Four Dollar Click Review – Get Paid $4 Per Click Or Scam?

earn $4 per click cash out at $4000

Today I’m reviewing another funky ass website that claims you can earn $4 a click and cash out at $4,000. Four Dollar Click is a website that comes with a lot of hype and unrealistic expectations, so are they for real?

Does Four Dollar Click really pay you or are they a scam? How much can you really earn? How do they pay? All this and more will be discovered in this Four Dollar Click review.

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Four Dollar Click Review

Name: Four Dollar Click
Type: Paid to click
Membership Price: Starts at $59.99

paid to click ads

Four Dollar Click is basically a PTC “paid-to-click” website, they pay you to click on advertisements to earn money. Most legit PTC sites pay somewhere around $0.005 to $0.01 per click, so I don’t know how Four Dollar Click manages to get you $4 per click but it smells very fishy so far. I’ll show you later on why it’s not very likely that you’ll be paid $4 per click.

How Four Dollar Click REALLY Works

You don’t need to pay anything to join, but later on you’ll discover that you can only withdraw your earnings if you pay for any one of the 9 available memberships which are pretty expensive.

The Bronze level cost $59.99 a month or $799 for lifetime access. There are  other levels like Silver and Gold which costs even more money but will give you higher percentage of referral earnings.

you will need to purchase a membership to withdraw

But I guess if you really can earn $4 a click then you should be able to make back these membership fees easily, right? Well that’s what they seem to want you to think. But later on I’ll explain why I don’t think it’s likely you’ll receive any payments at all and why you should stay away from Four Dollar Click.

Why Four Dollar Click Doesn’t Make Sense

The way PTC sites work is that advertisers pay them to get traffic for their ads/website. This revenue is then passed on down to people like you and me who gets paid to click those ads/website.

Right below the membership section there is an advertising section, you can see they charge advertisers 1,000 link ad hits for $10. So what that means is that advertisers are paying $0.01 per click, so where does Four Dollar Click get the other $3.99 to pay you?

Will You Cash Out At $4,000?

I cannot understand how you can earn $4 per click if they’re only charging advertisers $0.01 per click. This is a strong red flag that something is not right, I feel that there’s a strong probability that you won’t get paid the $4,000.

More Fishy Red Flags

There are a couple more things that just doesn’t seem quite right to me about Four Dollar Click.

First of all on the front page under “Site Stats” you can see how many members they have, currently it’s at 108,496 members. What’s weird is that I can see that only 2 members are online right now, I’m probably one of them.

So this is supposed to be a website where you can earn $4 per click, which sounds like an easy road to financial freedom. So then why are there only 2 people online when there’s 108,496 members? Where the heck are they?

The second thing is that they have a badge on their site that says they have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) but after searching for Four Dollar Click on the BBB website they didn’t even come up!

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Is Four Dollar Click a Scam?

Four Dollar Click says you can earn $4 per click but that’s unrealistic and I don’t see it happening as explained earlier. I think it’s highly unlikely you will get a cash out of $4,000 and I would advise you against spend any money on their memberships.

There’s no risk-free way to make money at Four Dollar Click since you have to pay for an expensive membership to withdraw, so overall I think it’s too risky to invest your money in something so unrealistic and full of red flags. 

Make Money Doing THIS Instead

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That’s all for this Four Dollar Click review. I’m curious to know what your opinion about them is, please leave me your thoughts and questions below this post.

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