Fast Cash Club Review – Scam Or Really Earn $2000 Per Day?

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Recently I discovered this website called Fast Cash Club and decided to research them to see if I should warning people about them or not.

Apparently they say that you can earn $2,000 per day, now if this doesn’t sound too good to be true then I don’t know what does. I’m sure you’re wondering if Fast Cash Club a scam or a legit golden opportunity and your ticket to early retirement?

In this Fast Cash Club review I’ll go over everything you need to know about them so you can make your own informed decision as to whether they’re worth the time and money.

Let’s get started!

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Fast Cash Club Review

Name: Fast Cash Club
Type: eCommerce
Membership Price: $37 + upsells

make money online program ecommerce stores

What Is Fast Cash Club?

Fast Cash Club is a secret profit system that teaches you how to build an eCommerce business and make money with Shopify stores. You’ll be given step-by-step training on how to set it all up.

By the end of the training you’ll have learned how to build a Shopify store, find products to sell, get customers, and other things you might need to know to run it.

The Flash & Hype

This system is currently sold on Clickbank which is typically full of get-rich-quick programs that gives you all kinds of unrealistic earning expectations, Fast Cash Club appears to be one of those types. 

When you look at their website you’ll see a sales video where the narrator sells you on the Fast Cash Club system and how it can help you make over $2000 per day, and how 117 people has used this program to make their dreams come true. There’s even a lady in the video giving a testimonial about how she earned $10,000 in just five days!

make over $2000 per day system

In the video they’ll also say how this system is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. They even go on to denounce all those gurus who are filling the internet with scammy videos and systems that promise you riches but never delivering on their promise. 

But Fast Cash Club works exactly like those systems! They give you lots of unrealistic earning expectations like making $2000 a day really quickly, and make it sound like this system does most the hard work for you. Sounds like they’re calling out those evil gurus for doing the exact same thing they’re doing!

Now I’m not saying that their system is useless or doesn’t work, but don’t get it in your head that you can just purchase some magical make money system that will bring in the cash for you without putting in a lot of work and effort first.

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How Does Fast Cash Club Work?

After watching their flashy sales video you can enter your full name and email into the sign up box, then you’ll be taken to a page where you can pay the $37 Fast Cash Club membership fee.

The fee for getting in is just the beginning, there will be tons of upsells after that where they push you to buy products that altogether adds up to hundreds of dollars!

So like I said there will be training material that teaches you on how to build an eCommerce business. This means having a website where you list products to sell, these products come from third party wholesalers who also ship the items for you to your customers.

This business model is also known as drop shipping and is a very popular way to earn money online due to not having to deal with purchasing and storing inventory yourself. 

All you have to do once you’ve made a sale is hand over your customer’s info to your wholesale supplier who will then ship the item to your customer shipping address. You never even have to touch the product yourself, you are just the middle man.

This might sound like a cheap way to get a business started, but there are down sides as well. A big problem with an eCommerce store is that to get traffic to your site you’ll have to rely on paid advertisements, this can add up to a net loss if you’re not making enough sales to cover your advertising fees. But if you do it right then it can become extremely profitable.

Fast Cash Club Problems

Giving You False Hope

It’s not that making $2000 per day is impossible, some people DO make that kind of money, but you’re not going to get there in 30 days working half an hour a day. Any real business takes a lot of time and effort to build up, it’s not going to get any easier and there are no short cuts.

Fast Cash Club’s sales video constantly sells you on this idea that you can make $2000 per day in 30 days and it’s a very unrealistic income expectation, for the vast majority of people they won’t get anywhere near that level of income.

Using Scarcity Sales Tactic

Scarcity sales tactic is where the seller of a product say things to create a sense of urgency, you’ll think that if you don’t grab the product now then you’ll miss out on a genuine opportunity and be kicking yourself later.

only accepting another 20 new members
scarcity sales tactic

In Fast Cash Club’s case it’s telling you that there’s only room for 20 more new members starting today, this is because they don’t want the system to draw too much attention. But it’s just a cover for the fact that they just want to rush you into buying, these so called “secret profit systems” are all over the internet and it’s nothing new or special. 

Using Fake Testimonials

This is probably one of the biggest red flag about Fast Cash Club, if you look at their sales video you’ll see a bunch of people giving testimonials about their success, these are supposedly members of Fast Cash Club.

Take a look at this guy for example, he’s supposed to be a top earning member who uses Fast Cash Club everyday:

sales video

I was able to find the same guy on Fiverr who posted a gig where he says he’ll record a full spokesperson video for you in full HD.

So it appears that Fast Cash Club just hired an actor to act like a member giving a fake success testimonial!

I can prove this, look at the screen shot below and you’ll see that it’s the same guy from the Fast Cash Club sales video.

fake testimonials actor fiverr

You gotta be asking yourself if Fast Cash Club is such an effective make money online system then why do they need to lie?

Any program that uses fake testimonials have lost my trust completely, if they can’t be honest enough to put up real testimonials then how can you trust them on anything else?

The Pros

  • Drop shipping is very much a legit way to earn income online, but don’t expect overnight success
  • They do supply good training
  • There is a 60 day refund policy if you’re not satisfied

The Cons

  • Don’t expect to make $2000 a day right off the bat
  • There are too many expensive upsells
  • This method relies mostly on paid advertisement to drive traffic which is risky due to possibly losing money
  • Fast Cash Club uses actors in fake testimonials which is a major major red flag

Is Fast Cash Club a Scam?

I wouldn’t call Fast Cash Club a scam but they’re certainly not something that I would endorse.

They do give you some helpful training material to help you set up your eCommerce site and drive traffic to it, and this is a legit business model that does work. I also like how there is a 60 day refund window for the program on Clickbank.

But the problem with Fast Cash Club is that they drum up a lot of unrealistic earning expectations. While it’s possible to make $2000 a day with an eCommerce business, it’s certainly not something a newbie can do in 30 days.

Also the fake testimonial thing just leaves a really bad taste in my mouth and there’s no way I would support any program that have to resort to such deceptive practices.

Better Ways To Make Money Online

If you’re looking to start an online business I recommend you look into Affiliate Marketing instead. With affiliate marketing you don’t need to sell anything to make money, you can earn simply by recommending other people’s products and services, and it’s free to start.

If this sounds interesting I highly recommend you to check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation which is a top rated training platform that teaches people on how to build a affiliate marketing website business.

Creating a part time or even full time income stream with affiliate marketing is definitely possible, but once again don’t expect overnight success. My top recommendation is for people who are ready to put in the hard work!

If you want to make money right now then fortunately you can see my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites which are sites that pay you a small income for doing simple online tasks like answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, reading emails, and much more.

These “get-paid-to” sites won’t make you rich, but they’re a fun way to create extra income every month while you are in the process of building and growing your online business. 

That’s all I got for this Fast Cash Club review, as always if you have any questions or have your own experiences to share then leave me the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Fast Cash Club Review – Scam Or Really Earn $2000 Per Day?

  1. Joseph Stasaitis says:

    Anytime I hear from a site’s promo you can earn a few grand a day it immedicately puts up red flags for me.  Mostly these earnings are unrealistic and not attainable by the average person  and lots of times not even attainable by an experienced marketer.

    The drop shipping model is prevalent with many programs.  It is nothing special.  Also I agree to bring traffic to your Shopify store requires a significant investment in advertising.

    Also their scarcity sales tactic is a turn off for myself and many others as it is just a ploy to make an immediate decision.  When I hear something like that I take the banker’s attitude of if you want a decision now the answer is no.  Add all this to the fake testimonials and you have a program to definitely stay away from.

    Good job in outlining all of this which will help many to save time and money from getting involved in this program.  Much appreciated.  Whether it is a scam or not is not the point.  It is a program to avoid.

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