Baymack Review – Win Money Watching Videos Or Scam?

win money daily lucky draw

Today I reviewing a website called Baymack, they’re a site that gives people the opportunity to win a little bit of free money with their daily prize draw. To earn entries all you gotta do is watch YouTube videos. So basically you get paid to watch videos.

Is Baymack a scam or are they a legit way to earn money online? How much can you win? How do you get paid? Find out below in this Baymack review!

Baymack is not a full time income opportunity, it lets you win pocket cash at best. If you want an income that can replace your job then check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation instead where I’ll show you how I make $1,000+ per month with a blogging business.

Baymack Review

Name: Baymack
Type: Daily prize draw
Membership Price: FREE

win cash watching videos online

Baymack is a website that lets you earn entries into a daily cash prize draw by watching YouTube videos. It’s very simple, for every 6 videos you watch you’ll earn 1 entry. The more entries you have the higher chances of winning.

Besides the daily cash prize draws there are other ways to earn as well such as their Daily Challenge and inviting others to join through their referral program. Keep on reading where I’ll explain in full detail about how it all works. 

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How Baymack REALLY Works

How To Join Baymack?

The best thing about Baymack is that anyone around the world can join and membership is 100% free. The registration process is extremely easy, you just need to sign up with your Facebook account. From there you’re ready to begin.

Daily Lucky Draw

The Daily Lucky Draw is the main way to make money at Baymack. It is a daily cash prize draw that is based entirely on luck, every single day they will pick winners at random. The more entries you have into the prize draw the more chances of winning.

Here are the daily cash prizes that are currently up for grabs on Baymack:

  • 100,000 people will win $0.01
  • 2,000 people will win $0.10
  • 1 lucky son of a gun will win $100

So what are the odds of winning that $100 you ask? Well, that depends on how many entries you’ve earned and how many entries there are in total. Just take the number of entries you’ve earned and divide it by the number of total entries and you’ll have the exact odds.

For example if you’ve earned 1 entry and there’s a total of 100,000 entries, then your odds of winning that $100 grand prize is 1 in 100,000! Not great odds to win a measly $100. You’ll get better odds playing Blackjack at the casino. But then again this is free so yeah..

today's prizes number of entries
On the homepage you’ll see the total # of entries updated in real time

Earning Entries

To earn entries into the Daily Lucky Draw all you have to do is watch YouTube videos. For every 6 videos you watch you’ll earn 1 entry into the Daily Lucky Draw.

Just click the “Start” button at the bottom of the page and it will take you to another page with a YouTube video. Click play to begin watching.

Each video is about 30-60 seconds long and after watching it you’ll have to answer a multiple choice question that asks you which category the video belongs in, this is their way of making sure you actually watched it.

guess what category the video is
Answer the multiple choice question after watching the video

After you have selected the correct category of which the video you just watched belongs to, you will earn 1 out of 6 videos watched. Watch another 5 videos and categorize them correctly and you will earn 6 out of 6 videos watched and earn your 1 entry into the Daily Lucky Draw.

The more entries you have the better chance you’ll have of winning, but you can only earn up to a maximum of 200 entries per day.

Earn With The Daily Challenge

Another way to earn is with their Daily Challenge, this also involves watching YouTube videos.

Currently I see in my challenge that I need to earn 7 entries for 3 days in a row, after I do that I’ll get a measly $0.25 prize.

get minimum 7 entries for 3 days in a row
Do the Baymack Daily Challenge to earn

If you do the math, you’ll realize that you’ll have to watch 126 videos to earn that $0.25. Assuming every video is an average of 60 seconds long, that means you’re making an hourly rate of just $0.12!

Inviting Friends

The 3rd and final way to earn on Baymack is with their referral program. You can find your unique referral code in the “Invite Friends” section. Just take the code and promote it to your friends or anyone else you know.

People who join Baymack under your link becomes your referral and you get to earn 20% of your referrals lifetime winnings.

How Do You Get Paid?

There are many ways to get paid including bank transfers, Skrill, and various gift cards including Amazon, Google Play Store, iTunes, Krispy Kreme, Nike, and more. 

Each payment method has a different minimum redemption amount:

  • Bank transfer – $20
  • Skrill – $0.01
  • Amazon gift card – $1
  • Other gift cards – $25

Unfortunately Paypal doesn’t appear to be an option right now, that’s a bummer because that’s my preferred way to get paid online.

If you’d like to get paid with Paypal then check out These Paypal Friendly Sites instead which are “get-paid-to” sites that pay you to take surveys, watch videos, play games and more. They all have Paypal payment options.

The Good Stuff

  • Free to join and sign up is quick and easy
  • Chance to win free money everyday
  • Earning entries is easy and all you have to do is watch YouTube videos which you probably already do anyway

The Bad Stuff

  • Most people will only win the $0.01 prize which is almost nothing
  • Odds of winning the $100 is something like 1 in 100,000
  • No Paypal payment option

Is Baymack a Legit Way To Make Money?

It appears that Baymack is a legit way to make a VERY small income online. I haven’t found any complaints about payments so far, and the fact that they offer live updates on their homepage on the total number of entries shows that they have transparency.

However, don’t expect to make anything significant because odds of winning that $100 is very slim since you’ll be competing with about 100,000+ entries per day. You’ll win the $0.01 daily most likely, but that’s almost nothing and it took you watching 6 videos (6 minutes of your time) to earn that 1 entry.

If you’re okay with making pocket cash I recommend you check out my Favorite “Get-Paid-To” Sites instead. These sites pay you to watch videos too, but there’s also other ways to earn such as taking surveys, doing offers, playing games, and more. Also they pay with Paypal which Baymack doesn’t.

All of these sites are only good for making chump change. If you’re ready to make serious online income then visit my Top Work At Home Recommendation where I’ll show you how to earn $1000+ a month with a blogging business. (Hard work required)

Thanks for checking out my Baymack review, do you think they’re worth the time? Let me know what you think about this lottery prize draw site below in the comments.

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