Cash For Apps Review – Legit Free Gift Cards Or Total Scam?

earn free gift cards for downloading apps

Today I’m reviewing an a mobile rewards app called Cash For Apps. They’re another one of those apps that pay you for doing a variety of tasks like playing games, taking surveys, downloading apps, and more.

On Cash For Apps you earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards from online retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and much more. But you may be wondering, “Is Cash For Apps is a scam, and do they really pay?” Find out the answer in my Cash For Apps review below!

Cash For Apps is a low income opportunity and you won’t earn more than chump change. If you want to make a full time income online then check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation where I’ll show you how to earn $1,000+ a month as a professional blogger.

Cash For Apps Review

Name: Cash For Apps
Type: Apps that pay rewards
Price of App: FREE

get free cash gift cards for completing tasks

Cash For Apps is a mobile-based platform that lets their members earn free gift cards by doing easy tasks. Most of the tasks require that you download other free apps. You just have to open the app and use it for a specified amount of time, then you get credited with points.

You can also earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and doing offers. But for these tasks to unlock you’re required to download at least 4 apps first.

Once you’ve collected enough points you can trade them in for gift cards. Unfortunately there’s no Paypal, check, or any other cash payment options.

If you’re interested in earning cash payments then I recommend you visit Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate which are all sites that pay with Paypal. They’ve all paid me before so they are 100% legit and scam free!

How Cash For Apps REALLY Works

Getting Started

First of all you’ll need to have a mobile device like an Android or an iPhone to join. Just go to their website and download their app from either the Google Play or Apple Store.

Once you’ve got the app downloaded you can create an account with your email and then verify it. After that you’re all set to go!

Ways To Earn Points

When you open the app you will find a list of available apps for you to download. You’ll see how many points it pays and also any requirements it have. Typically it’ll pay around 100-300 points each.

For most apps you’ll just have to download it and use it for about a minute (each app has different requirements). Afterwards you can either keep using the app if you like it or uninstall it.

After you complete the task you’ll receive your points within 24hrs.

Unlocking Tasks

Once you have downloaded at least 4 apps other earning opportunities will be unlocked to you. These tasks are very fun and easy to do and they include taking surveys, completing offers, and watching videos.

Earning Potential

Although tasks are fun and easy, these tasks pay very little and you will not get rich doing them. Typically don’t expect more than $5-$10 a month from doing these tasks. Some people may make more, but still… a part time or full time income is highly unlikely.

The trouble with Cash For Apps and other similar things is that earning opportunity is limited. Once you’ve downloaded the few apps that are initially available to you there would be no more apps to download. But you can check back periodically because new opportunities appear all the time. 

How Much Are Points Worth?

First of all these points have uneven value depending on what gift card you redeem them for. Some gift cards cost more points for the same dollar value. For example a $10 Amazon gift card may cost 3000 points while a $10 Google Play US Gift Card may cost 3300 points.

So you can think of it as approximately 300 points = $1 USD.

Inviting Others To Join

You can also earn points for getting other people to join Cash For Apps.

You’ll get your own referral code to promote to people you know, those who join under your code will receive 20 points, and for referring them you will receive 45 and 90 points for Apple and Android device sign ups respectively. I guess they really favor Androids!

How Do You Get Paid?

Once you’ve collected enough points you can go redeem them for a gift card you like. There are tons of different ones available including Amazon, iTunes, G2A, XBOX, Steam, Google Play Store, and more.

The minimum redemption is $5 and the number of points it cost depends on which gift card you redeem them for since they have uneven value. 

One thing I really dislike about Cash For Apps is that you can’t trade in points for Paypal, or even check. I’d much rather be able to get cold hard cash I can grab in my hand and be able to use it however I see fit. Gift cards aren’t the best because if you don’t normally shop online then it’s almost useless, I mean what can you really buy for $5 anyway?

If you want to get paid in cash then check out Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate instead. These sites all pay with Paypal and I’ve gotten paid by them before so I know they’re legit!

The Good

  • It’s free to download
  • Available to every country
  • Lots of fun ways to earn points
  • There are many gift card options including big name retailers like Amazon

The Bad

  • You won’t make more than chump change
  • Can’t redeem points for Paypal or check

Is Cash For Apps a Legit Opportunity?

Yes, Cash For Apps is a legit and scam-free opportunity to make a very small income. They are good for when you’re bored waiting for someone, waiting in line, or just want to kill some time. You can play games, take surveys, watch videos, and earn a few nickles and dimes.

The downside is there’s no Paypal or check payments so you’re stuck with gift cards. If you like the idea of making extra income I recommend you check out Swagbucks, Inbox Pays, and Cash Crate instead because they all pay with Paypal and there’s no need to download an app to join.

Now, if you’re looking for a full time income then none of these sites will do. They all pay too low hourly which makes living off of them impossible. Come visit my Top Work At Home Recommendation to learn how to make $1,000+ per month with a blogging business.

Anyway that’s my review for Cash For Apps, if you have any questions or comments let me know by writing me a message below.

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