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Tried everything you can to make money online? There are plenty of extra income sites out there, but the tough part is figuring out which ones are the legit ones and which ones are the scams. AppMan is an app-based mobile platform where you can get paid to download apps, you earn “points” for downloading them which can get turned into real cash or gift cards.

So is it that simple? Is this some easy peasy money or what? Can this become a part time or full time income? Is this a complete scam or a legit thing? All this and more will be answered below in this AppMan review.


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AppMan Review

Name: AppMan
Type: Get paid to download apps/games
Membership Price: $0 to download

get paid to try free apps and games is a site that started up back in 2016, they’re based in Wisconsin USA and is owned by a company called AppEase Producer LLC. You can earn cash or gift cards for merely downloaded free apps and games. They’re app-based, so you’ll need a smartphone or tablet to use AppMan.

In my research into AppMan they appear to be legit, their lowest payout is only $1 via Amazon gift cards and you can find plenty of reviews with members saying they’ve been paid. The problem is this is an extremely low paying gig, expect to make no more than about $10-$20 every month!

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The Details of How AppMan Works

How To Join AppMan?

The sign up process is pretty darn easy, no need to provide your email or to fill in any kind of form, all you need to get started is to get that AppMan app on your mobile device.

You can download the AppMan app at with your smartphone (IOS or Android) or tablet, if you have an Android phone you can also download it at the Google Play Store.

Downloading Apps/Games

When you open the AppMan app you’ll see a list of apps/games available to be downloaded, next to it you’ll see the number of “credits” you’ll receive for doing so. Credits are basically points, they’re used to redeem real cash payments later on.

Regular Apps

There are regular apps where you just download it, open/start it, and you’ll earn points. The apps are free to download and you’ll earn about 10-20 points for downloading them.

Free Games

Then there are also games where you need to not only download the app but to play the game and reach a certain level before you’ll get the points. But these games where it requires more engagement pay a lot more points, anywhere from 40-2450 points.

Currently I only see one app available to download, but plenty of games to play:

mobile screenshot of downloaded appman app

Referring Others

There is a referral program at AppMan where you earn 50% of your referrals’ earnings for life. You’ll be given your own referral link to share on social media like Facebook/Twitter, or blog, then anyone who joins under your link becomes your referral. Referrals who join under your link also receives a 50 point sign up bonus as well.

How Much Are Points/Credits Worth?

Each point is worth about $0.00125 USD, so if you do the math you’ll have to collect 800 points to earn a measly $1 USD. There are quite a few complaints from members that it took them months and months to earn a mere $20 gift card.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The short answer is not much. Each regular app you download only earns you 10-20 points, this is like 1-2 pennies. Even if you’re willing to download 50-100 apps to make a dollar, it’s not like you can download all the apps you want. Currently I only see ONE app available to be downloaded on my dashboard.

Then you can also play games to earn a lot more. The top paying game I see right now is Casino Deluxe and it pays 2457 points (just over $3 USD) to reach level 50. But how long will it take you to reach level 50? You’ll have to learn it, play it, get good at it, so I’m guessing for the average person it’ll take at least a few hours or more.

Quick Tip – Did you know you can also earn money online with these top “get-paid-to” sites by watching commercials, watching videos, clicking ads, sharing opinions, doing offers, and more?

How Do You Get Paid?

The payment methods varies from country to country, so I’m just going to go over the reward options for USA members. Here are the current USA payment methods and their corresponding minimum payout amounts and number of points you need to redeem them:

  • Amazon gift cards – $1 minimum (800 points)
  • iTunes gift codes – $10 minimum (8000 points)
  • Google Play gift cards – $10 minimum (8000 points)
  • Playstation Network – $10 minimum (8000 points)
  • Xbox gift cards – $15 minimum (12,000 points)
  • Steam Wallet – $5 minimum (4000 points)
  • Sephora gift cards – $10 minimum (8000 points)
  • Paypal payments – $15 minimum (12,000 points)

After you have redeemed your points you will receive your payment within 1-2 days.

AppMan Problems

Limited Ways To Earn

The main way to earn on AppMan is by downloading apps, while this is easy and free to do there are limited apps that are available to be downloaded, as said before only one app is available for me right now. Games are a pain in the ass because you have to play it and achieve a certain level, if you suck or hate the game and give up halfway then you earn nothing.

I much rather join sites where they offer multiple ways to earn, this way you won’t ever get bored or run out of things to do. These sites are called “get-paid-to” sites and my favorite ones are Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate

Micro Income

Basically don’t quit your day job, you’ll be lucky if you’re able to make $20 a month from AppMan. There are even reports from people saying it took them MULTIPLE months to earn a $20 gift card. If you’re not interested in making chump change, then you may be more interested in my #1 Recommended Way of Making Money Online where there is a full time online income potential.

Where’s Support?

I could not find a “Help” or “Support” section on the AppMan website or on the app itself . What if you need help with something or that you didn’t receive your payment? Who do you contact?

Is AppMan a Scam?

From looking through many member reviews and checking out the app myself, I definitely think that AppMan is scam free and if you earn points downloading apps then you’ll get paid. If you go to Google Play and look at the complaints, many of them are complaining of how low paying and what a waste of time it all is.

Honestly guys, yes you can earn real money doing this but downloading 100’s and 1000’s of apps to earn $10-$20 may not be worth it to you. If a small extra income is all you want then also check out these top “get-paid-to” sites as well for more earning opportunities.

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What do you think of AppMan? If you have any comments, questions, or experiences you’d like to share then post them down below in the comment box!

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