Digital Experts Academy Review – Another Scam? MUST Read!

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So I’m guessing you’ve found something called Digital Experts Academy because you’re looking to earn an income online, but you’re not sure if they’re legitimate or not. Maybe now you’re thinking, “Is Digital Experts Academy a scam or what?”

It’s normal to automatically question any make-money-online products, because scams are very rampant in this industry and so it’s definitely wise to research the heck out of a product before you buy.

From personal experience I can tell you that making money online IS possible, and there really are products out there that can help you make that money. But to find the few legit opportunities out there you’d first have to sort through a bunch of scams and other low quality products, and that’s what I’m going to do for you in this Digital Experts Academy review. 

I’m going to show you exactly how it works and what you’re paying for, then ultimately it’s up to you to make your educated decision on whether to go with it or not. So without further ado let’s dive right into it…


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Digital Experts Academy Intro – Who Are They?

Name: Digital Experts Academy
Price: 4-5 figures
Owners: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
My Rating: 2.7/5

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Digital Experts Academy is a site created by owners Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek to help people build a profitable online business, the program they sell are based on 3 cornerstones: Foundation, Umbrella, and Key.

Foundation which is the fundamental understand of online marketing and branding, Umbrella which is the community of support, and the Key which is the 1-on-1 mentoring by experts which can help speed up your learning curve by a lot.

The training they provide will teach you about online marketing and branding which are one of the foundations of making money online.

online business marketing amazon facebook social media blogging community

In addition to the training they also provide a community where you can get help and ask questions, and members are also assigned with a mentor for some one-on-one help, this can be of real big help for people who learn best in a more personal setting. Your mentor will make sure that you succeed as fast as possible by offering you expert advice.

So who is your mentor? They are someone who’s successful and have walked the walk, someone who have experience and can point to you what to do and what not to do, they will give you practical and useful advice that will help speed up your learning curve.

The training covers many areas of online marketing such as branding, social media, advertising online, search engine optimization, YouTube, website/blogging, Amazon, and more. We are in the digital age and very few successful businesses nowadays can survive without having their presence in these outlets.

Digital Experts Academy – How Does It Work?

How To Become a Member?

Digital Experts Academy is not free, they cost money and are actually very expensive for most people. They offer 4 different programs you can join:

  1. DEA Silver ($2500 USD)
  2. DEA Gold ($8000 USD)
  3. DEA Platium ($11,000 USD)
  4. DEA Black ($20,000 USD)

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You can start at the lowest and cheapest level which is silver, but as your business grow and advance you may want to upgrade to the higher levels. They push you to sell their program to other people, so the higher your membership the more commissions you can make.

You don’t have to promote their program, you can just use whatever they teach you to apply to your own existing online business. At this point you may be wondering, “why is it so expensive?” Don’t worry, I’m going to share a little tip with you…

Cool Tip:

I know of an alternative to Digital Experts Academy with comparable features that is bigger and better in my opinion, and it doesn’t cost 5 figures, 4 figures, or even 3 figures. Want to know what it is? Learn all about them in my FREE guide called “How To Make REAL Money Online,” get my free guide HERE.

But Can You Make Money At Digital Experts Academy?

Because of such a heavy initial investment to just enter their programs, you’d need to be able to recruit a lot of fresh members to make those commissions. And since their programs are so expensive to begin with, I doubt many people would want to join after seeing their price tag.

In addition to the program’s fee you may also need to spend thousands more if you’re using a paid method to advertise, but you don’t have to, Digital Experts Academy will also show you free methods to do so but it will just be slower than paid methods.

In the end it just seems like a pretty big financial risk to put up that much money up front before you even make a penny, and so if you’re already strapped for cash I would definitely NOT recommend you do this. There is a much MUCH cheaper and better alternative which I’ll go over some more later in this post.

Is Digital Experts Academy a Scam or Legit?

Digital Experts Academy is a legit program that has some useful training and features, but overall they are way too pricey and I heavily do not recommend them for that reason. There are better options out there that are way more affordable for the sort of thing that Digital Experts Academy offers for a small fraction of their price.

4-5 figures is too heavy of an investment for a newbie trying to make money online, and being $1000’s of dollars in the hole before you even begin making money is just ridiculous. 

Wealthy Affiliate Is Better AND More Affordable

Wealthy Affiliate offers comparable features to Digital Experts Academy, but they don’t make you shell out 3,4, or 5 figures from the start. They are a training platform on how to build your own successful online business from the ground up, their training is done in layman’s terms and so it’s perfectly suitable for the complete newbie.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in December of 2016 and under their training I have learned a proven business model that I have used to build a profitable online business. The training taught me how to get 1000’s of monthly visitors to my website for free, and so I didn’t spend a dime on any advertising, and I certainly didn’t spend 4-5 figures to get started!

Getting More For Less!

But just because Wealthy Affiliate is much less expensive doesn’t mean that their training and other features aren’t just as good. You get elite training that consists of 20 main lessons and 100’s of videos and written tutorials, a large community of 250,000+ members to get help and answers from, many of which are knowledgeable experts who have years of experience in all aspects of online marketing and making money online.

You’d also get free websites, business tools, and 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching from people who have been through it all. In fact, since I’m already a member at Wealthy Affiliate I can definitely offer you some personal 1-on-1 help once you’re a member. My free guide will have more details on how you can contact me on the platform.

For more information on what is it Wealthy Affiliate teach, how it works, and all their other features, check out my FREE GUIDE below where all will be explained in detail:



My guide will fully explain everything about Wealthy Affiliate, the business model that they teach and why it’s the BEST way to make money online. I’ll go over their platform, their training, their business tools, their support system, and many other useful features included with membership to help you build your online business.

Oh, did I mention that you can get started at Wealthy Affiliate for FREE? Yes, it doesn’t cost a dime to jump inside for a quick look-around, to see if the platform is right for you. Forget about Digital Experts Academy and their high ticket programs, learn how you can learn to build a profitable online business from scratch at Wealthy Affiliate today. Learn more in my free guide HERE.

What do you think about Digital Experts Academy? I’d love to hear your thoughts about them or anything else I’ve discussed in this post. Leave your comments and questions down below, I always reply to every comment!

Digital Experts Academy – My Final Rating

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  • Pricing
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