Does DoorDash Pay Drivers Or Are They a Scam? My Review

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If you’re tired of working for your boss or your job you may be looking for ways to make money on your own terms, luckily there are plenty of opportunities nowadays such as DoorDash. They are a food delivery company where you can join and make money delivery food and other items to customers.

This is a relatively new company so you may be asking if DoorDash really pay their drivers or are they a scam? Also how much can you make hourly? What are the benefits and cons? I’ll answer these and more in this DoorDash review.


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DoorDash Review

Name: DoorDash
Type: Paid to deliver food
Membership Price: No cost to join

make money delivering food to customers

DoorDash is a food delivery company based in San Franciso, California that started up back in 2013 by a couple of Stanford University students. Today they operate in thousands of cities across the USA and Canada.

In this review I’m going to focus on the making money aspect as a food delivery driver, or aka a “Dasher.” You basically pick up food from various restaurants around the city and bring it to the customer. Anyone can sign up to be a Dasher, you just need to be at least 18 years old and have access to a car, scooter, motorcycle, or bicycle. In some areas you could even just walk to deliver the food.

How DoorDash REALLY Works

How To Become a “Dasher”

Signing up as a Dasher is very easy and takes only a couple of minutes. Just sign up here and fill in your email, phone, and zip code. Then from there just go through the application process as prompted.

1. Background Check

At some point you’ll be asked for your social insurance number and a photocopy of two pieces of ID which will be needed to do a background check on you, they just want to make sure you’re not an ex serial killer.

2. Attend Orientation

In some cities you’ll also need to attend an online or live 60 minute orientation where they go over how everything works with you. You’ll be asked to download their Dasher app which is what you’ll use to receive orders, addresses of restaurants and customers, and other info about your account.

Once your background check clears and you’ve attended the orientation you’ll be ready to start “dashing.”

Make Money Delivering Food, aka “Dashing”

You can work whenever you want, but the ideal time is during busy lunch hours like 11am-2pm and in the evening hours around 5pm-9pm. If you want to receive lots of orders then this is the best time to work.

In the Dasher app you’ll see the “hotspots” which are areas in your city where most orders will come in. If you want lots of orders then those are the places you’ll want to be physically be in.

1. Getting Ready To Work

All you have to do is open your Dasher app and see what delivery jobs are available in your area. When a job appears in your area the Dasher app will give you a popup notification, it will tell you the customer’s name and address, what food was ordered, from which restaurant to pick up, the distance, and how much you’ll be paid for it. Then it’s up to you to accept the job or not.

2. Picking Up The Food

If you accepted the job then it’s time to go to the restaurant to pick up the food. You’ll be given a red card by DoorDash from either at the orientation or by mail, this red card is like a company debit card used to purchase the food at the restaurants.

So just go up to the restaurant and say “Hi, I have a DoorDash order for John.” They’ll give you the food, you pay for it with the red card, and then you go deliver it to the customer.

3. Delivering Food To Customer

Since the food has already been paid for, all you need to do is hand over the food to the customer. Afterwards the customer can rate their experience with you from 1 to 5.

4. Rating System

This rating is crucial and whether you can continue working for DoorDash depends on keeping a certain minimum level. Like where I live for example if you go below 4.3 out of 5 then your account gets deactivated and you can no longer work anymore.

Video Summary of How Dashing Works:

How Much Can You Make?

Typically for a delivery job you’ll be paid around $5 plus 100% of tips. But the pay depends on many factors like the distance, the size of the order, etc.

DoorDash says you can make up to $25+ per hour, but if you look online at places like Reddit most Dasher report making only around $10 per hour which is before taxes and any other additional expenses you may have such as gas money used to make those deliveries. 

There ARE many people who are able to do this full time for a living, some people have reported to make around $3,000 a month, but this depends on how busy your area is and how many hours you’re willing to work.

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How Do You Get Paid?

There’s only one way to get paid and it’s with direct deposit. DoorDash pays you for your previous week’s earnings every Monday, but the payment takes 2-3 days to process so you’ll get your money around Wednesday.

If you’re in the USA there is also a feature called FastPay where you can get your earnings daily, although there is a small fee of $1.99 to use this feature. To qualify for FastPay you’ll have to have made at least 25 deliveries and have been a Dasher for at least 2 weeks.

DoorDash Advantages

Work Whenever You Want

As a delivery driver of DoorDash you’re not their employee, you’re an independent contractor. Basically you’re your own boss and you get to work whenever the hell you please. Want to work 12 hours everyday this week? No problem, just show up and work. Want to take a 1 week vacation for a camping trip? No problem, vacation request approved immediately! That’s the best part about working for yourself, you answer only to yourself and nobody else.

Earn Bonuses For Referring Friends

You can earn a $300 bonus for every friend you invited to join as a Dasher who have made their first 50 deliveries within their first 30 days. This could potentially be a side hustle if you know a lot of friends who may be interested in this type of work. 

Get Paid Weekly Or Daily

Unlike a regular which traditionally pays every 2 weeks, with DoorDash you can get paid your earnings every week or even everyday.

DoorDash Problems

Dealing With Angry Customers

As a food delivery person there are many things that can make the customer angry which you have very little control over. For example if the restaurant messes up an order and one of the food item is missing, the customer might get angry at you and leave you a bad rating.

Or maybe due to traffic issues or not being to find parking spaces you may end up delivering late, not really your fault but it will be on you. It’s useful to develop a thick skin and not take it personally when customers get angry and yell at you.

If you don’t want to deal with angry customers then maybe you’ll be more comfortable with the idea of building your own online business where you can make $1000’s a month by writing on your own blog/website all from the comfort of your own home. 

Income Depends On Location

How much you can earn depends on how busy your city is. If you live in a big city with lots of people and restaurants like New York for example, you may be able to earn a full time income. But for quiet suburbs you’ll be lucky to make a part time supplement income.

Gas/Car Expenses

DoorDash does not reimburse you for gas money, it comes out of your own pocket. Also using your car often to make food deliveries may put a lot of additional strain on the car, so any car maintenance or repairs comes out of your own pocket as well.

Is DoorDash a Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

There’s no question that DoorDash is a legit job opportunity, if you make food deliveries then you will earn money and get paid. You can find many Dashers on forums like Reddit and Youtube who have been paid and enjoy working for DoorDash. The best part is being able to work whenever you want, but unfortunately most people average just $10 an hour before taxes, this could be below minimum wage where you live.

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I hope this DoorDash review was a good read for you, if you have your own experience or any comments/questions about them don’t be afraid to write them all down below!

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