Cash App Review – Legit Earn Extra Money Or Another Scam?

complete simple offers and earn money

The internet have it’s good sides and bad sides. Some people say it makes humanity less connected to each other, but others like myself look at the positives such as the opportunities to earn money.

Cash App is a “get-paid-to” app you can download, they pay you to do simple tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, downloading other apps, and more. You get points after completion, trade in these points for real cold hard cash via Paypal.

So basically you can earn free money on the internet which isn’t so bad, except there are not-so-honest sites out there you gotta be careful of. So is Cash App just a scam or can you really earn money doing tasks? Discover the answer in this Cash App review.

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Cash App Review

Name: Cash App
Type: Surveys, videos, offers, and more.
Membership Price: $0 No cost to download app

apps that pay out rewards

Cash App is an app-based platform that pay their members points to do easy and fun tasks called “offers.” These offers are just things like taking surveys, signing up for websites, download other apps, playing games, and a bunch of different things.

I do like that you can trade in points for cash via Paypal and that the minimum redemption is only $5, or 5000 points. So if you do the math then to earn $1 you’ll have to accumulate 1000 points.

Cash App is a mobile app, so you can’t access it from your desktop computer. If you want to do these tasks on your desktop or laptop then visit my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites instead which have both app and desktop versions.

How Does Cash App Work?

App Installation & Sign Up

Just go to Google Play or the App Store and search for “Cash App” and it should be the first result to appear. You can download it to your Android or iPhone device.

Once downloaded you can open the app and you’re ready to earn points right away, you don’t even need to create an account or anything. But you do need to fill out your profile with your name and Paypal email in order to get paid.

Completing Offers

One way to earn points is by doing offers. There are 3 offerwalls available (Fantastic, Wow, and Awesome) and inside each offerwall will be various offers you can do.

offers videos tasks surveys

Offers are basically paid-to-do tasks. These tasks vary a lot but it typically involves having to engage in a website or an app. Some examples include downloading a free app and using it for a specified time, playing a game till you reach a certain level, signing up for a casino and making a deposit, signing up for a free trial, taking a survey, and more.

The pay varies a lot. You can earn anywhere from 100 to 10,000+ points per completed offer! (Equivalent to $0.10 to $10)

But some offers require you to spend money first, so you have to make sure the offer pays more than it cost you to do it in order to not lose money in the end. Honestly I’d just stick with offers that are free to do. Some offers require you to sign up for a free trial, just remember to cancel before the trial ends.

Watching Videos

Once you click the “watch videos” section a video will pop up and play for 15-30 seconds. These are advertisement videos for other apps. Once you finish watching the video you’ll get credited with 2 points.

Once the video ends you have to close it manually and then open up another video to keep earning, so you can’t just leave it playing while you get up to do other things.

If you do the math 2 points is only worth $0.002 which is not even half a penny! If we assume the average video last 30 seconds long then by watching videos you’ll be making $0.24 per hour. But the good thing is it’s easy, and takes no effort or skill to do.

Facebook Sharing

You can earn points for sharing posts with your friends on Facebook, you can get paid 100 points for every task you do.

Checking In Daily

You earn 20 points every single day for simply opening the Cash App and clicking the “Check In” section. That’s $0.02 per day, it’s not much but it’s easy to do every day.

Inviting Others to Join

In the “Invite” section you can find your referral code, just promote it via social media, your blog, or wherever.

Whenever someone signs up under your referral code they’ll earn 20 points, and you also earn 100 points as soon as they complete any 2 offers from the offerwall.

Here is my referral code you can enter when signing up to collect your 20 points – 2TX3KA

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How Do You Get Paid?

Once you’ve earned at least 5000 points you can redeem them for a $5 cash payment. Currently Paypal is the only method to receive payments.

If you don’t want to cash out right away you can save up your earnings for a bigger cashout. Payments are in increments of $5 (5000 points), $10 (10k points), $20 (20k points), and $50 (50k points).

The Good

  • Free to download and no sign up is required to start earning points
  • Anyone around the world can join
  • You’ll earn points immediately upon completion of tasks
  • Lots of different ways to earn points
  • Pays with Paypal
  • Low minimum redemption of only $5 (5000 points)

The Bad

  • Only good for making very small income
  • Pays very little per hour
  • Not available on desktop
  • Surveys are hard to qualify for
  • Some offers require you to spend money first, hence it’s possible to lose money if you’re not careful

Is Cash App a Scam Or legit?

I think Cash App is a great opportunity to earn maybe $5-$10 a month, the tasks are easy and fun to do and so this app is a great way to kill time. Imagine if you’re riding the bus or subway, waiting in a long line at a bank, waiting for food, etc. Just take out your phone and do some tasks to earn points.

Cash App is exclusively a mobile app, if you want to earn money doing these types of tasks on your desktop or laptop computer then I recommend you join my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites instead.

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That’s all for this Cash App review, I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to drop them down below.

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