5 Reasons You SHOULD Join Amazon Associates Affiliate Program!

reasons why you should join amazon affiliate

Whenever I tell people in real life that I make a steady passive income with affiliate marketing, I get the feeling that they don’t even believe me and think I’m pulling their leg. It’s true that many people (especially older folks) still don’t believe you can actually make money on the internet, they think it’s all scams out there. Although scams do exist and are quite prevalent in the make-money-online industry, legit opportunities are also out there.

Amazon is an online retailer that lets affiliate marketers make money by promoting their products through their Amazon Associates program. I have been a member myself and have been promoting their products since December 2016.

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There are countless affiliate programs out there and Amazon Associates is just one of them. The Amazon Associates program has been rated as a top affiliate program by many people for years. It is arguably the most popular affiliate program on the internet, and rightfully so for several major reasons which are listed below.

5 Reasons Amazon Associate Is Awesome

Reason #1 – People Trust Amazon

If you haven’t heard of Amazon, you must be living under a rock. They’re like Ebay’s older cousin and they’ve been around since 1994. People trust companies that’s been around since the dawn of the internet. People wouldn’t hesitate to spend money on a site like Amazon, Walmart, Target, or any of these trusted online retailers.

If you’re an online shopper, would you rather hand over your money to a highly successful and trusted company that’s been around for over 2 decades, or to some mysterious little online store run by god-knows-who where you’d have to worry about being scammed?

It’s true that generally most affiliate programs elsewhere pays a lot more than Amazon Associates, but the fact that Amazon is so well-trusted means so much more, because you’ll get way higher frequency of sales to make up for the lower affiliate commission percentage.

Reason #2 – Reasonable Commission Percentages

Amazon sells just about anything and everything, and depending on what products you promote your commission percentages will be different. For example in electronics you’ll receive a fixed commission of only 4%, but some other categories may pay a lot more, home and furniture products pay 8% and fashion products pay 10%.

Also the more sales you make, the higher your commission percentage. Depending on how many sales you make in a 30 day period, you can easily get a 4% to 8.5% commission. If you’d like more details on this, check out the Amazon operating policy HERE.

Reason #3 – You Get Commissions For ANY Sale

I don’t promote any Amazon products on this blog, but I do on another blog where I do reviews on various kitchen appliances. Another great thing about the Amazon Associates program is that you get commissions for ANY sale, it doesn’t matter if someone clicked your link for a blender but actually ended up buying a bar of soap, you’ll still get credit!  I’d say over 90% of the sales I make are of products that are completely random and unrelated to whatever I’m promoting.  

Reason #4. They Sell Just About Anything

This works hand in hand with the previous point. Have you ever walked into a Walmart or supermarket without any sort of plan as to what to get, but you know you’d find something there? This is the same way with Amazon. They are like a giant superstore with millions of products in a vast amount of categories, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

So even if they decided not to buy the item you promoted, you’ll still earn a commission if they found another item on Amazon and buys that one instead. The size of Amazon highly increases the likelihood of you making sales. 

Reason #5 – Amazon Sells FOR You

When it comes to turning visitors to buyers, Amazon are experts at it. Once you send your reader to Amazon, they do the rest. Amazon’s job is to get their site visitors to buy something, ANYTHING, and that’s a win-win situation for both you and Amazon.

Your focus should be to get as many clicks as you can on your Amazon affiliate links, the more clicks you have the higher amount of sales you should get.

Amazon spends a lot of money on marketing, this is why people from all over the world know their brand and trusts them. The only thing you need to do is send people to them, and then watch the commission dollars roll in. 

Ready To Join The Amazon Associates Program?

Membership is totally free, but you’ll need to sign up and wait a day or two for them to approve your membership. There are some steps that you’d need to follow, but generally speaking it’s pretty easy to get in to the program. If you want to learn more or join now, check out the Amazon Associates page HERE.

Getting in is the easy part, referring lots and lots of people there is the hard part. No traffic and no clicks mean no sales.

I highly recommend that you promote Amazon products on a blog or website, this is required by Amazon and it also creates more trust with your readers which will likely lead to more sales. To learn how to build a successful online affiliate marketing business, check out the best online affiliate marketing training platform Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

Do you have experience with the Amazon Associates program? If so I’d like to hear about it. Please share any comments and/or questions in the comment section below!


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