Fronto Android App Review – Earn Cash Swiping Or Scam?

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Today I came across Fronto which is an Android app that lets you earn cash by swiping your smartphone. Basically they show you advertisements on your locked smartphone screen, when you swipe and interact with the ads they award you with points that can be redeemed for cash and other rewards.

I’m sure you’re wondering at this point if the Fronto Android app is a scam? How much can you earn? How do you trade your points for cash? Find out below in this Fronto Android app review!

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Fronto App Review

Name: Fronto App
Type: Rewards app
App Price: FREE to download

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What Is Fronto App?

Fronto is an app for Android you can download to your smartphone, they display various advertisements on your lockscreen and points are rewarded to you when you swipe your phone either left or right.

They’re based in San Francisco, CA and they started up back in 2012 by Kelly McGrath and Luke Ahn. The app is only available for download within certain countries. I’m sure USA is one of them, but they don’t specify exactly which ones they accept so you’ll just have to try it out yourself to see if it’s available in your area.

How Does It Work?

Advertisements such as trending articles, flash deals, coupons, and latest new apps will be shown on your lockscreen.

You can choose to swipe left which will allow you to engage with whatever advertisement was shown, doing so will earn you a bunch of points. If you swipe right it will simply unlock your phone normally, you’ll still earn points but not as much.

The points can be redeemed for real cash via Paypal or various different gift cards once you’ve reached a minimum of $5 in earnings.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The short answer is don’t quit your day job, or even expect to make enough to pay for your phone bill. Those points aren’t worth a lot and most people say they don’t make more than about $5 to $10 per month.

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The Positives

  • Free to join
  • Swiping your phone is the easiest thing ever
  • Still get points even if you don’t engage with advertisements
  • Pays with Paypal which is basically cash

The Negatives

  • Fronto app is only available in certain countries like the USA
  • Very annoying to constantly be shown advertisements on your lockscreen
  • Very low income potential

Is Fronto App a Scam?

It appears that the Fronto app is not a scam, but honestly they look like a complete waste of time and it would really be annoying to be constantly shown all those ads on your smartphone, doing all this to earn points that aren’t worth much.

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That’s it for now with this Fronto Android app review, personally not a fan and I wouldn’t recommend people waste their time with them. If you got any opinions about them you’d like to share then write it down below!

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