PipLogo Review – Earn Money Doing Tasks Or Scam?

Hello guys, today I’m doing another extra income site review. PipLogo is a website where you can make some extra pocket money by rating logos. There are also other ways to earn such as by inviting others to join with your referral code. But upon my own investigation, this site seems to be full of Read More

My Review of MindsPay – Legit Paid Surveys Or Complete Scam?

Did you know you can make money online for simply sharing your opinion? MindsPay is a surveys site that pays their members for taking surveys, completing offers, testing products, and even opening emails. Once you’ve accumulated at least $50 in earnings you can get paid with Paypal. Sounds too easy doesn’t it? So is MindsPay Read More

OpinionSquare Surveys Review – Scam Or Legit Rewards?

If you love to share your opinions, did you know that there are websites out there that pay you rewards for it? OpinionSquare is a site that pays you points to complete surveys and other things, you can trade those points in for gift cards and merchandise. There’s even a sweepstakes where you can win Read More

Is FeaturePoints a Scam Or Earn Money Downloading Apps?

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days, and if you’re one of those people who download apps a lot did you know that there’s an app that PAYS you to download apps? FeaturePoints is an app that pays you points for downloading apps and taking surveys, these points can be redeemed for Read More

RewardShopping Review – A Scam Or Earn Money Shopping?

There are many things we do on a daily basis that nobody pays us for, like giving our opinions, watching videos online, visiting websites, playing online games, shopping, and more. Did you know there are sites that let you monetize those activities? RewardShopping is one such site, you can earn money shopping as well as Read More

Get Paid To Download Apps With AppMan – Read This Review First!

Tried everything you can to make money online? There are plenty of extra income sites out there, but the tough part is figuring out which ones are the legit ones and which ones are the scams. AppMan is an app-based mobile platform where you can get paid to download apps, you earn “points” for downloading Read More

App Trailers Review – Legit Paid To Watch Videos Online?

Do you love to watch random videos on the internet and wonder if you could ever get paid for doing so? Well the answer is actually yes. App Trailers is a site that allows you to download their app to your mobile phone or tablet device, and earn points watching videos on apps, games, music, Read More

Is Viggle App a Scam Or Legit Rewards For Watching Live TV?

If you like to watch TV then you’ll be glad to know that there’s a site that PAYS you to be a couch potato. Viggle is an app that lets you earn rewards for streaming live TV and other online shows and programs. If making money watching TV seems too good to be true, you Read More

Is Unique Rewards a Scam Or Legit Paid Surveys? My Review

If you’re one of those people who spend a lot of your free time on the internet doing things like reading emails, visiting websites, searching the web, watching videos, etc. then you’ll love Unique Rewards. Unique Rewards is a “get-paid-to” site that’s been around since 2007, they pay you to take surveys, watch videos, read Read More

Branded Surveys Review – Scam Or Earn Points For Cash?

Welcome to another online survey site review. Branded Surveys is a site that provides their members with paid surveys, when you complete surveys you earn points which can be redeemed for cash and gift cards. Currently only people over 13 years of age from the US, UK, and Canada can join. Branded Surveys is not Read More