FitPlay Review – App That Pays Cash Rewards Or Scam?

earn money using other apps

Hey there, today I’m reviewing another app that pays cash rewards…or so they say. FitPlay is available for free download at the Google Play Store, it’s an app that lets you earn cash rewards for downloading and using other free apps. 

Naturally many people will wonder if this is something you can quit your job over, and the answer is no. The cash rewards are less than what most 12 year olds would get for an allowance every month. 

Is FitPlay a scam or do they really pay? How much exactly can you earn? What payment methods do they offer? All this and more will be covered in this FitPlay review.

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FitPlay Review – Quick Overview

Name: FitPlay
Website: Google Play Store
Type: Apps that pay rewards
App Price: FREE to download

play games download apps for rewards

What Is FitPlay?

FitPlay is an app run by a company called AppLike GmbH, you can download the app and earn points (they call it “coins”) by downloading and using other apps, usually free apps with games you have to play for a minimum amount of time.

These points can be traded in for a variety of cash rewards including payment via Paypal and gift cards from merchants like Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, and more.

Quick Summary

The greatest thing about FitPlay is their low minimum payout of only $0.50 (or about 5,000 points), you can see your first cash out pretty quickly. I earned enough points to get my $0.50 cash out within minutes via Paypal. 

But the bad thing about FitPlay is that the more you use the apps the less they pay! They make it quick and easy for you to see your first cash out, but it’ll take a lot more time to earn your subsequent cash outs as the pay gets lower and lower. I’ll explain more about this later on.

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How FitPlay REALLY Works

Getting Started

Anyone can join FitPlay and download their app, but only if you have an Android smartphone, iPhone users are out of luck because this app is only available in the Google Play Store.

The app is free to download and all you need to do to join is to sign up with your email or Facebook/Google account.

After that they give you a sign up bonus of 4,444 points which counts towards the 5,000 point minimum $0.50 payout via Paypal. So it’s just a matter of earning 556 more points to reach your first cash out. Like I said, they make your FIRST cash out easy.

Once you’ve opened the app you’ll see a list of apps available for you to download on the “featured” section, on the bottom left side you will see information on how many points you can earn for using that app for a specified amount of time.

slotomania slot machine

Once you’ve chosen the app you want to use, just click “Play and Collect” to download the app onto your phone.  At first you may only see one app to download, but later on they will offer you a bigger selection. Most apps are those where you play games, so it’s a fun and easy way to earn points.

Play Games To Collect Coins

Once you’ve clicked “Play and Collect” the new app will install on your Android phone. Then you’ll need to open that app and then use it for the specified amount of time to earn those points. For example I downloaded “Slottomania Slots” and had to play it for one minute to earn 312 points.

After one minute you’ll see the points credited to your FitPlay account. Then you can either keep playing to earn more points or go play another game. You can check your “wallet” section which will show you how many points you’ve earned today from which app.

wallet how many coins you've earned
Check your FitPlay wallet to see points earned today

The More You Play, The Less You Earn!

Slotomania pays 312 points per minute but only at the beginning. If you do the math then 312 points is worth about $0.03, so that means you’re earning about $1.80 per hour. Unfortunately that’s only going to decrease as you use the app more and more.

earn coins per minute
The more you play, the less it pays!

Using Slottomania Slots as an example, when I first downloaded it and played it was paying me 312 points per minute. After only a couple of more minutes of playing, I slowly realized that I was getting paid less and less for my time!

When I checked again it said “Play 341 seconds to earn 399 coins.” If you do the math that’s only about 70 points per minute, much less than the 312 points per minute when I first started playing!

It’ll eventually get so low paying that you might as well uninstall the app and install other fresh ones where you’ll get the beginner’s pay rate. I guess they do this to encourage members to try a large variety of apps.

The problem is there aren’t that many apps available, and most of them pay less than 100 points per minute and only goes down from there.

Inviting New People To Join

invite friends to join

FitPlay has a pretty generous referral program you can earn from. They give you an affiliate link to share with your friends by email, Facebook/Google, or messenger.

Those who join under your affiliate link becomes your referral and you and them both get 250 bonus points. You’ll also earn 25% of whatever your referrals earn, and they’ll earn 25% of whatever you earn, so it’s a win-win for both parties.

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How To Turn Coins Into Cash?

Once you’ve earned about 5,000 points you can request a $0.50 cash out via Paypal or gift cards from merchants like Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, and more.

If you selected Paypal then they will first deposit $0.01 into your account to verify it, then your full amount will be deposited within about 5 days. Personally it only took one day to receive my cash out which is pretty cool.

Here’s my Paypal screenshot payment proof:

paypal proof of payment
They pay in Euros, so this is the equal to $0.50 USD

Who Is FitPlay Ideal For?

FitPlay is ideal for people who like to play games online and wouldn’t mind earning a few bucks while at it…special emphasis on “few bucks.” You won’t be able to make anymore than chump change on this app, so joining in hopes of earning lots of money will lead to disappointment.

FitPlay is also ideal for people who just wants to make quick money because it’s going to be pretty easy to earn your first $0.50. Maybe you don’t believe that making real money online is possible, or you want to prove to someone that it is, you can use FitPlay to manifest some real cash earnings online very quickly.

FitPlay is not ideal for a consistent source of income because as I’ve said your earnings will not only be very low but also decrease the more you use the app.

Things You’ll Love About FitPlay

  • The app is free to download and available worldwide
  • They give you a free 4,444 points just for signing up
  • You can earn money playing games
  • Pays with Paypal and gift cards
  • Make your first $0.50 cash out very fast and easily

Things You’ll Hate About FitPlay

  • Only available for Android phones and devices
  • They don’t offer that many apps to download
  • Just a small extra income, you shouldn’t expect to make more than $10 a month
  • The more you use an app the less it pays

Is FitPlay a Scam?

Since I’ve already gotten paid by FitPlay I can undoubtedly say that they’re 100% legit. They certainly make getting your first $0.50 payout super easy, and I like that they offer convenient payment options like Paypal and gift cards.

But unfortunately the app’s pay rates decrease over time which means you’ll be making less and less, which means FitPlay is only a micro income opportunity.

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That’s all I got for this FitPlay review, as always I am interested to hear about your thoughts on them as well. Leave all your comments and questions below down in the box!

8 thoughts on “FitPlay Review – App That Pays Cash Rewards Or Scam?

  1. Gomer says:

    As you said, you can’t expect to make $10 per month with Fitplay. Now, let’s say you have earned $9, how long do you think one should spend using the app to make that $9? Does it worth it to play and use the app for the whole day, and for 30 days, and just get $9? To me, that’s unacceptable. That’s unless if one really loves using the app and does not bother spending long hours just to get paid that small amount of money.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      That’s exactly right, the whole idea is that they give you a small cash incentive to use their app and try their games, the main point on FitPlay isn’t to make lots of money. One shouldn’t join in hopes of grinding out an income to replace your part time job or anything like that. If you love to play their games then the cash is just icing on the cake. 

  2. Selenity Jade says:

    Did you know the same company that does Fitplay does Applike and a few other ‘pay-to-play’ games? I was having fun earning spare change on Applike for playing Fishdom. I only use apps like these if I was already planning on playing the game for fun because you are right, it’s only good for beer money or an occasional iced mocha at your coffee shop! Thanks for the review, as now I know the same company I’ve tried before does a few more apps.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Sounds like you have the correct mindset for these sorts of apps. Some of the people I’ve seen on forums like reddit actually try to do this sort of thing for a full time income, lol, needless to say it didn’t work out so well for them. Spare change is all you’re gonna get with this kind of stuff. 

  3. Dany says:

    Interesting app. It seems that you are penalized for using it too much, really intrigued. As you mentioned, the income it’s not huge, but it’s passive. I think it might worth a try of the websites suggested by you.

    Is this app appropriate for kids to play? It could be fun and at the same time to learn how to make money.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      I wouldn’t say they penalize you for using it too much, more like drawing you in with higher initial pay. But for sure it’s appropriate for kids, the games are kind of fun and I like that this app has a lot of sounds and colors. Maybe adults can download this app and have their kids play on it, you know, saving up for their future college tuition.

  4. Samson Oklobia says:

    I was super exited when i saw the title of the article but reading on, i felt disappointed at how much can be made over tie with the FitPlay App. I have gone ahead and downloaded it and am currently trying to gather as much coins but the worth of the coins can be discouraging and i hope its value be increased in the nearest future. For now, its a great way to kill time on the train when you are bored. Thanks for the review Kent.

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Samson, yeah as you said it’s a great way to kill time on the train, the bus, the waiting line, etc. and not much more than that. Thanks for sharing your experience with them.

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