Branded Surveys Review – Scam Or Earn Points For Cash?

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Welcome to another online survey site review. Branded Surveys is a site that provides their members with paid surveys, when you complete surveys you earn points which can be redeemed for cash and gift cards. Currently only people over 13 years of age from the US, UK, and Canada can join.

Branded Surveys is not a scam, they do pay, but it’s unlikely you’ll earn more than $10-$20 a month on this site. This is because even though you may get survey invitations daily, most of those you won’t qualify for. I recommend you join get-paid-to sites like Swagbucks instead where most earning opportunities don’t require you having to qualify.

In this Branded Surveys review I’ll go over how it works, their payment options, and whether they’re worth joining or not.

Branded Surveys Review

Name: Branded Surveys
Type: Paid survey site
Membership Price: Free To Join
My Rating: 2.3 out of 5

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I’d given Branded Surveys a rating of just 2.3 out of 5, even though they are scam-free there are still better sites to join. I do like that they provide many payout options, including Paypal and many gift cards, this puts them above many other sites that still only pay by check. In this day and age electronic payments is the golden standard, nobody’s got the patience to wait 2-3 weeks for a check!

Branded Surveys also offers a few additional ways to earn such as offers and daily polls, but just like surveys these don’t pay much. Surveys can also get boring really fast, if you’d like to earn money by doing more enjoyable activities like playing games, watching videos, searching the web, then you’ll be better off joining Swagbucks instead.

How Does Branded Surveys Work?

Sign Up / Profile Survey

When you first join you’ll be prompted to complete your first survey which is a profile survey that’ll take about 2 minutes.

This isn’t a “real” survey per se, it’s just a bunch of personal questions like where you work and how much money you make, this help Branded Surveys know you better and to send you surveys you’re more likely to qualify for.

After you complete your profile survey you’ll earn 100 points right away.

Taking Surveys

Surveys are the main way to earn, they take an average of 10-15 minutes to complete and the pay varies from 100-300 points each. Once you have joined and filled out your profile survey you should start to receive survey invitations by email, you can also log in to your account and click “take a survey” to do them.

As usual, starting a survey in no way means you’ll get paid, you still need to qualify for them first. I do like that they still give you 6 points even if you don’t qualify, most sites just leave you with nothing.

Doing Offers

Offers are basically paid to sign up. They involve actions you need to take, typically you’ll need to sign up for a website, download an app, or download a game and play it to a certain level. There’s free offers and paid offers that requires some sort of purchase, there’s also offers that are technically free but requires credit card info, like signing up for a free trial for example.

Free offers typically pay around 10-75 points, while paid offers pay 100-1000+, generally the more engaged you are the more it pays.

Daily Polls

Everyday you’ll find a poll available to do, this is just a simple multiple choice question and will earn you 5 points for doing it, but you can only do polls once a day. If you manage to do them 10 days in a row (poll streak) you’ll earn a 25 point bonus.

As an Elite Silver member you’ll earn 7 points for doing daily polls and 50 points for the poll streak, and as a Elite Gold member you’ll earn 10 points for doing daily polls and 100 points for the poll streak. I’ll explain more on Elite member levels below:

More Ways To Earn…

Branded Elite (Membership Levels)

There are 3 different membership levels at Branded Surveys – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. As you earn credits (1 credit = 5 points) you will move up levels which gives you higher earning potentials.

Everyone starts at Bronze, and once you earned 60 credits (300 points) you’ll become Elite Silver, once you earned 210 credits (1050 points) you’ll become Elite Gold.

Referring Friends

Branded Surveys does have a referral program, but it’s not very good. You’ll have to be at least an Elite Silver member yourself first before you can get paid for referring friends. As an Elite Silver member you’ll earn 50 points when your referral becomes an active Elite Silver member, if you’re an Elite Gold member then you’ll get 200 points for referral an active Elite Silver member.

These points seem to be a one-time reward, I prefer sites like Swagbucks where they pay you 10% of whatever your referrals earn for LIFE. I’m not a fan of one-time rewards because Branded Surveys get to keep benefiting from your referrals while you don’t!

Converting Points To Cash Rewards

Once you have earned a minimum of 1,000 points you can redeem them for $10 with either Paypal or a number of gift card selections including Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, iTunes, Walmart, Target, Visa prepaid, for movies, and restaurant gift cards. Once you’ve requested a payout it will be processed in 3-5 days.

Since they give you a 100 points for signing up and completing your profile, you really need to just earn 900 points to reach your first payout.

The Good

  • You don’t need to pay anything to join, you can start earning for free
  • 100 points just for signing up and completing profile survey
  • They give you points even if you don’t qualify for a survey
  • Multiple ways to earn, including surveys, offers, and polls
  • Lots of cash payout options including Paypal

The Bad

  • Only people from the USA, UK, and Canada can join
  • Surveys are typically difficult to qualify for
  • Although you can do polls daily, you’ll only earn 5-10 points per day at most
  • Their referral program only offers a one-time reward
  • Not a serious income opportunity, expect to make no more than $10-ish per month

Is Branded Surveys a Scam?

Branded Surveys is not a scam, you can definitely find lots of payment proof and positive user reviews on forums. If you join them and earn points, you will get paid. That being said, don’t expect to get rich on this site. You won’t qualify for many surveys, although they do pay you 6 points if you don’t qualify but this doesn’t add up to very much.

You need 1,000 points just for a $10 payout, it will take you a long, long, time to reach that by earning 5 points per day doing polls. I recommend that you check out these better sites instead that offer more ways to earn such as reading emails, watching videos, playing games, clicking banners, downloading apps, and much more.

But you can’t expect to earn much more than beer money doing these types of things, if you’re seeking a more substantial online income opportunity then check out my #1 Recommended Way of Making Money Online where you can learn to make a full time income with a blogging business.

Got any questions or comments you’d like to share about Branded Surveys? Just post them all down below and I will always answer them!

My Final Rating:

  • Earning Potential
  • Money/Time Ratio
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Receiving Earnings
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