Darwin’s Data Review – Legit $25/hr Surveys Or Total Scam?

Darwin’s Data is a very unusual survey site that pays you up to $25/hr by simply answering surveys and sharing your honest opinions. However, their surveys are on a very specific topic – legal disputes. I was very curious and so I did some research on them to see if they really pay as much Read More

Panel Champ Review – Legit Paid Surveys Or Scam?

Panel Champ is an international survey website that offers their panel members a chance to earn rewards by taking their marketing surveys. Opinions are collected for market research purposes and for your time you’re rewarded with real cold hard cash! I did some research on them because I wanted to see if they’re worth joining. Read More

Palm Research Review – Scam Or Really Paid Cash For Surveys?

Palm Research is another website that claims to pay you for taking surveys, participating in focus groups, and reviewing products. Your opinions are used for market research and this data is used by various companies to help shape products and services in the future. Your time is compensated with real money. I was curious to Read More

Consumer Village Gongos – Scam Or Get Paid Doing Surveys?

Consumer Village is a website that rewards you with Amazon gift vouchers and cash for participating in their surveys, online focus groups, and discussion boards. The opinions you share will help improve current and future products and services from various companies worldwide. I wanted to check them out to see how much they pay and Read More

TestSpin Review – Paid Surveys Or Another Time Wasting Scam?

TestSpin is a website where you can take surveys to earn money. They claim that you can earn up to $600 in free gift cards from Amazon.com just by answering surveys, testing products, music, videos, websites, and more. What concerns me is the hype, earning $600 seems a bit unrealistic because generally survey sites are Read More

Is Permission Research a Scam? My Review Exposes The Truth!

Permission Research is a survey site served globally, their aim is to collect data on your internet surfing and spending habits to improving the internet. For your time you’re paid in various ways such as sweepstakes entries, gift cards, and even cash. I wanted to review Permission Research to see if they’re a scam or Read More

CVS Advisor Panel Review – Scam Or Real Paid Surveys?

CVS Advisor is a survey site that allows CVS pharmacy customers to take surveys and get paid for it. By sharing your opinions you help CVS improve their products, services, and customer satisfaction. For your time you’re rewarded with ExtraBucks which is store credit to your ExtraCare account. I was curious about the making money Read More

HCD Surveys Review – Legit Online Income Option Or Scam?

HCD Surveys is a consumer research panel that pays you cash for answering their surveys. By sharing your honest opinions on various topics such as health, entertainment, politics, food, and more, you help companies decide on how to shape their future products and services that affect you. I wanted to research them to see if Read More

Directive Analytics Review – Online Survey Panel That Pays?

Directive Analytics is an online survey panel that lets you earn real cash by answering surveys on various products and services. These surveys help companies better understand what consumers are looking for, by sharing your opinions you help shape future products and services or even to change existing ones. I decided to research them to Read More

Opinion Bureau Review – Legit Paid Surveys Or Scam?

Recently I found another survey panel called Opinion Bureau, looks like it’s another one of those sites that pay you cash to share your thoughtful opinions on various subjects. I thought I’d research them to see if they’re a legit site or a waste of time. In this Opinion Bureau review I’ll go over if Read More