Is Ambit Energy a Scam? Some Ugly Truths Exposed!

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If you’re here reading this Ambit Energy review then I’m willing to bet that one of your friends or family members had told you about them and how this company is offering people a chance to start a business with them to earn part time or full time income.

I’m glad you’re here because that means you’re doing your diligent research before jumping into something that on the outside seems to be a legit business opportunity. The internet is a double edged sword because it provides real opportunities to make money, but at the same time there are seas of scams out there.

So is Ambit Energy a scam? Here’s the truth…

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Ambit Energy Review

Name: Ambit Energy
Type: MLM (multi-level marketing)
Membership Price: $75 (one-time fee) + $24.95 month website maintenance fee

selling gas and electricity business opportunity

What Is Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy is a MLM company that provides energy and gas. They started up back in 2006 by Jere Thompson Jr and Chris Chambless, their headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas.

If you’re here looking to switch energy providers then you should know that currently they only service their gas and energy to 17 states which includes California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia.

But if you’re here looking to make money then it doesn’t matter which state you’re from, anyone can sign up to become an Ambit Energy Independent Contractor, or also known as Consultants. But first, let’s take a look at Ambit Energy’s product line.

Ambit Energy Services

As an energy, electricity, and gas provider, Ambit Energy provides these services to the 17 states in the USA as mentioned in the previous section.

Here are the products and services they provide:

  1. Commercial Services – Helping small and large businesses cut their energy costs by providing affordable plans
  2. Ambit Energy & Green-e Energy – The Green-e Energy is a renewable energy available to selected areas
  3. Solar Savings – Harnessing energy from the sun is another way to gather renewable energy. Global warming and climate change is a pretty hot topic right now, so this is definitely something that many potential customers would be interested in switching to

To be honest, these services are not that typical of MLM companies where usually you’re stuck with promoting products that provides very ambiguous value such as supplements and nutritional drinks.

But with Ambit Energy you’ll be promoting something that everyone uses already, so it should be an easy sell. There is definitely a huge market for more affordable energy, and I’m willing to bet someone you know is ready to switch to a cheaper provider.

Ambit Energy is a MLM company, which means they rely on Independent Contractors, or aka Consultants, to spread the word and gather customers for them. By becoming a Consultant you will help promote Ambit Energy’s products and services while building your own business with them.

Becoming an Ambit Energy Consultant

If you’re looking to earn money with Ambit Energy then you can do that by signing up as a Consultant, also known as Independent Contractor because technically you don’t work for Ambit Energy, you’re an independent business owner.

To sign up as a Consultant you’ll have to have a sponsor, so you can sign up under whoever told you about Ambit Energy. If you don’t have a sponsor then just go on the Ambit Energy’s website and click “Start a Business” and there will be a section to fill out your contact info so they can find a sponsor to contact you.

You also have to pay a one-time registration fee of $75 plus another $24.95 monthly for your personal website maintenance costs.

All this adds to about $100 for your first month’s expenses and then it’s just $24.95 per month after that which isn’t so bad. Most other MLMs require a much heavily initial investment up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. So as far as startup costs go Ambit Energy is very reasonable.

But the problem with MLMs is that they don’t provide in-depth training on how to market the products. You may be given a great product to promote, but without knowledge on how to drive traffic to promote it, making enough sales is going to be a huge challenge.

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Compensation Plan

If you decide to join as an Ambit Energy Consultant you’ll have several ways of making money with them which I’ll briefly discuss below: The compensation plans of MLM companies are usually very in-depth and can be complicated to understand, so I’ll summarize it the best I could.

Anyway, here are the three main ways to make money as an Ambit Energy Consultant:

  • Selling To Customers – If you’re able to convince other people to ditch their current energy/gas provider and switch to Ambit Energy, you earn a commission from their business
  • Recruiting New Consultants – Convincing others to join in on this money making opportunity and follow in your footsteps, you earn a percentage of your recruit’s earnings
  • Your Recruit’s Downline – You also earn from your recruit’s recruits as well, up to 6 levels deep

In addition there are also customer and team bonuses you can achieve based on the volume of sales and recruits achieved by you and your downline. To learn more details you can see Ambit Energy’s full compensation plan here.

Sometimes compensation plans can be very hard to understand, if you cannot understand it after reading it then maybe the below video will make it easier.

Video Explaining Ambit Energy’s Compensation Plan:

Is Ambit Energy a Pyramid Scheme?

No, I would classify Ambit Energy as a MLM (multi-level marketing) company and not a pyramid scheme. MLM and pyramid schemes are very similar yet different things so I want to make that clear.

With MLM you have a real product to sell, in Ambit Energy’s case their product is their energy and gas services. With other MLMs like Limu it’s their nutritional drinks and supplements, and Monat Global it’s their hair care products. The thing that all MLMs have in common is that they let you earn by selling their products, and you can also earn by recruiting others to do the same.

But with pyramid schemes there are no such products, you only get to earn when you recruit more people into joining that very same pyramid scheme. This type of business is unsustainable in the long run and will eventually collapse and fail, that’s why it’s considered illegal by the FTC while MLMs are considered legitimate business models. 

Complaints About Ambit Energy

No Income Disclosure

Usually with MLM companies you can find out exactly how much their Consultants are making by checking their income disclosure, but I couldn’t find that on Ambit Energy’s website, so that would be my first complaint about them. I am not a fan of companies that aren’t as transparent as they can be.

Only Limited To 17 States

As previously mentioned Ambit Energy’s market is limited to 17 states including California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia.

Just know that if you live outside those states the best way to promote would probably be online, since you wouldn’t be able to promote it on a local level to your neighbors, co-workers, local friends, etc.

Tough Way To Make Money

Just because Ambit Energy is a legit business opportunity doesn’t mean they’re a good one. In my opinion MLMs are one of the toughest way to make money for the average person.

To succeed at MLMs you usually need to rely on massive amounts of selling and recruiting which is problematic because most people aren’t experts in how to drive traffic to promote a product, so besides promoting to their own friends/family/neighbors many people wouldn’t know how to network beyond that.

According to a report on the FTC’s website less than 1% of MLM participants are profitable. In my opinion the biggest reason most people fail is because they don’t know how to drive the type of massive amounts of traffic to their promotions to create a successful MLM business. 

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Is Ambit Energy a Scam Or Legit?

Ambit Energy is definitely in the category of LEGIT. They appear to be a scam-free MLM company but they’re not something that I would recommend to people or partake in myself.

Although energy and gas is a very in-demand product, the challenge is going to be driving enough traffic to the services that Ambit Energy offers. Also just like other MLM companies to make the big bucks you pretty much have to rely on recruiting a lot of people, and this again relies to you being able to network and find more and more people to pitch your opportunity to.

Overall the only good things I can say about about Ambit Energy is that they provide a very sellable necessity product, I’m also an environmentally friendly person and I appreciate their renewable energy services, and also the startup to become a Consultant is relatively cheap.

But as far as a business opportunity goes I’d say you should stay away from Ambit Energy and other MLMs in general. Let me show you a much easier way to create a profitable online business instead.

A Much Easier Way To Make Money Online…

Personally I really don’t like the MLM business model and I’ll never waste my time and energy on that.

Instead I make money with an affiliate marketing blog. Basically what I do is I write helpful articles on my website just like this one, I use SEO (search engine optimization) to rank my posts on search engine results like from Google, thousands of people looking for information will find my page and see my promotions.

In my opinion it’s much easier to create a substantial part time or full time income stream with affiliate marketing than with MLMs. There’s no selling or recruiting, you can promote ANY product you want, and it’s free to get started.

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That’s all I have to say on this Ambit Energy review. I hope everything was helpful and if you got anything you’d like to share then leave your comments and questions down below.

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