GetPaidToTry Surveys Review – Legit Or a Waste of Time?

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Getting paid to take online surveys is not a new thing, I remember taking my first online survey back in 2005 and being paid $1 for it… what a thrill it was seeing real money being made for merely answering survey questions! Most sites are legit and do pay, but some aren’t so great and you should be careful.

Today I found another survey site called GetPaidToTry Surveys and thought I’d check them out to see if I should be warning people about them. They are a “pure” survey site, meaning surveys is the main way to earn.

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GetPaidToTry Surveys Review

Name: GetPaidToTry Surveys
Type: Paid surveys
Membership Price: $0 Free to sign up

earn money completing surveys sharing opinions

What Is GetPaidToTry Surveys?

GetPaidToTry Surveys is an old survey site based in Denver, Colorado that has been around since 2006. They’re operated by a market research company called ClearVoice Research, this same company is also behind another survey site called Clear Voice Surveys.

GetPaidToTry Surveys pays you to complete surveys. These surveys are provided by 3rd party market research companies that want the views and opinions from their target demographic, this helps to improve their products and services.

Getting Started

The sign up process is free and pretty easy. Although one thing I dislike is how they make you enter your cellphone number into the signup form, in the future they may annoy you with pesky survey phone calls.

After signing up you’ll have to confirm your email. Then you’ll have to fill out your first survey which is basically just a multiple choice profile questionnaire that asks you about your job title, income, any dependents, relationship status, etc.

Taking Surveys

Then you can finally go to the member’s area to check if any surveys is available for you to take in the “Available Surveys” section. They’ll also email you if any opportunities come up.

You may not get any opportunities right away, I didn’t when I first joined. They’ll tell you to fill out more profile questionnaires to increase your chances of getting survey opportunities. The more they know about you then better chances of matching you with a survey that’s the right fit.

So basically you’ll have to fill out yet another section of profile questionnaires, this one with many sections (see image below), and unfortunately you don’t get paid for filling these out. It merely increases your odds of receiving a paid survey opportunity. 

personal profile questionnaires
More questionnaires to fill out, all unpaid

The most important thing about online surveys is that you need to make sure your answers are consistent, meaning don’t just make things up hoping to get more survey opportunities. If they find out then they’ll ban your account and take all your earnings.

I know it’s really annoying to fill out all these different questionnaires and you might feel like you’re wasting your time for nothing. I highly recommend you check out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites   instead where you don’t need to fill out all this stuff to start earning.

Making Referrals

GetPaidToTry Surveys has a referral program where you can earn by referring others to join. They don’t give you a referral link to promote like other survey sites do, they just give you a box to enter emails of people you know and a message to send them to invite them to join.

For each referral that joins through your invite and completes at least one survey you earn $0.50 in commissions. They also limit you to a maximum of 10 referrals which means at most you can earn is only $5.

This is pretty darn pathetic compared to other sites like Swagbucks which pays you 10% of your referrals earnings for LIFE.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Most surveys pay between $0.25 to $2 and take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. So if you do the math you’ll be making somewhere around $1 to $8 per hour, most likely on the lower end of that, so $1 to $3 per hour.

But then again you also have to factor in time spent answering prequalifying questions, most of the time a few minutes after starting a survey you’ll get screened out with no pay.

Also you won’t get that many survey invitations, maybe only 2-3 times a week, most you won’t even qualify for. So in actuality you’ll be lucky to make a freaking dollar.

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The Positives

  • Free to join and sign up
  • Membership opened to many countries around the world

The Negatives

  • Website has a very old looking design
  • Requires your cell phone number to register (they might annoy you with survey calls)
  • Lots of unpaid profile questionnaires to fill out before being invited to take surveys
  • You’ll get screened out of surveys a lot
  • Only one way to earn (surveys)
  • Referral program is extremely limited, the max you can ever earn is just $5
  • Very low income potential overall
  • No payments with Paypal

Verdict – Is GetPaidToTry Surveys Legit?

From my own research they appear to be legit, I didn’t find any complaints or issues about payments from other members. That being said I don’t recommend them because they have a really old looking website, not a lot of ways to earn, their referral program sucks, and they don’t even pay with Paypal.

If you want to make money with surveys I’d recommend you join These Top “Get-Paid-To” Sites instead where you can earn taking surveys, doing offers, playing games, watching videos, reading emails, and much more. Also all of those sites pay with PayPal.

Unfortunately all survey sites are low paying and you cannot expect to make more than $10 to $20 a month. But fortunately at my Top Work At Home Recommendation you can learn to make $1000+ per month with a blogging business, so check that out if you’re looking to work for yourself making part time or full time online income.

That’s all for this GetPaidToTry Surveys review, overall they’re not the best and I think there are much better options, but that’s just my opinion. What’s yours? Post your comments and questions down below.

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