Bitcoin Generator Review – Free Bitcoins Or Scam?

free btc by injecting exploits to bitcoin pools

Bitcoin Generator is a site that lets their members make free Bitcoins, up to 2.5 BTC in fact. How’s this possible? They say that their servers are somehow able to exploit Bitcoin pools. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it?

Is Bitcoin Generator a scam or can you really earn some quick free money? In this Bitcoin Review we’ll see if these guys are the legit deal or just another time waster.

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Bitcoin Generator Review

Name: Bitcoin Generator
Type: Free Bitcoins
The Price: $7 “fee” to withdraw BTC

get free btc injecting exploits

Here is another funky ass website that supposedly offers you a quick way to make a lot of money. They tell you they are “Injecting exploits to Bitcoin pools and Blockchain” which basically means they’re stealing money.

Somehow they have tricks to exploit Bitcoin pools and give that money to you. This is suspicious already because why would anyone do this for you and for free? Oh that’s right… it isn’t free.

How Bitcoin Generator REALLY Works

Getting Your Bitcoins

On the Bitcoin Generator website you’ll have to give them your Bitcoin wallet address and select how much BTC you want, you can choose a minimum of 0.1 to a maximum of 2.5 BTC. If you didn’t know… 2.5 BTC is equal to about $16,000 USD!

There’s a Fee – First Red Flag

Once you’ve chosen your amount you can press start. Then the system will start doing it’s thing, and after it finishes a message will appear which basically says there’s a 0.00107 BTC “fee” you need to pay in order to receive the Bitcoin. 

Too Good To Be Real

0.00107 BTC is worth about $7 USD at the moment, and you may think it’s a good deal. But think about it for a moment, all you gotta pay is $7 USD to receive $16,000 USD worth of free Bitcoins? Doesn’t this sound too good that it’s ridiculous?

They claim that this fee is to pay for the miners, but in actuality the miners are rewarded during the transaction and not after it’s already been made. You’re not paying the miners at all, you are paying the scammers.

Also, why would the miners even need to be paid by you? They’re there to keep Blockchain safe and secure and you’re supposedly using a system called Bitcoin Generator to create exploits on Blockchain network, it is contradictory and makes no sense.

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More Bitcoin Generator Red Flags

Fake Payment Announcements

Scams will usually show a bunch of fake testimonials and other things to encourage you to believe that they’re legit. When you go on the Bitcoin Generator website you’ll see a bunch of popups saying “so and so… have just been paid a certain mount of BTCs.”

While I can’t prove the pop ups are fake, they have a live chat that I am 99.9% sure is fake.

Fake Live Chat

At the bottom of the page there’s a “live chat” where supposedly other members are chatting. There are quite a lot of people typing messages like “wow this really works!” But these messages are fake, and let me tell you why I know this.

Because there are no conversations going on between other people chatting, I monitored the live chat for about 15 minutes and it’s the same kind of messages like “this really works!” or “just got my first BTC!”

But these doesn’t appear to be real people because when I asked a bunch of questions or typed in “hello is this a fake chat?”, nobody answered. It’s like robots just writing automated messages pretending to keep the chat alive.

No Company Information

One last red flag about Bitcoin Generator is that there is very little information about them on their website or anywhere else. No FAQ page, no About Us page, no Terms and Conditions page, no social media links, nothing. So once again, do not fall for their scam and do not pay for their $7 “fee” because you will not receive any Bitcoins.

Is Bitcoin Generator a Scam?

After my research into Bitcoin Generator I believe they are not a legit system and I don’t recommend you use them.

Their whole system is too good to be true and smells very sketchy. On top of that they have a lot of suspicious red flags like having what appears to be fake payment announcements and live chat. If you pay them the $7 fee I have no doubt you won’t be paid any Bitcoins.

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That’s all for this Bitcoin Generator review, pretty clear they’re not worth your time and money. I’d love to hear what you have to say about them, leave your comments down below!

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