so patience is paramount to success.

You should not start a blog expecting to make $2000 your first month, if this is why you want to start blogging then you will probably be disappointed.

My #1 Recommendation

If you’re someone new to blogging, affiliate marketing is probably going to be the best strategy for you to make money. Affiliate marketing is basically where you recommend someone else’s product on your blog, and if one of your readers click on your affiliate link and buys something as a result of your recommendation, you will get a share of the profits.

This is good for newbies because it requires no up-front costs. You’re not actually selling the product yourself, you’re just pointing the reader in the direction of the product via your affiliate link. When your reader clicks on the link, it will bring them to Amazon or wherever that sells the product, once they buy it then you get paid.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, click HERE

This All Sounds So Hard & Complicated!

Wealthy Affiliate

Believe me, I was a newbie blogger just a year ago. I didn’t even know how to start a website, I didn’t have any technical computer knowledge, I didn’t know what products to promote. I learned all of this from Wealthy Affiliate, a training platform with courses and guides that help people build a successful blogging business from the ground up. 

I’ve built 2 websites so far with their teachings, and although I’m not making a full time living from the money I make on my blogs yet, my earnings are growing every month and it is all passive income! 

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Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam of any sort, it does not promise you overnight riches. It is a place of learning the best strategies and techniques to get you to the point of success. They offer a free membership which includes a training course and 2 free websites with free hosting to get you started.

If you are new to blogging I definitely recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve written a very detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate and how it can help new bloggers like you make passive income:

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