eBesucher Review – Earn Money Visiting Websites Or Scam?

earn money with traffic exchange emails and clicks

Imagine if you can make money while sleeping or doing basically nothing, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Well, you actually can. eBesucher is a site that lets you earn money by visiting websites, you can “auto surf” which means just open a website and have it refresh itself automatically every few seconds, you earn money every time it refreshes.

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this is way too good to be true, so is eBesucher a scam? How much can you earn? If they’re legit then how do they pay you? All this and more will be answered in this eBesucher review.


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eBesucher Review

Name: eBesucher
Website: eBesucher.com
Type: Earn money visiting websites
Membership Price: FREE to join

earn cash visiting websites

eBesucher.com is a website that started up back in 2002, they’re basically a traffic exchange platform. Advertisers pay money to get their websites viewed, and people who view those advertisers’ websites can earn money.

But the thing is, you don’t even need to actually view those websites, you can just auto surf while you go do other things. While this is obviously easy money, the down side is that it’s RIDICULOUSLY low paying. Expect to make only about $2 a month.

If you’d like to make more then consider checking out Swagbucks where some members have reported to make about $50+ a month. You can earn by taking surveys, doing offers, watching advertisements, searching the web, and more.

How eBesucher ACTUALLY Works

How To Sign Up To eBesucher?

Anyone can join eBesucher, you just have to be at least 16 years old. To sign up all you have to do is fill out a form with your username and email, then just go to your inbox and confirm your email.

From there you’ll need to select what your interests are (sport, media, fun, computers, money, etc) and these will be used to determine what sites to show you. Now you are ready to start earning money.

Ways To Earn Money At eBesucher

You can earn money at eBesucher by surfing websites, reading emails, and referring others. eBesucher operates on a point system, when you do tasks you’ll earn points (BTP for websurfing, and MTP for reading emails,) these points can be turned into real cash later on. So here are the details on how to earn:

Surfing Websites – In your member’s area dashboard just click on “Discover Websites” and then click “Surf Now” and it will open up a new tab. It will begin surfing websites on it’s own, the page will refresh and a new website will be shown to you every 15 seconds. Each website you view earns you around 0.2 to 0.5 BTP points.

Reading Emails – Open mails either in your eBesucher inbox or in your email and you can earn 0.4 to 4 MTP points. You’ll get mail in your inbox from time to time, so just check back periodically.

Referring Others – eBesucher has a 2-tier referral program. Take your referral link and promote it to your friends/family and you can earn 8% of your referrals earnings, and 5% of your referrals’ referrals earnings. 

How Much Are Points Worth?

By now you’re probably wondering what the heck are BTP and MTP points and what are they worth? When you surf websites you earn BTP points, when you read emails you earn MTP points. They have different values, so here is what the points are worth:

  • 100,000 BTP points = 2.1 Euros ($2.30 USD)
  • 100,000 MTP points = 84.01 Euros ($97 USD)

Your Earning Potential

If you do the math, you’ll realize that surfing websites earn you basically next to nothing. You get about 0.5 BTP points for viewing a website for 15 seconds, so if you do the math that equals 120 BTP points per hour. Assuming you leave your auto surf tab open 24 hours a day, you’ll earn 2880 BTP points  daily – that’s only about 0.06 Euros ($0.07 USD)!!!

If you want to earn a part time or full time income online then see my FREE GUIDE HERE instead where I’ll show you how to build a successful blogging business. If that sounds like too much work then check out my favorite extra income site Swagbucks where you can earn $25-$50 a month taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more.

How Do You Get Paid?

eBesucher payment options are either Paypal or bank transfer, you can request payment once you’ve earned at least 2 Euros.

eBesucher Problems

Can’t Surf In Multiple Tabs

It’ll be great if they allow you to open up unlimited tabs, but they don’t. If they did then you could just open up 25, 50, 100 tabs or whatever and that $0.07 USD per day could turn into $7 USD a day which isn’t bad for extra income. But that’s not going to happen because they limit you to only ONE tab.

Confusing Points System

I’m really not a fan of eBesucher’s point system. First of all the BTP and MTP points are worth differently which makes it very confusing. Another thing is the number of points is so big but yet they’re worth so little. 100,000 BTP points only to get a measly 2 Euros or $2.3 USD? They make the number of points so big to create this illusion you’re getting a lot when in fact it’s the opposite.

Insignificant Income

Think about it, surfing websites 24/7 to earn $0.07 USD daily, by the end of the month you’ll only have earned a measly $2 USD. Yes you can auto surf so at least it’s easy money, but leaving your computer on 24/7 is probably not good for it, also it could get annoying having to keep a tab opened for the auto surf all the time.

Overall there are better extra income sites to join where you can earn a bit more by taking surveys, downloading apps, playing games, doing offers, and more. Or you can learn to build your own online business and earn a full time income.

Is eBesucher Worth Joining?

From my research and personal experience of using eBesucher, I don’t think they’re worth joining whatsoever. While the whole idea of earning money while you sleep sounds nice, you’re looking at making $2 a month and this is just not worth the trouble of keeping your computer on auto surfing 24/7. No, you don’t HAVE to keep it on 24/7, but then you’ll make even less than $2 a month!

If you want to make extra income online there are better sites I recommend such as Swagbucks. They have more ways to earn and some tasks are much higher paying. But still, don’t expect to make more than $25-$50 a month doing this.

There IS another way to earn money online while you sleep, AND you can make a full time income doing it. But it’s not surfing websites, taking surveys, or any of that stuff. You’ll have to build an online affiliate marketing business, this is 100% legit but it takes tons of hard work and at least 6-12 months to see results. But making 4-5 figures a month IS possible, and this is in my opinion the BEST way to earn money online.

That’s it for this eBesucher review, do you think earning $0.07 USD a day by auto surfing is worth it? Tell me what you think below!

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