Earn Easy Commissions Review – Scam Or Really $0 to $10,000?

go from $0 to $10,000

Today I found another product that claims to help you make lots of money online quickly and easily. This time it’s called Earn Easy Commissions and apparently their members are going from $0 to $10,000, so you’re probably wondering if Earn Easy Commissions is a scam or are they your answer to financial worries?

In this Earn Easy Commissions review I’ll go over exactly what their so-called “money system” is and why earning massive commissions on auto-pilot is not as easy as they make it sound.

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Earn Easy Commissions Review

Name: Earn Easy Commissions
Website: earneasycommissions.com
Type: Affiliate marketing
Membership Price: Free account, but requires 2 services that cost $27 a month combined
Recommended? No

earn easy affiliate commissions

What Is Earn Easy Commissions?

Earn Easy Commissions is advertised as a done-for-you system that allows you you earn commissions on auto-pilot. Apparently the system is FREE but later on I’ll tell you why it’s not actually free and you DO have to invest money to make this work.

Basically this system uses a business model called Affiliate Marketing and the strategy is to promote your affiliate links so people can sign up under you which earns you a commission.

Although affiliate marketing is a 100% legit way to earn money online it is far from easy and far from being an auto-pilot money making system as they would like you to believe.

Their Flashy Sales Page

When you land on Earn Easy Commission’s sales page you’ll see a video presentation where Chuck explains that the old “make money online” industry was all about teaching people on how to build websites, build email lists, and a 6-figure online business.

According to Chuck there is a smarter and better way to do things, which is for him to GIVE you his done-for-you website, done-for-you email list, and done-for-you 6-figure online business.

Can you see the trend here? Everything is done-for-you!

done for you make money system

I’ve reviewed dozens of similar done-for-you money making systems before and they all have high amounts of hype. Check out another similar system called Inbox Income and you’ll see what I mean. They all have these few things in common:

  • Earn lots of easy money on auto-pilot
  • Provides a done-for-you system
  • Requires very little effort to set up
  • Your answer to financial freedom

Just think about all these points for a second and ask yourself, is this realistic? If all this is true then why isn’t everybody already doing this? Could you really be one of the few lucky people to stumble upon this amazing system, or is this system just full of hype?

Let me tell you, I’ve been an affiliate marketer for almost 3 years now and I can tell you that there are no shortcuts to making money online, it ALWAYS involves a lot of hard work and effort. There are no “done-for-you systems” out there that takes you to paradise, so don’t buy into the hype!

How Does Earn Easy Commissions REALLY Work?

The way Earn Easy Commissions works is that they give you a done-for-you capture page with an affiliate link, your only job is to share and promote that affiliate link. When people click the link they will be taken to your capture page which is basically just an email form with a message to encourage people to join.

The email form will be connected to an Autoresponder which you will need to buy for $15 a month, this will allow you to collect people’s emails and automatically send them 1 to 2 emails per day. These emails will promote Earn Easy Commissions and will contain your affiliate links in them.

If someone were to sign up for Earn Easy Commissions and set up the system through your affiliate link then you will earn a $2 commission. You’ll earn $20 commissions if they upgrade to premium and $10 commissions for 2nd tier premium upgrade.

The premium membership basically allows you to earn more commissions via 10 different services that Earn Easy Commissions recommends inside their platform.

FREE? I Don’t Think So!

In the sales page they advertise a FREE account, which is true… your account is free. But don’t think that you can start making all these big commissions without risking a dime.

You do have to invest in an Autoresponder (Getresponse – $15 per month) and a link tracking service (Click Magick – $144 per year.) If you don’t buy these things they won’t give you your affiliate link, and without your affiliate link there’s no way to earn those commissions!

Training On How To Get Traffic

So far everything sounds pretty simple – you promote your affiliate link and you’ll earn commissions when people sign up for Earn Easy Commissions through your link.

But the toughest part about all this is getting traffic to your capture page in the first place. How are you going to promote your affiliate link? People aren’t just going to show up out of nowhere now are they?

Well the good news is that Earn Easy Commissions provides you with free training on how to get that traffic to promote your links to. There are 3 different ways they teach you:

  1. Using Facebook Marketing (free)
  2. Forum Traffic (free)
  3. Using Solo Ads (paid)

In my opinion none of these traffic options are that great. With Facebook obviously they’re good because they’re free, but unfortunately unless you’ve got a huge number of followers you won’t reach very many people. Forums are also free but again you won’t reach very many people, and you’ll have to post a lot which can come across as spammy.

Solo ads are basically email ads where you pay to promote your offer through someone’s email list. This is VERY risky because you can easily lose a bunch of money if you don’t earn enough to cover your advertising costs.

The best way to get FREE traffic is by Starting a Blogging Business where your blog’s content attracts visitors who are looking for specific keywords in search engines like Google. This is the same strategy I use on this blog to earn $1,000+ a month!

Is Earn Easy Commissions a Scam?

No, Earn Easy Commissions isn’t a scam. They do provide you with a legit money making system and free training on how to promote your affiliate links. However, this isn’t a free system because you do need to invest in an Autoresponder and a Link tracking service before they let you earn.

Getting the traffic to your affiliate links is going to be the hardest part, but the traffic methods provided in the training aren’t very effective in my opinion, so earning those commissions is going to be anything but easy.

I’m sure there are a small number of people earning good money using the Earn Easy Commissions system. To make good money with this system you’re going to have to figure out how to get traffic… and TONS of it.

Start a Blogging Business Instead

Affiliate marketing is definitely an effective strategy to make money online, but you have to know how to do it properly.

I’m not a fan of joining a system like Earn Easy Commissions because you’re restricted to only promoting that product alone, what if the owner decides to shut own his website one day? Then you’re out of business overnight, just like that!

I recommend that you Start a Blogging Business which is currently what I do to make a full time income online. With a blog you can promote whatever product you want, it’s your blog and you have full control of it. Also it’s a great way to drive FREE traffic to your offers without risking a dime.

If you want to learn how to do this check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation where I’ll give you step-by-step training on how to start your blog today for free. I’ll also show you the training platform that taught me how to build this very blog you’re on right now which earns me a consistent online income every month.

So that’s it for this Earn Easy Commissions review, if you have any comments or questions let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Earn Easy Commissions Review – Scam Or Really $0 to $10,000?

  1. Adyns68 says:

    I think earn an easy commission is not that easy, lol.

    You need to be ready to invest heavily in the tools and the ads. Do they provide the autoresponder? or do you have to subscribe to one on your own, because they can get pretty pricey too.

    I think it is a well-thought funnel but it requires some experience in the online business to be able to take advantage of everything it has to offer.


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