Click 4 Surveys Review – Scam Or Legit $500-$3500 Per Month?

make lots of money online taking surveys

Welcome to another online surveys review. Click 4 Surveys is a site that claims you can make $500-$3500 taking surveys, they don’t offer any surveys for you to take, they just sell you a $34 membership where you can access a list of survey sites they want you to join. What’s so special about these survey sites? Absolute nothing!

The short answer is yes, Click 4 Surveys is a scam and not legit! There’s two things you must know here. The first is that you’re basically paying for free information, the list of sites they’re selling you aren’t anything exclusive at all, just google them. The second thing is that legit surveys only pay $0.25 to $2 and 99% of the time you won’t qualify.

Instead of paying Click 4 Surveys $34 you can just check out the FREE list of top legit sites here I recommend to make money online taking surveys.

In this Click 4 Surveys review I’ll expose how they really work so hopefully it’ll save you the time and trouble.

Click 4 Surveys Review

Name: Click 4 Surveys
Type: Paid surveys site
Membership Price: $34 after “coupon”
My Rating: 1 out of 5

get paid 5 to 75 dollars per survey

How Does Click 4 Surveys Work?

I basically rated Click 4 Surveys the lowest score possible of 1 out of 5 because they are 100% a scam. What makes them a scam is not so much that they charge you $34 for a list of surveys you can find anywhere online yourself, but because they mislead newbies into thinking you can actually make a living doing this.

Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble but the truth is surveys are too hard to qualify and low paying to make doing it full time possible. Typically you can only make around $10-$30 a month at best.

But… they say you can make $500-$3500 a month just for taking surveys!

make 500 to 3500 dollars a month taking surveys

Basically they’ll lie through their teeth to get you to hand over your hard earned money. There is no “secret” at all, but they hype it up and use a lot of clever marketing tricks to make you think you’re paying for something special.

As usual you’ll land on their flashy sales page, they’ll tell you the same old story about how they used to be broke and $1000s of dollars in debt. Then one day they discovered paid online surveys and started making all this money to get out of debt and now live a life of financial freedom and joy. Now they want to show you how you can too, for a price that is… Don’t fall for it!

Let’s make this clear… I’m not against surveys at all, many survey sites are actually legit and do pay real money. But you absolutely would not make $3500 a month doing this! 

Can You Make $5-$75 Per Survey?

make 5 to 75 dollars per survey

Think about this for a sec… if anyone can just sign up for some survey site and start making $5-$75, wouldn’t everybody have quit their jobs by now to do this? Why would people take up unpleasant jobs like fast food and other mediocre positions when they could just click buttons all day and make $3500 a month answering easy questions?

As previously mentioned, legit surveys only pay about $0.25 to $2 (if you qualify), but Click 4 Surveys advertise they have some sites that pay $5-$75 which is very misleading!

You’ll Rarely Qualify For Surveys

Surveys are typically very hard to qualify for, you’ll answer some qualifying questions but then get screened out over 9 times out of 10. Many people on forums complain about this problem the most, it’s not unheard of to not qualify for any surveys for months and months! If you don’t qualify you don’t get paid anything.

I should make clear that $5-$75 surveys DO exist, but being offered one and qualifying for them would be like finding a unicorn in the middle of Madison Square Garden. High paying surveys have extremely strict qualification requirements, 99.9% of us aren’t going to qualify. Click 4 Surveys make it sound so easy because they just want your money!

Earn More On GPT Sites Instead

GPT “get-paid-to” sites are highly superior to survey sites in my opinion. GPT sites offer many ways to earn, most of which you don’t need to qualify for, so therefore you’re guaranteed to earn something for time spent.

My favorite GPT site is Swagbucks (read my review) where you can earn watching videos, playing games, doing offers, searching the web, and if you want to do surveys they have those too. Also check out my full list of recommended GPT sites.

Final Verdict: Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam?

Without a doubt Click 4 Surveys is a time/money wasting scam that you should stay away from. Legit survey sites are all free to join and you shouldn’t ever have to pay anything to do them. Click 4 Surveys also mislead you into thinking you can earn way more than what’s realistic, so bottom line is they just want your money and there’s no reason for you to join them.

If you want to earn some extra online income then GPT “get-paid-to” sites are the way to go. Forget survey sites because this whole thing where you have to qualify is a pain in the ass. GPT sites offer endless ways to earn and you can spend all day doing different things.

But no matter what survey site or GPT site you join these things are only supplemental income. If you’re here searching for a serious income then check out my #1 Recommended Way of Making Money Online where I’ll teach you how to make a full time online income with a blog/website.

So what do you think about Click 4 Surveys? I hope after reading my review you’ll keep your $34 in your bank account. As usual if you have any questions or comments just leave them down below!

Click 4 Surveys – Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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