Giving Assistant Review – Save Money Shopping Or Scam?

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If you’re interested in saving money and/or consider yourself a charitable person then you’re going to love Giving Assistant. They are a cashback website which helps you save money on shopping, the twist is that they’re also helping nonprofit charities and organizations in the USA as well by donating to them as well.

Is Giving Assistant a scam or can they really help you save money? How much money can you save? How do you get paid your savings? All this plus more will be answered in this Giving Assistant review.

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Giving Assistant – Quick Overview

Name: Giving Assistant
Type: Shopping save money
Membership Price: $0

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Giving Assistant is a company that started up back in 2013 and their mission is “transforming everyday shopping into charitable giving.” On their website there are coupon codes and cashback from over 3,000 stores including big name stores like Walmart, Target, Forever 21, Ali Express, and much more.

For those who don’t understand cashback, it’s basically where you get a percentage of what you spent shopping back to you. The cashback percentage is usually around 4-7%, depending on the merchant.

Giving Assistant is unlike other cashback sites in that they encourage you to donate your cashback earnings to charities. You don’t HAVE to donate, you can just redeem your cashback for regular cold hard cash via Paypal, so that’s up to you.

How Does Giving Assistant Work?

Getting Started

Signing up to Giving Assistant is free and easy, you can join either by using your Facebook account or entering your email and creating a password. Before you start it’s important to clear your browser cookies to ensure that your visits are being tracked correctly.

To start shopping you can either browse through the 1,000’s of different online merchants or enter a specific one you’re looking for in the search bar.

search thousands of stores

Once your merchant comes up it will show you what percentage of cashback they offer.

Then you can either browse through the coupons and deals at the bottom or just click on the merchant and this will take you to the merchant’s website. A pop up will let you know your visit is being tracked, and after that you can start shopping and earning cashback.

Get The Button

There is a “button” you can click on the Giving Assistant menu, this takes you to a page where you can install a browser extension for Fire Fox, Chrome, and Safari. This tool is useful because it’ll let you know during checkout whether your purchase qualifies for cashback or not.

So for example if you’re shopping at a merchant and you weren’t aware that you could get a cashback deal with Giving Assistant, the browser extension will let you know of the cashback opportunity so you don’t miss out.

Become a Power Shopper

They give you the opportunity to become a “Power Shopper” which means you can earn 2x more cashback, but it comes at a cost of $5.99 a year. I’d stay away from paid accounts if I were you, unless you’re a very frequent shopper it’s not going to be worth it.

Inviting Others To Join

In the “Refer a Friend” section you can find your unique Giving Assistant referral link which you can promote to friends, family, and anyone else you know. When someone joins under your link and earns cash back, you earn $5 for referring them. Your referral also earns $5 as a result, so both parties score a free $5.

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How Do You Get Paid?

Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of $5.99 in payable earnings it will be paid out to you via either Paypal or eCheck depending on which one you selected. They state that they make weekly payments but they don’t specific on which day.

There is also a “Giving” section where you can donate anywhere from 0%-100% of your cashback to your favorite non-profit charities and organizations.

Payable Earnings vs Pending Earnings

When you are done shopping you will not see the cashback in the “Payable earnings” section, but instead you’ll see it in the “Pending Earnings” section.

It usually takes about 10-12 weeks to go from pending to payable, it takes this long because the merchant needs to verify the purchase and to cover the refund/exchange period first before they pay the cashback to Giving Assistant who can in turn pay you. 

Is Giving Assistant a Scam?

It appears that Giving Assistant is a totally legit cashback site. I do like that they pay with Paypal and even make it easy for you to donate your cashback to charities. But the main issue I have is that it takes a long time for the “pending earnings” to go to “payable earnings”. Unless you already shop a lot online then it’s not really worth the wait.

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Thanks for checking out my Giving Assistant review, I hope you’ll leave all your questions and comments down below!

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2 thoughts on “Giving Assistant Review – Save Money Shopping Or Scam?

  1. rob says:

    Beware Giving assistant scam

    I was looking to make a big purchase and looking on many sites that gives cash back i was lured by giving assistant that shows on their site and on their app that would give 10% back while others would give 5% or less. Little that i knew that was a big bait and switch and ended up having no cash back at all. I contacted them and told them that on their site was showing 10% cash back and nowhere on their site says otherwise. Their response was to read the privacy and policy of the site i bought from and not theirs. I think this is very misleading since they are the one providing the service of giving me 10% cash back and not the site i bought from. For me this is a big deal false advertisement and i think people should be well aware of this scam on this site.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Rob, wow that is terrible. Sucks that they would advertise 10% cashback and end up giving you nothing at all. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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