Is eMiles a Scam? Survey Site That Pays REAL Rewards…Right!

Earn airline and hotel points for trying free products

It appears that nowadays everybody and their dog has an opinion. Unfortunately most of the time it’s annoying and we don’t want to hear it. Well maybe you do, in that case I’m just speaking for myself.

But if you’re the type of person that enjoys sharing your opinions and want to get paid for it, you can join a site like eMiles which is a site that rewards you for taking their surveys, watching ads, doing offers, and more. But don’t quit your day job just yet and I’ll explain why later on.

Is eMiles a scam survey site? If not how much can you earn? How do they pay you? Let’s find out!

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eMiles Review

Name: eMiles
Type: Online surveys, marketing offers, cashback
Membership Price: FREE

earn money sharing opinions taking surveys

What Is eMiles?

eMiles found at is a website where members can earn points in exchange for airline miles, services at hotels, restaurants, and lots more. To earn these points you just have to spend some time in participating in market research studies via taking surveys, watching ads, and doing marketing offers.

They currently have a F rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website which is kind of a red flag, but it doesn’t automatically make them a scam just yet because the ratings on BBB aren’t always reliable.

Getting Started

Signing up is extremely fast and easy. eMiles is 100% free to join, but they don’t accept applicants all the time so you’ll have to try registering to see if they let you do it.

To get started you’ll just need to provide them with your email, then go check your email and click the verification link.

Next you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll need to fill out a very brief demographic survey and enter your name, gender, date of birth, and zip code. This little survey help them find appropriate surveys for you, and you’ll earn 100 points when you’re done!

From there you can go to your main user dashboard where you’ll see several ways to earn more points.

How To Earn Points At eMiles

eMiles is also known as a “get-paid-to” site, if you’re familiar with Swagbucks it’s a similar sort of thing. They provide you with multiple ways to earn points such as:

  • Taking Surveys
  • Watching Advertisement Videos
  • Completing Marketing Offers (paid to sign up for products or services)
  • Shopping Online
  • Plus more..

If this sounds good to you I recommend you see my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites where you can earn for the same sorts of activities. These are sites I use myself and have been paid by them multiple times, so I know they’re legit.

How Much Are Points Worth?

I’m sure by now you must be wondering what the heck can you do with these points? Well you can trade them in for airline miles, services at hotels, restaurants such as Starbucks, Amazon, and more.

How much points are worth depends on how you redeem them. For example let’s say you redeem 500 points for 500 AAdvantage Miles, and each AAdvantage Mile is worth $0.014 so that means 1 point is worth about $0.014.

How Much Can You Expect To Earn?

The short answer is that it depends. It depends on how many hours you spend doing those surveys and other tasks. However, I can give you a rough idea of how much you can expect to earn for each task down below:

  • Taking Surveys – Typically pays 25 to 150 points (equivalent to $0.35 to $2) and takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete if you qualify. If you didn’t qualify you’ll still earn 1 point for trying.
  • Completing Offers – Paid to sign up for websites, product trials, and other services. You can earn $0.25 to $10+ per offer completed, however some offers you need to provide credit card details or even make a purchase.
  • Shopping – Earn cashback for shopping at various online retailers through eMiles links
  • Watching Ads – The easiest way to earn but unfortunately very low paying. For every couple of minutes of advertisment videos you watch you’ll earn about 1/2 a penny.

So the bottom line is that these tasks won’t earn you enough to replace your day job, but they’re fun to do and you can earn maybe $10 to $20 a month doing them. If you’re okay with this then you should also see my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites where you can get paid to do similar tasks.

Exchanging Points For Rewards

Once you’ve accrued enough points you can trade them in for real rewards. You can get air miles from airlines such as American Airlines, United, Alaska, Southwest,  use points for hotels, restaurants like Starbucks, and even at online retailers like

If you’re redeeming points for air miles the minimum redemption is 500 points which will give you 500 air miles.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear you can trade in points for cash. If you want cash you may want to check out These Sites That Pay Cash Via PayPal instead.

What’s Good?

  • Free to join
  • 100 bonus points for signing up
  • Quick and easy sign up procedure

What’s Bad?

  • Surveys are hard to qualify for
  • Most tasks are very low paying
  • Can’t get cash for points
  • Not for making any substantial income

Is eMiles a Scam?

eMiles is not a scam, they’re a legit site that pays you for taking online surveys and other market research activities. The problem with eMiles and other similar sites out there is that you’re earning peanuts for your time, don’t expect to earn any more than nickles and dimes doing this.

This site is ideal for people who travel a lot because most of the redemption rewards are for airline miles and hotels. If you’re looking to earn points that can be turned to cash then see my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites instead.

But regardless of what site you join these types of things like surveys and offers will only earn you $25 to $50 a month, maybe a little bit more if you join multiple sites.

If you’re looking to make a serious part time or full time income then see my Top Work At Home Recommendation where I’ll show you the same training platform that’s taught me how to build a 4-figure monthly income by building niche websites.

My top recommendation does work! But don’t join unless you’re prepared to put in a lot of work and effort. Fortunately it is newbie friendly and you can start today for free.

Thanks for checking out my eMiles review, if you have any comments or questions then leave them all down below.

2 thoughts on “Is eMiles a Scam? Survey Site That Pays REAL Rewards…Right!

  1. Sherry says:

    I’m not sure if they’re worth it with no cash payments… Recently I have been trying a lot of little side hustles. Ones that wouldn’t replace a day job but brings in a little extra cash every month. Most aren’t scams but most just aren’t worth your time, eFort or your phones memory/data usage. One survey app I really like is Isay. Easier to qualify for surveys, at least a survey a day and pays out in either gift cards like visa or amazon or cash via paypal. I make at least $50 a month 🙂 Check it out! I look forward to checking the link to your used side hustles!

    • Author - Kent Leung says:

      Hey Sherry, thanks for weighing in and sharing your side hustles. I have a 2gig data plan on my phone and these sites don’t take up too much of my data or memory, so it’s all good. As for the income potential yeah $50 a month is about all you can really expect. You can earn a bit more by maybe joining a few more sites?

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