How Many Words For a Blog Post Is Optimal For SEO?

One of the most frequently asked questions under the blogging topic is how long should your blog posts be? Personally my average is around 500-1000 words, and I won’t go below 300 words. Generally speaking, the more content you have the more ways that Google can find ways to rank you, and the more likely Read More

How Can You Make a Website For Free? Get Started Now

I used to think making websites are complicated, something you’d need coding knowledge and lots of technical computer skills, but that’s not the case at all. If some clueless bastard like myself can figure it out, so can you. So how can you make a website for free? Well, coding knowledge and technical skills aren’t Read More

How To Gain More Followers On Twitter – Try This Tonight

There are 2 main ways to grow your twitter account, you can either use some kind of automated software or you can grow it manually (organically.) I’m not going to talk too much about the automated software method because doing it incorrectly can easily get your account suspended. But basically it’s a software that follows/unfollow Read More

How To Get Traffic On Your Blog For FREE?

If you’ve just started a blog and wondered why you haven’t gotten many visitors, you’ve come to the right blog. There are many things you can do with increase that traffic, and I’m going to share them with you. Organic Traffic – Content Is King So how to get traffic on your blog for free? Read More

What Is A Keyword Research Tool? A Must-Have For Bloggers

Whether you’re blogging as a business owner for commercial purposes, or a casual part time writer who jots down a diary of sorts, if your goal is to generate an audience, a keyword research tool is paramount to your success. So what is a keyword research tool, and why must you have it? It’s basically Read More

Why Do People Make Blogs? Reasons For Blogging

So I’ve been an avid blogger for almost 1 year now. I started my first blog about 11 months ago and so far I’m running 2 blogs in total, in 1 blog I talk about the topic of vegan diets, and this is my other blog where I talk about making money online. So if Read More

How to Start a Blog For Free and Make Money? The Easiest Way

Starting a blog nowadays is incredibly easy, anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about computers and programming, if you know how to type and send emails, I guarantee you can build a brand new website in just minutes. I’ll show you the easiest way. So I know you want to Read More

How to Make Money Without Having a Job – 3 Legitimate Ways

Let me tell you my story… When I was 18 I moved out of my parent’s house and got a job working at a fast food restaurant, and I hated every second of it. I hated it so much I quit within a few days. But I needed to pay bills so I got another Read More

What Is The Best Way to Make a Passive Income Online?

In the age of the internet there are now many things people can do to make money online, and a lot of them don’t require you to have a university degree or any extraordinary skills. Some examples include working as an online virtual assistant, transcription jobs, doing online surveys, or doing customer service for a Read More

Can You Make Money With Online Surveys? Are They a Scam?

Online surveys are a very popular thing these days, and they have been for at least a decade now. These are sites who claim to pay you $25 for example to complete a 30 minute survey. You’ve surely come across something like that, right? $50 an hour filling out surveys? I’m in! Is it that Read More