6 Top Survey Sites That Pay Through Paypal (No Scams, All Legit!)

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If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that reviewing survey sites is my “thing,” and whenever I check out new sites a big part of whether I like them or not is how easy and quick they pay their members.

I can’t speak for anybody else but Paypal is how I prefer to get paid online, and I bet most people reading this would agree. I’m not a fan of sites that pay only by check, it’s not the 90’s anymore so they need to get with the program.

I understand how frustrating it can be to find a survey site you like, only to find out they don’t have Paypal. So I have sorted through the sites and listed 6 of the top survey sites that pay through Paypal.

These are not randomly chosen sites, I’ve actually reviewed them all already and concluded that they’re legit and I do recommend them, also they’re all FREE to join.

So the list below goes in order from my favorite to least favorite, but overall they’re still recommended and they’re all in my comprehensive list of top survey sites. 



Tired Of Scams Or Not Earning Enough?



List of 6 Top Survey Sites That Pay Through Paypal:

1. Swagbucks – Paypal, gift cards

put cash back in your wallet free gift cards

Swagbucks is probably the most popular survey/reward site on the internet and they have a great reputation. They offer many ways to earn and they pay with Paypal. There is a $25 minimum payout threshold, but they do offer payouts through gift cards as well where the minimum starts at only $3.

After you requested a Paypal payout you’ll receive it in about a day or two. If you chose the gift card payout instead you’ll get it in your email in about a day.

They do offer surveys to earn, but they’re mainly a paid-to site where you can earn by doing offers, signing up for websites, watching videos, searching the web, and more. They even give you a free $5 sign up bonus.

If you’re ready to join Swagbucks you can sign up here. If you’d like to learn more about them check out my full review of Swagbucks.

2. Cash Crate – Paypal, check, Dwolla, direct deposit

get paid to try new offers make money online

Cash Crate is another paid-to site, there are surveys but also other ways to earn. You can get your earnings paid via Paypal, but there’s a big hurdle you’d have to get through first, and that’s the first payment must be paid via mailed check first then subsequent payouts can be made via Paypal. I guess this is supposed to prevent fraud by verifying your address but it’s a pain in the arsehole.

In addition to the check thing there’s also a minimum payout amount which is $20. But this isn’t that high, there are many ways to earn on Cash Crate and reaching that should be doable.

Ready to join Cash Crate? Sign up here. Want to learn more? Check out my full review of Cash Crate.

3. Survey Junkie – Paypal, gift cards

take surveys get paid

Unlike Swagbucks and Cash Crate, Survey Junkie is what I call a “pure” survey site, meaning that the only way to earn on the site is by doing surveys only. I think having more ways to earn is better, but at least they offer to pay through Paypal.

The minimum payout amount is only $10 and this is much lower than most sites, so this is a good option if you want to be able to access your earnings quickly. If you like the sound of that you can sign up to Survey Junkie here, or learn more by checking out my full review of Survey Junkie.

4. Toluna USA – Paypal, gift cards

influence your world take surveys get paid

Toluna is another paid-to site just like Swagbucks and Cash Crate, in addition to surveys they offer some interesting ways to earn like playing games, testing products, creating polls, uploading pictures, and more.

They pay via Paypal and gift cards. For Paypal you need to earn at least $30. For gift cards it depends on what retailer you choose, but the lowest one starts at $10.

Toluna is a big survey site and they have a different site for different countries, so make sure you sign up under the right link. If you’re in the USA and you’re ready to join you can sign up here, if you’re ready to learn more check out my full review of Toluna USA.

5. Inbox Pays – Paypal

make lots of cash paid offers

This is yet another paid-to site, they offer some easy ways to earn like reading emails, spinning a jackpot wheel, doing offers, and more. They claim you can “make lots of cash on a single click!” although this is a bit of an exaggeration in my opinion.

They do offer Paypal as a payout method, but their minimum payout is at $50 which is a tad bit high compared to all the other sites so far, but the plus side is they give you a $5 sign up bonus.

If you like the sound of all that you can sign up for Inbox Pays here, or check out my full review of Inbox Pays.

6. Point Club – Paypal, gift cards

take online surveys make money

Point Club is another “pure” survey site, you earn points by taking surveys only and these points can be converted to cash later on via Paypal or gift cards which includes Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, and more.

Minimum payout starts at $25 which is a typical industry amount and not out of line. They do offer a $5 sign up bonus as well, so really you’ll see your first payout after earning $20.

If you’re ready to join da Point Club then sign up here, or else learn more by reading my full review of Point Club.

Final Thoughts…

So what do you think, guys? None of these sites are perfect, they all have their flaws but they all have one good thing is common and it’s that they all pay through Paypal.

All of these sites are legit and scam free, but keep in mind that you’ll find negative reviews on anything if you look deep enough. Many people tend to get banned for having multiple accounts which is against the rules and then trash the site in reviews.

Overall I recommend all these sites based on my own research and experience, and they are included in my list of top survey sites.

But sites like these only let you make a small extra income, you can’t make a living doing them.

If you’re after a larger and more life-changing kind of money, check out my #1 recommended way of making money online instead where I’ll show you how to build a profitable blogging business from scratch. It’s a real business opportunity for anyone who is willing to work hard, but it does take real time and effort. If that’s you, you can get my guide here:



What do you think of my top 6 survey sites that pay through Paypal? Do you have any better sites you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments down below!

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