HitPredictor Review – Get Paid To Listen To Music Or Scam?

get paid to listen to music

Do you like music? HitPredictor is a site that pays you to listen to songs and rate them, these songs come in a large range of genres from alternative to country and R&B. These songs have not been released yet and your feedback helps influence what the artists and radio stations put out. Basically you get paid to listen to music, but it’s not as great as it sounds.

HitPredictor appears to be scam free and legit, but they won’t make you rich. Currently only USA residents can get paid, and the only rewards are raffle tickets to win Amazon gift cards ranging from $20, $50, and $100. Basically you get paid in points when you rate songs, then when you collect enough points you use them to buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win. Pretty lame as you most likely won’t win…

If you’re interested in earning cash instead of some stupid raffle ticket then check out these top “get-paid-to” sites instead.

In this HitPredictor review I’ll go over exactly how they work, their rewards, and why I don’t recommend them for making money online.

HitPredictor Review

Name: HitPredictor
Website: HitPredictor.com
Type: Get paid to rate songs
Membership Price: Free To Join
My Rating: 1.8 out of 5

rate songs and earn rewards

I gave HitPredictor a rating of 1.8 out of 5 and I don’t recommend them for extra income. You don’t actually earn cash, you just earn points which can buy raffle tickets where you’ll have the chance to win a gift card. Let’s get real here, it’s just a lotto draw and most of us aren’t going to win anything.

Besides the crappy rewards there’s nothing wrong with this site, they’ve been around since 2009 and they do pay. But if you want to make money online then they’re just about the worst site ever to do it on. What are the chances of winning a raffle draw? Depends on # of entries, but the short answer is very unlikely. Imagine rating songs for a year and having no earnings to show for it!

For making extra online income I recommend Swagbucks (read my review) instead where you can earn CASH watching videos, playing games, shopping, searching the web, telling friends, and more.

Earning Points At HitPredictor

Rating Songs

rating songs giving feedback

In this section you’ll have to listen to a clip of a song for about 90 seconds. After you finish listening to it then you’ll have to rate it. You can also leave a detailed comment about what you like or dislike about the song. After you submit you will earn 3 points.

Answering Polls

In the polls section there is a long list of poll questions you can answer, these questions are music related, for example “Whats your favorite workout music?” or “Which electronic artist do you prefer?” and you’ll have a list of multiple choice answers to choose from. Each poll question you answer will earn you 5 points. These are really easy and fun to do.

Referring Friends

referring friends to earn rewards

HitPredictor does have a referral program. You’re given a unique referral link to promote and you’ll earn 25 points for each person that joins under your link and rates at least 5 songs within 30 days.

Honestly this is a REALLY bad referral program. Consider that you need at least 100 points just for a small CHANCE of winning a $20 Amazon gift card, that 25 point is practically worthless. It’s also only a one-time reward per referral, so if your referral is active then HitPredictor gets to keep benefiting, but you don’t!

I prefer Swagbuck’s referral program instead where they pay you 10% of your referral’s earnings for LIFE.

HitPredictor Rewards

Once you have collected enough points you can trade them for a weekly raffle ticket to win an Amazon gift card with $20, $50, or $100. Their prizes changes from time to time, so in the future it may be a different kind of gift card.

Currently these are the prizes up for grabs and the cost of each raffle entry ticket:

  • Raffle tickets for the $20 gift card cost 100 points each
  • Raffle tickets for the $50 gift card cost 200 points each
  • Raffle tickets for the $100 gift card cost 500 points each

Drawings happen every week and the winners will be notified by email. The more raffle tickets you have the higher your chances of winning, but you’re limited to buying 1 ticket a day. Currently only USA members can win anything.

Is HitPredictor a Scam?

HitPredictor isn’t a scam, but their rewards are extremely limited, if you don’t get lucky then you don’t win any prizes. You could go a whole year, or even years, without a single payout! 

Of course it’s nice to get paid to listen to music, but is it really worth your time if all you’re getting is some raffle ticket? Personally I highly recommend you join these top “get-paid-to” sites instead where you can earn REAL cash doing easy online tasks.

But these sites are only good for extra income, if you wish to make more then check out my FREE guide where I’ll show you how to Build a Full Time Online Income From Home.

Do you have any questions or comments about HitPredictor? As usual just leave them down below, I reply to every comment!

My Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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